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Best Hair Glues

Embarrassing situations cannot be avoided when you’re wearing an artificial hairpiece. Sometimes, excessive sweating, extreme moisture, heavy winds, and high temperatures can cause wigs or toupees to fall off unexpectedly. This is why it is important to use glue that has a superior hold.

How do you know if a hair glue is good? Aside from having a strong hold, it should protect from natural skin oils, have an invisible bond after application, and not have toxic ingredients that can be harsh on skin. Take a look at these six hair glues that fit these criteria.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are hair glues?

    Answer: Hair glues are acrylic or silicone-based glues used for securing wigs or toupees to the hairline.

  2. How long do hair glues keep hairpieces on?

    Answer: Hair glues offer a semi-permanent hold for up to six weeks.

  3. How do you remove hair glues?

    Answer: You can remove hair glues with medical-grade alcohol or solvent.

Our Top Picks


Magical Bond Hair Glue

  • Suitable for lace and 360 wigs
  • Dries clear
  • With collagen
  • Medical grade and FDA registered

This 2-ounce hair glue is infused with collagen which not only moisturizes the skin but also helps improve elasticity on rough and wrinkled skin. Made with water-based polymer, it ensures a strong hold against any oils and moisture from perspiration and humidity. 100% skin safe, it is made without parabens, minerals, petroleum, or formaldehyde.  


Ghost Bond Hair Replacement Adhesive

  • Invisible bonding
  • Formulated for oily scalps
  • Waterproof and oil resistant
  • No latex or harsh solvents

This 1.3-ounce hair glue is safe for use on both poly and lace hair replacement systems. It creates an invisible bond that helps hide the hairline and create a natural look. The formula works well on those with oily skin and scalps, who heavily perspire, and who live in climates with high moisture and humidity. The strong adhesive ensures no moving or falling off due to oils or wetness.


Aviva Hair Replacement Adhesive

  • Safe on poly and lace wigs
  • Extra-firm hold
  • No latex or harsh solvents
  • Hides the hairline

Create a natural look with this 1.3-ounce hair replacement adhesive. It is specially formulated for high temperatures and humidity, heavy perspiration, and oily scalps. The exceptional hold ensures no falling off, and the invisible bonding helps hide the hairline. Designed for sensitive skin and scalp, the glue contains no toxic ingredients.


Professional Hair Labs Hair Glue

  • Designed for poly and lace wigs
  • Prevents shine-through
  • No latex or nasty chemicals
  • Dries quick

Be confident even in the toughest conditions with this 1.3-ounce hair glue. Made with non-toxic water-based copolymer, it does not contain toxic ingredients, making it 100% safe and gentle on scalp and skin. It works well with lace and polyurethane hair units, and leaves a clear, matte finish that absorbs light so no one can see your hairline. 


Nymph Hair Replacement Adhesive

  • Invisible bonding
  • Extra moisture control
  • Safe on poly and lace wigs
  • No latex or harsh solvents

Say goodbye to adhesives that leave sticky messes with this 1.3-ounce hair glue. With an enhanced anti-humidity formula, it is suitable for those who heavily perspire or have oily scalp. Its invisible bonding action makes your hairline have a natural look. Designed for sensitive skin and scalp, the glue contains no toxic ingredients.


Forcuteu Hair Replacement Adhesive

  • Designed for oily scalps
  • High performance
  • Invisible bonding
  • No latex or harsh solvents

Keep your hairpiece in place with this 1.3-ounce hair glue. It is specially formulated for people with oily scalps and heavy perspiration. With an invisible bonding, it makes your hairline look natural so no one will know your secret. Its light hold ensures no falling off due to skin oils or moisture. Designed for sensitive skin and scalp, this glue has no harmful ingredients.

Don’t let heavy winds, excessive sweating, or extreme moisture stop you from wearing your hairpiece in public. With these reliable hair replacement adhesives, you can feel confident in any situation.