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Best Incandescent Light Bulbs

With the rise of LED lights, one would think incandescent light bulbs are completely out of the picture. Truth is, many people still use incandescent lights for various applications. This is because there are still numerous places where this type of lighting works better.

Because incandescent light bulbs provide a good color rendering, they are widely used in desk lamps, hallways, closets, and chandeliers. If you’re looking for quality incandescent light bulbs, take a look at these four we found on Amazon.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is an incandescent light bulb?

    Answer: An incandescent light bulb is a source of electric light that works by incandescence. This means that the emission of light is caused by heating the filament.

  2. Why do people still use incandescent light bulbs?

    Answer: People still use incandescent light bulbs because they cost much less than their energy-efficient alternatives—mainly CFLs and LEDs.

  3. Where are incandescent light bulbs used?

    Answer: Incandescent light bulbs are used in low traffic areas like a water heater closet, utility room, or attic.

Our Top Picks


Asoko Incandescent Edison Light Bulbs

  • 160 watt
  • 2700K amber warm white
  • 320 lumens
  • Pack of 6

Add a vintage look to your application with this set of 6 Edison-style light bulbs. Each ST58 60-watt bulb with features 2700K color temperature with a brightness of 320 lumens flux, emitting a warm, soft glow. It is engineered with a dimmable exposed filament and fits standard home lighting sockets with its E26 screw base.


Hudson Lighting Incandescent Edison Light Bulbs

  • 60 watt
  • 2100K warm white
  • 230 lumens
  • Pack of 4

Give your space a warm, soft glow with this set of 4 Edison-style light bulbs. Each vintage bulb uses 60 watts of power and features a standard-sized, E26 base which is suited for most lighting applications. The dimmable design allows you to adjust the brightness of the bulbs to fit any setting. The bulbs have a 3,000-hour lifespan.


Gordon and Bond Edison Light Bulb

  • 60 watt
  • 210 lumens
  • Pack of 4
  • 2700K warm color temperature

Bring a retro, vintage-style vibe into your living space with this set of 4 incandescent light bulbs. Each 60-watt bulb has a long 1500-hour lifespan and E26 medium screw base with hand woven tungsten filaments. The 210 lumen bulbs set a warm pleasant feel and are fully dimmable so you can create the perfect atmosphere.


Modvera Lighting Edison Light Bulb

  • 60 watt
  • 2200K warm white
  • 370 lumens
  • Pack of 6

Suitable for pendant lighting and wall sconces, this set of 6 Edison-style bulbs offer 370 lumens which are brighter than most on the market. Each is dimmable on all incandescent or dial dimmers, and built with an E26 medium base to fit standard home lighting sockets. The 2200K light color temperature gives off a warm antique look to any space.

Even with the advent of more energy-efficient bulbs, people still choose to use incandescent lights for their applications. Part of what’s driving their continued use is simply that they are very familiar to many.