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Best Heated Mattress Pads

When it gets cold at night, we pile on the blankets. This leads to bulkiness though which can weigh us down. Avoid the bulk with the right heated mattress pad. Get proper information about heating pads through our guide and product reviews.

Buyers Guide

  1. Why use a heated mattress pad?

    Answer: Heated mattress pads benefit people who live in places with colder climates. It is also good for individuals who want to save on heating bills. The heating aspect of these mattress pads provide comfort on chilly nights.

    The heated mattress pad is even more effective compared to the electric blanket. Heated mattress pads work by distributing heat in an upward motion instead of being spread through the air, a method that is used by electric blankets.

  2. What other functions does a heated mattress pad have?

    Answer: Heated mattress pads also gained more attention because the pad eases body aches particularly on the lower back parts. The pads ease arthritis, aches in the joints and muscle spasms as well. The temperature level that comes with the pad encourages blood circulation which reduces stiffness usually connected to muscle pains. The heated mattress pad also improves the quality of your sleep since it makes the activity more relaxing.

  3. What should I look for in heated mattress pads?

    Answer: First, you need to consider the size that you need for the pad. Check if the pad is safe and if it comes with a longer power cable. Assess the durability of the pad and its materials. Look at safety features most especially—one example would be an automatic-off feature after 10 hours of use. Another feature you should look for in a good heated mattress pad is temperature control so you can modify the temperature according to your preferences.

  4. How do you care for heated mattress pads?

    Answer: One of the best ways to clean a heated mattress pad is to do some spot-cleaning. This means you don’t need to soak the whole pad in water. Make use of a detergent or laundry stain remover to get rid of stains. Spray those areas and dab with clean rag or cloth to take away stain, then dry thoroughly.

    There are heated mattress pads that can be machine-washed. To guarantee a safer wash, always follow manufacturer’s directions on maintenance. Check for wires or cables poking through the pad. Take away the electric cable. Use a gentle detergent on the pad, wash and hang to dry completely.

Our Top Picks


Sunbeam All Season Pad

  • ThermoFine Warming System
  • 100 percent quilted cotton
  • 250 thread count
  • 10-hour auto-off feature

The Sunbeam All Season Pad guarantees a restful sleep by way of its heating elements. The pad comes with the ThermoFine Warming System which detects and modifies to provide continuous warmth to users. The top is crafted from authentic quilted cotton. It has a smooth and plush feel too due to the 250 thread count. Safe to use because of the auto-off settings. Get more information in this review.


SoftHeat Micro-Plush Pad

  • Provides warmth and comfort
  • Uses safe, low-voltage technology
  • Micro-velour fabric top
  • Built-in ultra-slim wires for balanced heat distribution

The SoftHeat Micro-Plush Pad is very safe to use thanks to the Safe and Warm low-voltage technology. It’s soft and absolutely gives cold beds the comfy warmth you need especially on chilly winter nights and days. The pad has a plush feel that is not only great to the touch, but offers enough support as well. You won’t feel any of the wires poking or being there, at all. You can also feel that proper heat distribution happens. Get more insight on this product by watching this video review.


Sunbeam Therapeutic Pad

  • Designed with 6 heat zones
  • Easy to use mattress pad
  • Durable construction and materials
  • 200 thread count

Your sore muscles will be relieved immensely by the Sunbeam Therapeutic Pad. One of its advantages is its targeted heat therapy feature. It makes use of 6 heating zones which helps in relieving the shoulder, back, neck, leg and other parts of the body while at the same time, provide you a quality, sound sleep. The pad also comes with ThermoFine technology which allows it to modify itself automatically for non-stop heating control. Get more ideas on this product in this review.


Serta 233 Pad

  • Safe and Warm technology
  • Made from very soft material
  • Includes pre-heating feature
  • Allows zoned heating

A bright point of the Serta 333 Pad is its low-voltage Safe and Warm technology. This means that it is safe to use even when it senses wetness. Thus, no harm will come to individuals and pets who use the pad. The pad does not release any noxious EMFs as well. All technologies used to warm the bed works immensely. It has a pre-heating feature which is very convenient and zoned heating to target certain areas of the body for relief. Check this out in this review.


Aqua Bed Warmer Water Heating Pad Sleeping Mattress

  • Made from noiseless material
  • Non-electromagnetic waves
  • Machine-washable/cleans through handwash
  • Fast coupler stops leaks

Save up on your heating bills with an effective heating mattress pad like this one from Aqua Bed. The Aqua Bed Warmer is also designed with a 4-liner water hose which provides heat to the entire pad. The heat distribution is balanced and continuous so no more tossing and turning on winter nights. Pad can be washed by hand or machine-washed for the best convenience. Check how this mattress pad works in this review and information video.

The best heated mattress pad will help improve the quality of sleep. Save up on your heating bills and do away with the inconvenience of thin mattresses and electric blankets with an effective heated mattress pad.