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Best Heat Protectants

Who doesn’t love styling their hair? For majority of us, styling our tresses mean using heat-based tools like blow dryers and curling/straightening irons. However, repeated use of these tools can incur damage to our hair. To prevent fried hair, using heat protectants can help save the natural shine, bounce and sleekness of it. In this guide, we are going to provide the essentials on heat protectants and the products that you must know about.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the advantages of heat protectants

    Answer: A heat protectant is designed to even out the hair shaft’s cuticles so it becomes less permeable, thus leading to hair that will not succumb to frizz. It keeps the hair conditioned and restores moisture while heat-styling. It also stops moisture loss from providing protective layers on the hair shaft.

  2. What ingredients should I look in a good heat protectant?

    Answer: Excellent heat protectant products often come with humectants like propylene glycol and panthenol for frizz prevention and protecting the hair’s natural moisture. Quality heat protectants also contain natural oils like olive, grape seed, aloe and coconut oils for sealing the cuticle and additional moisture. Keratin, which is a type of amino acid, is also common among great heat protectants.

  3. When do I apply heat protectants?

    Answer: Check if the heat protectant should be used on dry or damp hair. Put it on before using blow dryers and straightening/curling irons. Apply in sections and comb through to evenly distribute the product on the strands.

  4. What factors must I consider when looking for a heat protectant?

    Answer: You need to consider your hair type and the ingredients/formula of the product.

Our Top Picks


HSI Professional Top 5 Heat Hair Protector & Conditioner

  • Moroccan argan oil, extra-virgin olive oil
  • Sulfate/Phosphate/Paraben-free
  • Color-safe formula
  • Made in the USA

HSI Professional’s Top 5 Heat Hair Protector & Conditioner has garnered plenty of fans due to its excellent formulation. This is a leave-in hair conditioner which works wonders during heat styling. The formula is a wonderful fusion or moisture-retaining botanical oils like Moroccan argan oil, extra-virgin olive oil, island coconut oil, desert aloe oil and macadamia nut oil. All those plant oils will leave your hair looking sleek, shiny and full of life, regardless of how many heat styling sessions you take. Check out how it works in this review.


TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Protectant Spray

  • Protects hair from heat and friction
  • Heat-activated
  • Professional-quality
  • Affordable

Regular heat-styling can do a number on your precious tresses. Exposing it to too much heat can make hair lose its moisture, leading to frizz-prone hair. Hence, it is essential that you put on heat protectants like the Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Protectant Spray for locks that are touchable, soft, shiny and manageable. Its heat-activated formula contains moisture-sealing vitamin complex—the formula safeguards hair yet allows it to retain its flexibility without the damage. For more information on this product, watch this review video.


ArtNaturals Thermal Hair Protector Spray

  • Weightless mist formula
  • Gives protection up to 450 degrees F
  • Leave-in conditioner
  • For all types of hair

Blow dryers and straightening irons allow us to be more creative in our hair looks. However, they pose real damage to our tresses. Before letting those tools perform their job, place a protective barrier like the ArtNaturals Thermal Hair Protector on your hair. Everyday our hair is exposed to the elements and too much of these plus the effects of heat-styling can destroy hair integrity. ArtNaturals’ combo of natural herb extracts like thyme and rosemary supplies sufficient moisture to the hair and retains it, thereby giving life back to your tresses. Get more insight on this product by checking out this demo.


Heat Protectant Plus with Argan Oil – Professional Grade Thermal Protector, Leave-in Conditioner, Anti-frizz, and Shine Spray by Arvazallia

  • Advanced Lightweight Two Layer Protection Technology
  • Argan oil-based formula
  • Anti-frizz and detangling agents
  • Signature fresh-smelling Arvazallia scent

For hair that is protected from heat and has a fresh, wonderful fragrance, you can’t go wrong with Arvazallia’s Heat Protectant Plus with Argan Oil. The formula comes with Advanced Lightweight Two Layer Protection Technology that guards your locks from damage incurred by heat styling. It is capable of penetrating hair follicles to restore current damage and stop breakage and split ends from happening. Due to the inclusion of argan oil, expect hair that is conditioned and moisturized after a wash. Regular use improves hair and leaves it smooth, silky and shiny with a lovely fragrance. Check out this in-depth review for more info.


CHI Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray

  • Ceramic for excellent thermal protection
  • Gets rid of damage
  • Vitamins A & E
  • Strengthening proteins

The CHI Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray is a USA-made thermal protectant that works wonders for dry, heat-damaged tresses. The formula seals the cuticle for healthy hair even with all that everyday heat styling. Spritz the product from roots to tips for stronger hair that fight back damage caused by excessive heat. It has a weightless formula that will not weigh hair down and give buildup. Lastly, this is a cruelty-free product. Get more insight on this heat protectant in this product review.

Remember to use a good heat protectant the next time you go under the dryer. Your hair will be in good hands with any of the products in our list.