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Best Golf Umbrellas

Golf is an enjoyable sport and is enjoyed by plenty of individuals. However, the elements can be a bummer. In the summer, the heat and noon-day sun can put a crimp in our game while sudden rains can bring so much aggravation in the middle of a play. To avoid these bothers, better get a good golf umbrella. Use our guide and reviews to look for worthy models in the market.

Buyers Guide

  1. What advantages does a golf umbrella bring?

    Answer: Because golf is an outdoor game, expect that the weather can get in the way during a good play. Sudden rains, the heat and blustery winds can hinder your abilities so golf umbrellas are a must in the range. It’s an accessory that makes the game more convenient for all golfers.

  2. What are the materials used in making golf umbrellas?

    Answer: The frame of golf umbrellas is usually made from either metal or fiberglass. Metal ribs are popular for being strong and durable while fiberglass ones are known for their flexibility and lightweight properties. For the canopy fabric, Teflon fabric is used to resist water; it will not add additional weight on the whole umbrella as well.

  3. What factors should I consider when looking for golf umbrellas?

    Answer: You need to consider the material of the umbrella, its strength and waterproofing abilities. You also need to consider the size, weight, the canopy, check whether the model is wind-tested and has a comfortable handle, opens and closes easily, the color, plus accessories for the umbrella that you may want to have on hand.

  4. Any care and maintenance tips for golf umbrellas?

    Answer: Always see to it that you dry the umbrella thoroughly before storing it. That way, corrosion on the metal parts will be prevented. Don’t fold it casually—take the time to fold the umbrella following its natural creases. Proper folding and storage of the item will stop any unnecessary curving and bending of the spokes and uncoordinated creases/pleating in the fabric.

Our Top Picks


EEZ-Y 58 Inch Portable Golf Umbrella

  • Double canopy
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Ergonomic EVA handle
  • Windproof

EEZ-Y is a trusted brand when it comes to umbrellas and their portable golf umbrella is certainly a great find, an accessory that should be a necessity in your golf game. It’s a well-designed model, huge enough for protection once opened, but super-portable and compact once closed. The secret to the umbrella’s excellent functionality is its double canopy design—this canopy forces the edges of the umbrella up, flicking it whole. Get more insight on this product in this review video.


“Procella Golf Umbrella

  • Windproof model
  • Rubberized, anti-slip handle
  • Portable and compact
  • Weighs only 1.7 lbs.

If you need a windproof umbrella, this Procella model is a nice recommendation. It has features that can tolerate blustery winds and other extreme weather conditions. It has fiberglass internal ribs and shafts plus an additional inner mesh layer for a stronger, more durable umbrella. The clasp which holds the item is straightforward to use and it opens and closes effortlessly. The item also includes two Velcro straps which secures the umbrella tightly when not in use. Check this one out in this review video.


BAGAIL Golf Umbrella

  • Vented double canopy
  • Rubberized comfort-grip handle
  • Automatic open mechanism
  • Sun-proof, waterproof fabric

One of the good things about the Bagail Golf Umbrella is its vented double-canopy design. This means the umbrella has extra strength and flex, great for toting during a golf game. The durable structure of the umbrella flexes with the wind’s motion so it maintains its form. Another advantage is its ergonomic handle with polyurethane coating for a comfortable grip. It has sun-proof and waterproof fabric as well—material used is 190T Pongee micro-weave with SPF 50+ protection. Get the good stuff from this umbrella in this review.


G4Free Golf Umbrella

  • Windproof with strong frame
  • Automatic open mechanism
  • Ergonomic EVA grip
  • Water-resistant 210T Pongee material

The G4Free golf umbrella aims to keep players protected from the elements so they can focus on their capabilities all the time. The umbrella is designed to curb nature’s disturbances from rain down to squally winds. It’s not only for a game of golf, you can use it for other activities like fishing, hunting or any outdoor sports. It has a frame made from hardened stainless steel with a quality black resin coating, a comfortable EVA grip and lots of great features. See more in this video review.


Third Floor Umbrella

  • Double-vented canopy design
  • Windproof model
  • Automatic open mechanism
  • Heavy-duty frame

Third Floor Umbrellas are what you should seek for protection against the elements. It comes in a nice range of colors and sizes. The brand’s bigger umbrellas can comfortably service 3 people at once. The item’s durable and water-resistant fabric is crafted from 190T Pongee material. Its double canopy design produces a vent which lets the wind go through and stops the umbrella from flipping up. Get more information on the product in this review video.