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Best hiking pants

Along with a comfortable backpack, breathable hiking pants are essential. Specialized hiking pants are perfect for uncertain weather conditions such as rain or scorching sun. Wearing hiking pants is the secret to retaining your body’s warmth and dryness through all sorts of hiking. Along with other benefits, the right pair of hiking pants should be water-resistant and hold up well against bugs and the elements.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the features of perfect hiking pants?

    Answer: When buying a pair of hiking pants, you should make sure a pair has breathable material, easy to dry, and have deeper pockets. Also, if you hike in different places, a pair of sun and bug-resistant pants is a perfect addition to your hiking carry.

  2. Between convertible and roll-up, which pants are perfect for hiking?

    Answer:Both designs are ideal for hiking. However, the convertible pants offer more flexibility, especially when hiking in places where the climate is uncertain. If the sun is up, you can convert the pant to a pair of comfortable shorts and vice versa.

  3. Why should I use a non-stick spatula?

    Answer: No. Unlike special hiking pants, normal pants do not have all the features outlined above. Therefore, it is hard to keep your legs warm and dry all the time. Also, normal pants do not dry as fast as hiking ones, and you may be forced to carry more pairs if you plan to hike for more than a weekend.

Our Top Picks


Naviskin Men’s Hiking Pants

  • UPF 50+ & Lightweight & Quick-Dry
  • Adjustable Features
  • Handy Features
  • Classic Fit

Do you like active outdoor lifestyle? If so, then your’re probably spending a great deal of time outdoors, Naviskin proves with these pants that they want you to have fun with nature, and enjoy being out on an adventure. Built for people who love to play in the sun, Naviskin UPF 50+, quick-drying men’s convertible pants lightweight outdoor cargo pants are made from breathable, sweat-wicking polyester interlock. With one zip( zip-off legs), go from pants to shorts(10-inch inseam) in no time. Naviskin durable outdoor pants (or shorts) are ready for your adventures with plenty of pockets for odds and ends – two zip-closure security pockets & two side hand pockets & two back pockets for ultimate convenience and efficiency. Great for a day of golf, fishing, hiking, traveling, climbing, running, workout and any other of your favorite sports or daily wear.


MIER Women’s Quick Dry Cargo Pants

  • Button closure
  • 6 YKK Zipper Pockets
  • Adjustable waistband
  • Lightweight, durable, water-resistant

A quality climbing pant often makes for a wonderful hiking trouser, and the MIER Women’s hiking pants is a great example of this. MIER checks off all the important points: its surprisingly soft and 4-way stretchy for extra comfort, gusseted crotch, and a tough but light fabric with a DWR coating. 6 zippered pockets keep valuables safe and close. Partial elastic waistband for comfy fit and ensure that you’ll have a secure, no-slip fit for multi-pitch climbs, backcountry ski tours, and long days on the hiking trail. These quick-dry pants also have one of the more customizable fit systems with an elasticized waistband and both button and zip closure. You can use these pants for hiking and backpacking and it also makes a good option for travel.


Hiauspor convertible pants

  • Adjustable drawstrings
  • Reinforced cuff backs
  • Elastic waist (and belt loop)
  • Convertible

The Hiauspor convertible pants are perfect for hiking, traveling, climbing, and camping. Regardless of where you want to go, the pants are easy to vent air in hot places, and they are warm even in the coldest places. Therefore you do not need to wear a second pair of pants with the Hiauspor pants. Correspondingly, the pants have an elastic waist. However, if you still want to rock your belt, they have belt loops. Besides comfort, the pants dry faster (if you want to clean them), and they are water repellant. If you are traveling to a place with bugs, the Hiauspor pants are bug repellant. However, for maximum safety, it is advisable always to carry insect and bugs repellent. The pockets on the Hiauspor pants are unmatched. They are deeper than most hiking pants. Therefore, you can carry more items without causing discomfort or losing hiking items. 


Clothin Insulated Pants

  • Adjustable waistband
  • Has fleece lining
  • Bigger and comfortable pockets
  • Zippered cuffs on the bottom

Are you looking for a slim fit pant that is also comfortable for hiking? The Clothin Insulated pants are a perfect buy for all types of hiking. While the pants are slim and comfortable for different hiking environments, they are warm and easily ventilated if you are in hot places. Therefore, you can buy pants for all types of hiking and outdoor activities. The pockets are also deeper and well placed. You can carry additional items in the pockets without feeling unaffordable or losing some items. The back pocket is zippered and adjustable. You can therefore use this pocket to keep your wallet or passport. The zippered cuffs in the bottom help in keeping snow and water away. Therefore, the pants will keep you dry and warm, even in snowing environments.


Mountain Hardwear Compressor pants

  • Insulated fabric
  • Advanced reinforcement against abrasion
  • Lightweight
  • Better ventilation

The Mountain Hardwear Compressor pants are waterproof and breathable. You can wear them on any hiking or camping trip without bringing a spare pair of pants as a backup. Also, the choice of materials makes these pants easy to wash because they dry quickly. If you get rained on, they dry faster, and the interior will retain warmness and dryness. The pants also come with an adjustable webbing belt. They fit perfectly and they have reinforced seats and knees to protect the two key areas when hiking. The adjustability and the protection against abrasion make this pair a perfect buy for all types of hiking and traveling. The pants are also light. Contrary to the popular notion that hiking pants must be heavy, the Mountain Hardwear Compressor pants are light without compromising your warmth and ventilation when hiking.


Columbia Convertible Pants

  • Quick-drying fabric
  • Partial elastic waist
  • Zippered security pocket
  • Bottom closure

The Columbia Convertible Pants are versatile and perfect for all types of outdoor activities. For example, you can wear the pants on a hot day and a cold winter night without compromising your comfort. The pockets on Columbia Convertible Pants are also deeper and zippered. Therefore, you can carry more items for the hiking trip.


The prAna Stretch Zion Convertible pants

  • Unmatched breathability
  • Deeper pockets
  • Multi-zip pockets /li>
  • A wider range of motion

The prAna Stretch Zion Convertible pants are perfect for all types of hiking. Whether you are rock climbing, cycling, or riding up, the pants give you a great range of motion without impinging your leg movements. Also, the breathability of the pants is second to none. The ventilation holes on the prAna pants are small and well placed to give your legs good ventilation. Besides ventilation, the pants are comfortable, and you do not need a belt. Since you do not need a belt to wear the prAna, you can pass through airports’ check-ups faster. Likewise, belts may add unnecessary weight to your body. Eliminating the need to wear a belt is an added advantage of buying this pair. The deep pockets are similarly convenient. You can put a camera lens on your pocket or binoculars, thanks to the pockets’ deepness. 

While hiking pants are relatively expensive than normal pants, they are essential. They allow you to travel and hike in all types of environments without carrying extra pants for cold and hot days. You can carry extra items on the pockets, thanks to deeper design and zips. Likewise, hiking pants are water-resistant, and they protect your legs from bugs. If you’re hiking on a trail with very small flying gnats, a good solution for not breathing them in is wearing a bandana face mask while you’re in areas where they are out and about.