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Best Hiking Shoes

When hiking, your feet are more vulnerable to uneven surfaces, wet grounds, and rocks. Even though regular sneakers may protect your feet from all these hiking uncertainties, special hiking shoes are lighter, comfortable, and more protective, especially around the ankles and toes. In addition, they are durable, and a pair can last up to five years.

Buyers Guide

  1. Is it better to hike in boots or sneakers?

    Answer: Hiking boots are better for all kinds of expeditions. Compared to everyday sneakers, they are waterproof, better toe protection, and their inner soles are light and perfect for walking on different surfaces. On the other hand, the sneakers may not give your ankles more support, especially when hiking in rough places.

  2. What makes a hiking shoe?

    Answer: For a pair to be labeled “hiking shoes,” it must have certain features absent in regular sneakers. For example, it must be waterproof and breathable at the same time. Other essential features include reinforced design around the toes and flexible movements on the ankles.

  3. Can you wear hiking shoes every day?

    Answer: Yes. Hiking shoes tick all the boxes for everyday footwear. They are comfortable, light, and durable. While they are relatively expensive than regular shoes, they are comfortable to wear for long hours.

Our Top Picks


Salewa Wildfire GTX Hiking Boot

  • Maximum toe protection
  • Advanced lacing system
  • Waterproof
  • EVA midsole cushioning

Salewa Wildfire GTX is one of the best hiking boots. For instance, its design fits the foot perfectly, even around the ankle. The lacing technology is also the most advanced in all hiking shoes. The improved Switchfit system is smart enough to detect when your foot needs maximum comfort and therefore giving it maximum compression. In addition, the boot is water-resistant and provides the foot with better air circulation.


RAX Men’s Wolf Shoes

  • TPU and rubber wrap toe box
  • Has EVA midsole cushioning
  • Carbon material
  • Has Flyknit sole for maximum ventilation

The RAX Men’s Wolf Shoes are perfect for all hiking experiences. First, they have toe protection. The pair has TPU and rubber wrappings around the toe to give you maximum comfort. The shoe also has an EVA midsole for more foot protection when on a hiking trip. Besides convenience, the shoe has an antiskid sole, which makes it perfect for extensive hiking. The improved Flyknit sole also makes the pair ideal for hiking in tropical places, thanks to its ability to enhance air circulation.


La Sportiva TXS GTX Boot

  • High-abrasion resistant mesh
  • Has an EVA midsole
  • Waterproofing Gore-Tex extended
  • Face fabric

Thanks to its modern design, the La Sportiva TXS GTX Boot is one of the best-looking shoes. Besides the shoe design, it has face fabric, which is perfect for air circulation. Also, the material makes the shoe water-resistant. For maximum comfort, the boot has an EVA midsole, which is synonymous with comfort and toe protection. For closure, the La Sportiva TXS GTX Boot has laces. They allow you to tie the shoe to your preferred convenience. Lastly, the rubber sole makes the shoe light and ideal for walking on all types of surfaces.


Zamberlan Hiking Boot

  • Has HydroBlock full-grain leather
  • It has an improved rubber sole
  • Waterproof and extremely porous for air circulation
  • The pair comfortable

The Zamberlan Hiking Boot has a traditional design but with modern specs for modern hikers. First, the HydroBlock full-grain leather makes the shoe durable. However, the full-grain leather is porous, and it gives your feet maximum air circulation when on a trip. Third, the boots have a rubber sole. The sole is light and durable. Third, the shoe gives your ankle the freedom to move. Therefore, the shoes are comfortable for all types of hiking enthusiasts.


RAX Hiking Boots

  • Lightweight and EVA midsole
  • Breathable and water-resistant
  • Fabric and leather construction
  • Rubber sole

Apart from its stylish design, the RAX Hiking Boots are an excellent purchase for all hiking trips. First, the leather-fabric materials make the pair one of the best excursion shoes under $100. The materials also make the pair breathable and water-resistant. The third reason the RAX Hiking Boots is worth checking is a perfect balance between its cushioning and weight. Thanks to the use of EVA midsole, the shoe ticks all the boxes of modern hiking shoes. The final factor why you should consider this pair is its antiskid traction rubble outsole.


Salomon GTX Hiking Shoes

  • Rubber soles
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable

If you are looking for the lightest hiking boots, the Salomon GTX Hiking Shoes are a perfect buy for you. The shoe components such as midsole, outer materials, and rubber sole make the pair one of the lightest hiking shoes, weighing only 450G. Apart from its impressive weight, the pair is durable, thanks to the nubuck leather on the shoe’s upper part and the rubber sole. In addition to its unique construction, the pair is perfect for hiking trips thanks to its waterproof design and reinforced comfort.


Z-CoiL Hiker Boots

  • Has extra padding in the collar
  • Wider and reinforced toe box
  • It has a long-life outsole.
  • Has breathable mesh

The Z-CoiL Hiker Boots are ideal and perfect for all types of hiking. The extra paddings on the boots’ collars make these boots comfortable, regardless of where you are hiking. The same case applies to the toe box, which is wider and reinforced to give your toes maximum protection as you walk. On the other hand, the boots have a breathable mesh. The mesh’s primary work is to give your feet maximum air circulation when hiking in hot places. The final reason why the pair is worth checking is its long-life outsole.

The hiking shoes highlighted above are the best in comfort, ankle movement, and grip on walking surfaces. Therefore, all the boots are perfect for all types of outdoor activities and normal daily activities. However, because of the designs and the materials (used to make them), they may have varying prices. You should also check out our reviews of the best hiking pants as well if you want to be well prepared for your hike regardless of the weather.