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Best Heated Mattress Pads

Being prepared for the different seasons is always a good idea. In the summer, having a trusty AC unit or fan maintains optimal cool air inside the house. A heated mattress pad can also bring comfort and warmth during the colder days of the year. Lots of people have discovered the benefits of owning one, but for beginners, you might want to know what these items can do for you. Let our guide provide you with the information you need to get the right product.

Buyers Guide

  1. Why go for a heated mattress pad?

    Answer: The heated mattress pad provides comfort during winter. While plenty of people make use of blankets and comforters to fight the cold, many use a heated mattress pad to cover them from all sides. These items give off sufficient heat to combat the chill and keep our bodies calm and relaxed.

  2. How does a heated mattress pad work?

    Answer: A heated mattress pad operates using electricity—it is equipped with cables under the pad’s surface beneath the bed sheet. The cables are connected to a power source and once the pad is switched on, the electricity courses throughout the cables, thereby heating the pad. It typically takes 10-15 minutes for the pad to make the bed warm enough for comfort.

    Many heated mattress pads include a remote control so users can monitor the heat conveniently. The remote is used to adjust the heat level of the pad.

  3. Can you get an electrical shock from a heated mattress pad?

    Answer: There’s a very slim chance of actually receiving electrical shocks from heated mattress pads. This is due to the pads’ heavier insulation of the wires. Thus, these pads are virtually safe to use. You can sleep snugly using it without worrying about electric shocks. Obviously though, you still have to read the manual and keep track of precautions mentioned there.

  4. How do you care and maintain heated mattress pads?

    Answer: Make sure to keep the surface of the pad clean at all times. Read manufacturer’s instructions and follow what’s said there for pad maintenance. Do not overheat the mattress pad and take care not to spill drinks or any liquid substance on it. Do not jump on the pad because it can damage or mess up the heating cables.

    If you suspect of any problems in the heating components of the pad, you can get in touch with the company’s customer service and ask for possible solutions. You can also have a professional technician take a look at the pad.

Our Top Picks


Sunbeam All Season Premium Queen Heated Mattress Pad

  • 100% quilted cotton top
  • 250-thread count
  • Digital 10-hour automatic off control
  • 10 heat settings

The Sunbeam All Season Premium heated mattress pad is your faithful companion during the harsh winter months. The top is made from 100 percent genuine quilted cotton with a 250 thread count, supplemented by superior heating elements. The quilt comes with 10 heat settings and automatic-off so you can actually get the warmth you need. The pad also includes the ThermoFine Warming System which perceives and modifies for consistent warmth. See this at work in this review.


Perfect Fit SoftHeat Smart Heated Electric Mattress Pad

  • Micro-velour material with built-in ultra-thin wires
  • Patented Safe and Warm low-voltage technology
  • Does not release EMFs
  • Machine-washable

The Perfect Fit SoftHeat electric mattress pad is equipped with micro-thin wiring kept underneath fine, micro-velour fabrics which provide comfort and warmth on chilly nights. These wires help in allocating heat all over without the discomfort and heft. Excellent construction since you cannot feel the wiring, nice, super-soft fabric, sufficient warmth and easy to care for. Get more info in this review video.


Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad

  • 100 percent cotton top and polyester fill
  • Has 200 thread count
  • Fits up to 24-inch mattresses
  • Machine-washable and dryer-safe

The Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad has comfortable reliable construction and provides the snugness you need on a cold night. The cotton and polyester materials composing the pad are a hundred percent genuine and high-quality. The pad does not have any obvious lumps for the best comfort. The best advantage of this pad though is it comes with 3 individual segments so you can actually have varying temps for your upper body, heat and feet. Thicker so you won’t feel wires poking. Easy to care for via machine and dryer. See this at work in this review.


Serta | Smart Heated Waterproof Mattress Pad

  • Low-voltage mattress pad
  • Soft, plush material
  • Preheating feature
  • Zoned heating
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When the nip of winter nights is here, it is time to take the Serta Smart Heated Waterproof Mattress Pad out of the storage. The pad warms decently fast and it comes with zoned heating so you can have different heating for certain body parts. It also comes with a preheating feature so the pad can warm your bed before you tuck in at night. It switches off automatically as well. Check for more info in this review.


Biddeford 5300-9051128-100 Sherpa Quilted Skirt Electric Heated Mattress Pad, Twin, White

  • High-quality polyester
  • 10 heat settings
  • Digital controls
  • 10-hour automatic shutoff

The Biddeford 5300-9051128-100 electric mattress pad is a super-soft, cozy and comfortable good value product. The pad has great construction—the thickness and sufficient heft hid the wiring well so you cannot feel it. The bed warms instantly and it also comes with 10-hour automatic shutoff to prevent overheating. In addition, it has 10 heat settings for personalized warmth, Graduated Warmth zones and machine/dryer-friendly. See more in this video review.

Combat the harsh cold with an effective, quality heated mattress pad. Remember the essentials in this guide for the best product.