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Best Hair Pomades for Men

Hair pomade sounds so old-fashioned to newer generations; then again, it is something that our forefathers used to style their hair with. Men of past generations used to rely on this product to keep their hairdos looking sharp and in place. The effect though is quite timeless—it gives gloss to the hair and provides great hold and shape. For many men today, pomade is a staple product along with their trusty razor. Good grooming is yours with the right hair pomade.

Buyers Guide

  1. What does hair pomade do and what are its benefits?

    Answer: The resurgence of men’s hairstyles from the 50’s once again put hair pomades in the spotlight. Hair pomade is used to style men’s hair; its formula provides shine, shape and a neat appearance. Older formulas have an oilier and waxier consistency though compared to modern ones, which makes use of water-soluble ingredients. One of the benefits of using hair pomade is that its effects last longer compared to gels and hairsprays. The hold it gives is glossier and firmer. It is capable of keeping strands of hair in place. Kinky hair benefits from hair pomade formula because it stops the hair from drying out, locking in moisture. It can also be used to groom sideburns, mustaches or beards. Lastly, if you are fond of old-fashioned hairstyles, pomade is the way to go.

  2. What are the different kinds of hair pomade?

    Answer: In general, there are two types of hair pomade today. One is the water-soluble kind, which are easier to restyle and remove. Oil-based pomade meanwhile are great for hairstyles that require excellent, longer-lasting hold.

  3. How do you get rid of hair pomade?

    Answer: A good trick to use on hair pomade is to cut the pomade with another oily product to remove it. Pour some olive oil on your hair while showering. The olive oil will seep into the hair follicles and will remove most of the pomade. If you still think your hair is greasy, wash it with a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid. Allow to soak for a few minutes then rinse well with warm water. If you do not want to deal with the waxy stuff, you may want to get a water-based hair pomade instead.

Our Top Picks


Earth Enrichment’s Organic Pomade

  • Promotes hair growth
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Decreases hair shedding
  • Prevents hair follicle clogging and inflammation
  • Reduces protein loss

Earth Enrichment’s Moisture Rich Scalp and Root Hair Pomade is specially formulated to promote healthy hair growth. Enriched with certified organic ingredients, it has “All You Need” for shinier, stronger and healthier hair. This hair pomade is not heavy and will not clog your pores. It is the premier hair growth scalp and root pomade. A little goes a long way.


Gatsby Moving Rubber Wild Shake 80g (3-Pack)

  • Includes 3 different pieces of Gatsby Moving Rubber
  • Ideal for short/medium-short/medium/longer hairstyles
  • Good staying power
  • Paraben-free

Gatsby is a famous hairstyling brand in Japan, known for its excellent formulas to retain slick hair, complex haircuts for all hair lengths. This set comes with a variety of pomades to create different hairstyles. Aiming to perfect some faux dreads? You can use the Wild Shake. Eager to try out rough, rockstar-worthy messy ‘dos? You can with this Gatsby stuff. The wax gives good hold the whole day but like all pomades and waxes, it needs to be shampooed a few times to remove completely.


Hanz de Fuko Claymation Premium Men’s Hair Styling Clay

  • Clay/wax formula for better hold
  • Styles wavy, straight and thick hair
  • Includes natural ingredients
  • Matte finish

Dudes who want to master the messy/bedhead look should take this wax/pomade product into consideration. It comes with botanical ingredients like jojoba oil, castor oil, lemon peel and mallow flower for a nourished scalp and well-conditioned hair. It can easily take on wavy, straight and thick tresses. The matte finish completes the entire look and feel of textured hairstyles.


Baxter of California Men’s Clay Pomade

  • Includes kaolin clay and beeswax
  • Molds hair in place
  • Gives texture
  • Great for all hair types

Baxter of California Men’s Clay Pomade is a staple in plenty of guys’ grooming arsenal. Wispy strands are kept in place for a seamless look. Formula contains natural ingredients like kaolin clay and beeswax for better hold, loads of texture and elasticity. Good hold throughout the day and very workable too. This is a paraben-free formula.


Blind Barber 90 Proof Pomade

  • Gives long-lasting hold
  • Provides matte finish
  • Includes hops for volume and conditioning
  • Water-based formula

If you are not too fond of oil-based, traditional hair pomade, the Blind Barber 90 Proof Pomade guarantees your ‘do will stand the test of time (at least throughout the day). This is a water-based formula which gives great hold and volume thanks to the hops included. Matte finish for a no-fuss appeal. Fragrant tonka bean scent without being too sweet and overwhelming. Overall, a great product for those who want excellent hair pomades and waxes.


American Crew Defining Paste

  • Adds texture and definition
  • Ideal for medium hair lengths
  • Includes lanolin, beeswax and glycerin
  • Subdued shine

Some hairstyles need major hold and a good hair pomade will be able to get such styles looking magnificent until you comb it off. The American Crew Defining Paste is for those who want defined hairdos without the high gloss and sticky feel. Great for styling hair with medium lengths. Provides medium hold and shine that complements textured hairstyles well. includes beeswax for flexible hold, lanolin for conditioning and glycerin for extra volume and thickness. The product can also be used on dry or damp hair.


Bumble and Bumble Semisumo Pomade (1.5 oz.)

  • Gives hairstyles definition
  • Comes with beeswax and microcrystalline wax
  • Has coconut oil and canola oil for shine
  • Great for medium to coarse hair

The Bumble and Bumble Semisumo Pomade can provide the best hold for men with medium to coarse hair. The formula comes with ingredients like beeswax for giving hair a nice shape and hold plus coconut oil and canola oil for a nice gloss on the locks. It smells great and will not feel heavy nor oily on your tresses. Recommended for those with color-treated locks as well.

Don’t let your fabulous hairstyle wilt in the middle of the day. Go for hair pomade if you want ‘dos that have great, long-lasting hold. Whether you are after textured styles or well-defined ones, you cannot go wrong with a quality hair pomade. Take care of those fly-away strands by applying a bit of the stuff, one that absolutely suits your needs. While you’re in the grooming mindset, also check out our article on nose hair trimmers to look your very best.