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Best IFTTT Gadgets

Do you want a smarter home? There are many ways to incorporate smart elements in your abode and one of them is thru the use of IFTTT gadgets. IFTTT devices improve the quality of life and many have used them to make chores and other activities easier to manage. Know more about these systems and relevant products thru our guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is the function of IFTTT?

    Answer: The IFTTT is designed mainly for automatic actions. This means enabling things that you want to take place every time particular requirements were done, without any action on your part. These factors in the beginning were referred to as recipes but are known more today as Applets.

  2. Where us IFTTT often used?

    Answer: For lots of people, IFTTT is a beneficial device that gives the best convenience. It helps your electronic devices and applications to work seamlessly with each other. Once you download the app and register for the free account, you can choose whatever Applet you’re interested in. There are Applets that help you save money, keep track of your health and fitness routines, keep in touch with world events, have an active social life and even Applets that help you find a job.

  3. Do IFTTT work with iOS and Android phones?

    Answer: Android, being a more lenient and flexible operating system, works well with IFTTT. However, there are specific Applets that will not work with iOS.

  4. Can I use existing Applets?

    Answer: There are no problems if you use premade Applets. In fact, is it easier if you opt for premade ones especially if you are pressed for time. You can check out Applets from other people, review options by means of categories, view collections and glance at the recommendations. If you want something more specific, you can do a search instead.

Our Top Picks


Gosund Mini Smart Plug Outlet

  • Remote control functions
  • Benefits people with disabilities
  • Scheduling feature
  • Compatible with lots of 3rd party systems

The Gosund Smart Plug Outlet is a unit that is safe to use and easy to install. Download the Smart Life application so you can start using the device. It is guaranteed safe as per certified by the FCC and ETL. Now you can manage your electrical devices regardless of your location as long as there’s the presence of a 2.4G network. Schedule programs for your appliances and use energy wisely by means of this device. Get more on this unit by checking out this review video.


Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat

  • Easy scheduling
  • Dependable, useful room sensors
  • Free automatic HomeIQ reports
  • Works well with common automation systems

The Ecobee company’s products are quite popular with the gadget-happy crowd. One of their most well-liked products is the Ecobee Smart Thermostat which is designed with a built-in Alexa system. The unit also comes with reliable room sensors and make use of the local weather to either warm or cool down your home. It has the Vacation Mode feature which allows for low energy usage. The device also sends alerts and notifications in case it perceives something is amiss in its system. Check how this unit fares in this video review.


Logitech Harmony Elite

  • Full-color touchscreen
  • 1-Touch Control
  • Operates with many devices
  • Wide-ranging home automation

The Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control, Hub and App is made with features that will make everyday tasks easier for all of us. It delivers in terms of home automation because this remote really has the capability to accomplish the job it was given. It works in tandem seamlessly with other units and it comes with a full-color touchscreen too. The presence of 2 mini IR blasters also provide users more placement flexibility. Get more info on this device in this review.


Broadlink RM Mini 3

  • Supports 38KHz devices
  • IHC App control
  • Alexa voice control feature
  • Compatible with Google Home

The Broadlink RM Mini 3 unit takes advantage of your smartphone’s functions, turning it into a universal remote control for your electronic home devices. The device works with the free IHC application and it also works with Amazon Alexa for voice control. Now you can switch on and switch off appliances at home from televisions down to lighting systems. When you are busy with other tasks, the unit still allow users to control their devices by way of its voice control feature. Get more insight on this product in this review.


Nexlux Wi-Fi Wireless LED Smart Controller

  • Wi-Fi wireless smart management
  • Voice control feature with Alexa
  • Multi-functional lights
  • Easy to install

The Nexlux Wi-Fi Wireless LED Smart Controller has timer functions so you can wake up on time and also allows you to program the lights so you go home in the evenings to a well-lit, safer residence. Scheduling is also a great feature that this unit offers and is just perfect for daily use. Do not forget important tasks involving your electronic devices and save energy. This is a good basic unit for those who want to try out smart systems. More information on this product review.

IFTTT is the wave of the future. Lots of devices now pair up seamlessly with this system. Choose from our list of favorites for a unit that complies with your needs.