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Best instant thermometers

 The ‘right’ water temperature is one of the key secrets of getting a perfect mug of coffee. While the golden rule when brewing coffee is to not over-boil water, it may be hard to know when the water is over-boiled. Fortunately, using an instant thermometer in the process makes it easier. You have control over the brewing water. With the right water temperature, you are guaranteed a good mug of coffee.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is the best instant thermometer for coffee brewers?

    Answer:Thanks to the demand for instant thermometers, there are hundreds of companies making them. Like other kitchen items, not all accessories will work best for you. On the other hand, the definition of “the best instant thermometer” changes depending on users. Fortunately, all the thermometers highlighted below are accurate, and you can use them in other kitchen activities apart from checking brewing water temperatures.

  2. Do I need an instant-read thermometer when brewing coffee?

    Answer: Yes. When brewing coffee, the temperature of your ingredients plays a key role in the final result. Therefore, you need an instant thermometer to check the water temperatures. While you can still guess the temperature without a thermometer, the coffee quality may not be optimal. Therefore, you need any of the thermometers highlighted below for a better brewing experience.

  3. How accurate are instant-read thermometers?

    Answer: Since the thermometers give instant readings, many people are often concerned about their accuracy. However, they are accurate and dependable, especially when brewing coffee. While some instant thermometers may not give accurate readings, all the highlighted units below are accurate. In most cases, they will have the correct reading within 3 to 5 seconds. You can also use the thermometers highlighted blows to check your meat when baking.

Our Top Picks


Habor Instant Read thermometer

  • Auto shut off
  • The probe sheath has a hook
  • Portable
  • Faster read

The Habor instant-read thermometer is a unique unit for coffee lovers that love accuracy. The long probe sheath has a hook that will assist you in measuring the water temperature accurately. Also, the fast response makes it easier to use it. Besides the impressive specs, the thermometer has an auto shut-off feature which is vital when you have finished using it. While the thermometer is not waterproof, you can use it in other kitchen activities. 


Lavatools Javelin Pro

  • Backlit display
  • Faster read
  • Auto-rotating
  • Ideal for lefties

As the name suggests, the Lavatools Javelin Pro is a perfect thermometer for both professionals and other users. It has one of the fastest response rates of three (3) seconds. The backlit display is also ideal for easier temperature readings. Apart from the thermometer’s impressive features, it has an auto-rotating spec. Thanks to this feature; you can get an accurate reading when brewing your favorite coffee. 


Inkbird Instant Read Thermometer

  • Ultra-fast
  • Waterproof
  • Accurate
  • High-quality LCD screen

Are you looking for a thermometer that is accurate and has a good design? If yes, the new Deiss PRO Digital Thermometer is a perfect buy for you. First, it is ultra-fast. In three (3) seconds, you can know the temperatures of the water. Also, it is waterproof, and you can use the unit for all kitchen activities. Besides accuracy and waterproof features, you can take Deiss PRO Digital Thermometer anywhere, thanks to its form factor and durability. 


Deiss PRO Digital Thermometer

  • Accurate
  • Better response time
  • Ideal for all kitchen-based activities
  • Better LCD screen

As the name suggests, the Deiss PRO is a perfect buy for professionals looking for an instant-read thermometer. While it has a simple design, the thermometer is accurate and has unmatched response time. Finally, the thermometer is a perfect buy for all types of kitchen-based activities. Apart from using it to brew coffee, you can use the thermometer to check meat temperature. 


Surround Point thermometer

  • Auto-shutoff feature
  • Backlit display
  • Audio for temperature readings
  • Accurate temperature readings

The Surround Point thermometer is a perfect unit for coffee lovers. Surround has and audio capability and a backlit display. Therefore, you can read the results or listen to the audio option. Thanks to these features, you can multitask when brewing coffee without over boiling your water. The accuracy of the thermometer is unmatched. On top of these features, you can use the thermometer in other kitchen-based activities such as checking the meat temperature. 


Taylor splash-proof thermometer

  • It has a hold function
  • It is Waterproof
  • Highly accurate
  • NSF certified

The Taylor splash-proof thermometer is a minimal unit but with impressive specs. For example, the hold function is unmatched, especially when brewing coffee. Since you will be using it to check the water temperature, it is waterproof. While the LCD screen is not the best on this list, the thermometer is accurate and worth buying. 


TBBSC Digital Cooking Thermometer

  • Splash-proof design
  • Better LCD screen
  • A wider temperature range
  • Fast read time

Are you looking for a thermometer that is splash-proof and durable? The new TBBSC thermometer is a perfect choice for you. Also, it has one of the best LCD screens. It is bright and has a backlight for better reading. Besides the specs, the thermometer can read higher temperatures.  


OXO instant-read thermometer

  • Accurate
  • Light and inexpensive
  • Faster temperature readings
  • No batteries required

The OXO instant-read thermometer is smaller than most units in this list. However, it is accurate and ideal for coffee lovers brewing coffee from home. Also, since it is light and inexpensive, you can go with it anywhere, especially when traveling. While the thermometer has shortcomings, such as the lack of a backlit screen, you do not need batteries to use it.   

An instant thermometer may be the missing link to a perfect mug of coffee. Apart from being inexpensive, most of the thermometers highlighted below can be used in other cooking activities. For example, you can check the meat temperature with the above units when cooking.