Best Go Kart Tires

Go Kart Tires are smaller designs of tires than those on a normal car. Kart tires also have different types depending on track conditions – like slicks, rain tires and the spiked. If the track is dry, you can use slicks. For wet weather, you can use rain tires. And for the icy conditions, you can use the spiked tires.

There’s a lot of types and modifications of this product and looking for the perfect one is a bit exhausting. We did the research for you and come up with the five best selling Go Kart tires.


Pitt Bull

  • Double Bearing
  • 4 Bolt Holes Double Rim
  • Tube Type
  • Great Deal

You’ve got an awesome deal right here! You can count on Pitt Bull tires for a quality, easy-to-install and with a best value product, you can enjoy. This product is perfect for your Go Kart, dolly, Golf Cart and more. The tires and tube are surely a great deal on all-terrain types. These wheels also have bearings in the hubs and its valve stems are extended out straight beyond standard measure. This is recommended for best pick. For additional perception on this product, feel free to visit this link.


Marathon Industries

  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Tube Type Design
  • Heavy Load Capacity
  • Balanced Traction and Maneuverability

If you’re looking for the most convenient tire you can use, this one is for you. Marathon Industries designed specifically this tire for your convenience. You can use them to replace quickly your tires as they are compatible with various types of utility equipment and can furnish almost all application – from air compressors to pressure washers. You can follow this link for a better impression.



  • Heavy Duty
  • 4-ply Rated
  • Tubeless
  • High-Quality Performance

If you’re not sure about the two mentioned above, you can consider checking out the specifications of Deestone tires. This one is also the best pick when it comes to terrain trails – desert, mud and rocky part. Offered at an affordable price, this tire provides you with a strong grip and traction control. See this link for more appropriate judgment.


GoPowerSports Tire

  • Sealed Bearings
  • Wheel Combo Set
  • Heavy Duty
  • Good Deal

GoPowerSports tire is really worth spending for. This great tire comes with a wheel combo set, including bearings and grease fittings. This is exactly what you are looking for to replace your old age Go Kart tires. This can be your best pick. To have clearer viewpoints, feel free to visit this link.


SunF Power

  • Directional angled knobby tread
  • Premium Rubber
  • Heavy 6-ply Rated
  • Enhanced Skid and Traction Control

This type of Kart tire is indeed fit for all terrain tire offered at an affordable price. It is built-in with heavy 6-ply rated construction to prevent abrasions. It has its premium rubbers to withstand even the most rugged racing conditions. This product can be a perfect replacement for any of your quads. Check out this link for the additional outlook on this product.

In choosing for the best tire for you, you need to remember that some Go Karts are made with different sizes of tires and patterns. You have to pick carefully on the kind of tread pattern you want to use. Feel free to consider picking any of the above mentioned. We can guarantee its top-quality features.