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Best Hospital Beds

If your loved one needs to deal with a health condition or extended home recovery period, the hospital bed is a reasonable purchase. Get to know more about hospital beds and today’s models in our informative guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is the purpose of a hospital bed?

    Answer: Hospital beds are designed to give comfort to ailing individuals going through treatment or recovery. Compared to standard beds, the hospital bed is adjustable so caregivers can accommodate their patients conveniently. Healing and recovery are the primary goals of the hospital bed. It allows the patient to function as normal, without leading to more health problems.

  2. What are the different kinds of hospital beds?

    Answer: Here are some common kinds of hospital beds:
    • Manual – Needs to be cranked manually for adjustments. The most budget-friendly among hospital bed types.
    • Semi-electric – Another affordable model. Head and foot of the bed can be modified with button control while height can be adjusted through a manual crank.
    • Electric – Versatile and convenient. Allows plenty of adjustments for the patient’s comfort through electrical controls.

  3. What type of mattress can be found on most hospital beds?

    Answer: There’s good variety of mattresses which fit hospital beds. The foam mattress is a good pain reliever and can also stop bed sores from developing. The air mattress or inflatable mattress also helps in preventing bed sores. This type is not for patients with spine conditions though.

    The pulmonary therapy mattress is ideal for patients with weak lungs. The mattress has a pressure relief feature and it can also turn the position of the patient crosswise by means of the lateral rotation function.

  4. How do you maintain hospital beds?

    Answer: Hospital beds often come with instructions on how to clean and care for the item. Make sure to follow the instructions to the letter since not all hospital beds operate the same way. When it comes to spare parts, most hospital bed manufacturers produce them. You can get replacement parts directly from the manufacturer or online.

Our Top Picks


Invacare 5310IVC, 6630DS, 5180 Semi Electric Homecare Bed, Semi Electric Bed, 5310 IVC with Foam Mattress, 5180 and Half Length Rails, 6630DS

  • Mark and scratch-free rubber casters
  • Double-insulated electrical wiring and components
  • Tolerates heavy-duty use
  • Ergonomic hand pendant

The Invacare Semi Electric Homecare Bed means you can easily adjust the positioning of the upper body and knee bed parts with just one push of a button. The height adjustment though, still needs to be modified manually. Everything works out fine, this is a good hospital bed with a reasonable price. It comes with an ergonomic hand pendant which smoothly manages the upper body and knees’ positioning. The manual crank can be found by the foot of the bed. Get more info in this review.


Carroll Series CS7 Bed

  • 76-80” bed deck length
  • Automatic Contour Body Positioning
  • Arched slat deck design
  • One-Touch floor-locking system

Invacare’s Carroll Series CS7 Bed comes with the exclusive arched slat deck, which has a row of benefits that will give the best comfort for the patient. It brings excellent breathability for mattresses so no mold and infectious elements can thrive in the bed. The arched slats will also extend the lifespan of your mattress by decreasing contact points while at the same time, provide support to the patient. The bed also allows for the knee and head parts of the bed to lift at the same time. Get more info in this review.


Medline MDR107003E Medline Full- Electric Basic Beds

  • Lightweight hospital bed model
  • Includes caster wheels
  • Prevents bed sores and injury
  • Fully electronic bed

The durable Medline Full-Electric Basic Bed is designed for the comfort and the safety of the patient. A hardwearing remote allows adjustments on the head, foot and height segments of the bed. It comes with a 9V battery backup as well so the bed can be reverted to a parallel position during a blackout. Lightweight so it is a cinch to transport anywhere. It also comes with a DC motor which snaps off and extra safety features like foot assembly and a sunken headspring support. See how this works in this review.


Delta Ultra Light Semi Electric Hospital Bed, Frame Only

  • Includes transition box
  • Break and scratch-resistant wood panels
  • High/low shaft remains with bed
  • UL-approved motor

The Delta Ultra Light Semi Electric Hospital Bed is lightweight so it’s easy to transport from one point to another. It assembles easily and is very interchangeable specifically its head and foot boards. The motor set-up also makes for simple installation and removal. To minimize noise and distractions during use, the bed comes with a distinctive self-contained junction box and single motor. The bed includes a 9V battery backup which is meant for use during power failures. Get more info in this review.


Drive Medical Delta Ultra Light Full Electric Bed with Full Rails and Foam Mattress, Model – 15033BV-PKG-2

  • Hand pendant manages adjustments
  • Split and scratch-free wooden panels
  • Color-coded springs and labels for easier installation
  • Self-contained motor reduces noise and weight

Then lightweight Drive Medical Delta Ultra Light Full Electric Bed comes complete with rails and foam mattress. The universal style of the head and foot boards are completely interchangeable, highlighting composite end panels. The motor for height adjustments come preinstalled on the foot part of the bed but it can be removed or mounted without hassles. Less noise due to self-contained junction box and motor. Includes 9V battery backup in case of power failure. See how this works in this review.

Investing in a hospital bed for your elderly or ailing loved one might a more practical approach, given that staying in the hospital can get too expensive. Let our guide direct you to an excellent, reliable purchase.