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Best Gender Reveal Party Supplies

Planning a gender reveal party can be overwhelming. With a menu to prepare, invites to send out, and the big reveal to think about, there’s so many things on your plate. If those aren’t enough to keep you busy, you still have your decorations to worry about. This means your backdrop, banner, cake toppers, dinnerware, napkins—the list goes on. If you don’t want to make your own decorations, you can always look for a good party supplier.

Given that a gender reveal only happens once, you must ensure the perfect celebration. This means a party supplier you can trust to provide you with quality materials for your special event. To make your search less stressful, we did the research for you. Here’s a list of great party suppliers that offer complete sets of gender reveal decorations and accessories.

Buyers Guide

  1. What’s a gender reveal party?

    Answer: A gender reveal party is a celebration during which parents, friends, and family find out the sex of a baby.

  2. What’s included in gender reveal party supplies?

    Answer: Gender reveal party supplies typically include balloons, confetti, a banner, sash, cake toppers, dinnerware, and napkins.

  3. How many months should a woman be to have a gender reveal party?

    Answer: Any time after 18 weeks is best time to have a gender reveal party. Some expectant mothers, however, wait a little later to make sure there are no complications with the pregnancy.

Our Top Picks


Wrappen Gender Reveal Party Supplies

  • Pack of 71
  • With cake toppers
  • Pink and blue confetti
  • 5 different balloon types

Complete the look of your event with this set of 71 gender reveal party supplies. It includes 1 extra-large black balloon with print, 1 pink and blue confetti packet, 1 banner, 6 cake toppers, 4 foil balloons, 30 photo props, 1 sash, 6 confetti balloons, and 20 latex balloons. With premium-quality design and materials, this is the perfect bundle for your grand announcement. The large 36-inch black balloon will surely be the highlight of your celebration, as your guests will make a guess if you’re having a baby boy or girl.


Future2 Gender Reveal Party Supplies

  • Pack of 75
  • With photo props
  • 36-inch reveal balloon
  • With sash

Make your decorations one of the main highlights of your event with this set of 75 gender reveal party supplies. It includes 3 paper lanterns, 1 banner, 6 pom poms, 18 balloons, 15 paper tassels, 31 photo booth props, 1 gender reveal balloon with confetti, and 1 sash. The combination of pink, blue, and gold colors will surely stand out, while the 36-inch black balloon will definitely look good in photos. There are photo booth props to complete your snapshots, and the set comes with instructions for easy assembly of all the pieces.


Louvy Gender Reveal Party Supplies

  • Pack of 120
  • With cake toppers
  • Photo props
  • Jumbo reveal balloon

Impress your guests with this set of 20 gender reveal party supplies. It includes 1 reveal balloon with confetti and print, 1 banner, 2 packs of confetti, 2 heart balloons, 2 foil balloons, 1 sash, 20 latex balloons, 24 stickers, 6 clear confetti balloons, 12 cake toppers, 4 ribbons, 15 tassel garlands, and 30 photo props. The colorful pieces are sure to wow guests, while the confetti and garlands offer a festive ambiance. The 36-inch black reveal balloon with printed boy and girl footprints is sure to look beautiful in photos.


Wallfire Baby Reveal Party Supplies Kit

  • Pack of 151
  • With tableware
  • Large reveal balloon
  • Photo-worthy pieces

Celebrate your grand announcement with this set of 151 gender reveal party supplies. It includes 1 banner, 32 plates, 16 cups, 20 knives, 20 forks, 20 spoons, 16 napkins, 2 black balloons, 2 aluminum balloons, 10 confetti balloons, 5 ordinary balloons, and 2 packs of confetti. The special confetti balloon is made from thick, non-transparent latex that protects the surprise and reveals with a perfect pop. The high-quality prints of the pieces will surely stand out, and the pink and blue props are sure to add color and bring vigor and vitality to your event.


Hanski and Balbinka Baby Gender Reveal Party Decorations Kit

  • Pack of 63
  • With photo props
  • Beautiful sash
  • Confetti balloons

Create memorable pictures with this set of 63 gender reveal party supplies. It includes 1 black reveal confetti balloon, pink and blue confetti, 16 latex balloons, 2 mylar balloons, 1 sash, 1 banner, 2 honeycomb baby bottles, 30 photo props, 8 tissue pom poms, and 2 baby carriage foil balloons. Let the 36-inch black balloon with print be the highlight of your celebration, and allow friends and family to take photos with the included props. All items are made from good-quality materials and are packaged separately for protection. 


Serene Selection Gender Reveal Party Supplies

  • Pack of 120
  • With photo booth props
  • High-quality materials
  • Big banner

Throw a fun-filled celebration with this set of 120 gender reveal party supplies. It includes 1 banner, 24 stickers, 1 reveal balloon, 1 sash, 2 foil balloons, 20 ordinary balloons, 3 confetti balloons, 12 cupcake toppers, 2 bags of confetti, 30 photo props, 15 tassels, and 6 pom poms. The 36-inch black reveal balloon features an extra-large neck for easy filling of confetti, while the 30-piece photo props come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes for the best photo memories. All balloons are made of high-quality, thick, and non-transparent latex material so you will not need to worry about a pop fail. 

Everything you need to complete the look of your celebration is in these sets, so you can just sit back and enjoy a worry-free gender reveal party. With these colorful accessories and pieces, you can capture the perfect keepsake photo with friends and family on your special event.