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Best Gender Reveal Baseballs

When the first public video of a gender reveal was posted in 2008, countless numbers of excited couples started posting their own reveals on social media. By mid-2011, gender reveals were a viral phenomenon, and today, they’re still pretty much popular with soon-to-be parents. From a monsoon of confetti to exploding whatnots, people have come up with all sorts of ideas to announce the sex of their baby: pinatas, cannons, boxes, balloons, you name it. Another popular product is the gender reveal baseball. Smashing the ball with a bat will make it explode and reveal a cloud of colored smoke. It’s the perfect idea for those who are into the sport or simply looking for a unique way to reveal the sex of their soon-to-be baby.

Make your grand announcement a celebration that will be remembered by friends and family. Exploding baseballs are not a common way to share your exciting news, so they are sure to make your big reveal unlike any other. Take a look at these six gender revel baseballs that are getting a thumbs up from happy couples.

Buyers Guide

  1. Will a gender reveal baseball break when accidentally dropped?

    Answer: A gender reveal baseball will likely break or crack when accidentally dropped on a hard surface like concrete. However, it can withstand being dropped on a soft surface like grass.

  2. What kind of bat should you use to break a gender reveal baseball?

    Answer: A metal or wood bat is recommend so that the baseball will be broken completely with just one hit.

  3. What’s inside a gender reveal baseball?

    Answer: Gender reveal baseballs are usually filled with safe, food-grade powder or confetti.

Our Top Picks


LilliJoy Gender Reveal Baseball Set

  • Powder filled
  • Great for photos
  • Looks like genuine baseballs
  • Easy to use

Spice up your grand announcement day with these gender reveal baseballs. Each is filled with corn starch, making it non-toxic and very safe around children. It is customized to offer you smoke bombs that look exactly like real baseballs. This eco-friendly duo has brighter pink and blue colors and more powder inside unlike similar products. It will explode at the right moment, revealing your well-kept secret with its vibrant color. Simply choose the correct gender ball and remove the colored sticker. When ready, shake the ball very well, then hit or smash it with a bat.


Oh Baby Baby Gender Reveal Exploding Baseballs

  • More powder than others
  • Handmade in the USA
  • With identifying tags
  • Environmentally friendly

Take memorable shots of your special moment with these gender reveal baseballs. One has pink powder while the other has blue powder so you can give your guests with a huge shower of vibrant color. Handmade in the USA with the highest-quality materials, it provides clean fun for expecting parents. These balls contain 100% environmentally friendly powder that is non-toxic and safe for unborn babies. Each ball has an identifying tag to let you know what color is inside.


Ultimate Party Supplies Gender Reveal Baseball

  • Colorful cloud puff
  • Made of durable plastic
  • With identifying tags
  • Bubbled wrapped upon delivery

Create a uniquely inspiring setting with these gender reveal baseballs. Made of high-quality plastic, they are sturdy enough not to break when dropped on soft grass ground, but easy enough to explode once hit by a bat. It will shower you and your guests with a large cloud of colorful powder that is safe even around children. The balls come in sets of 2 packs so you can get a quick practice round with the extra ball before the main reveal. They come bubble wrapped in a box with tags included for easy identification of color. 


Winsharp Gender Reveal Baseball Set

  • Packed with powder
  • Removable ribbon
  • Non-toxic and environment friendly
  • Premium quality

Make your special moment unforgettable with these gender reveal baseballs. Each contains the maximum amount of powder inside for the best poof of colored smoke. For best results, swing your bat hard and capture the photo-worthy moment. The set includes 1 blue and 1 pink baseball with ribbons that can be removed so you know which color to use for the big reveal. The powder used is vibrant and very safe even with kids around.


Simply Health Gender Reveal Baseball Set

  • Creates a huge poof
  • More powder than most
  • Non-toxic and safe
  • Non-translucent material

Never forget your grand announcement day with these gender reveal baseballs. Each is full to the brim with safe and non-toxic cornstarch powder so you and your guests will enjoy a huge poof of smoky color once the ball has been hit with a bat. It has a dimeter size that makes it easy to hit by anyone without any difficulties. The pink and blue duo is made of non-translucent material to ensure no one sees the powder’s color before the blast.


RevealTheBaby Gender Reveal Party Premium Baseballs

  • Non-toxic
  • Sturdy design
  • Colorful powder
  • With identifying ribbons

Dazzle your guests with these gender reveal baseballs. Each is  made out of a sturdy ceramic material that will only break apart on heavy impact, but not from small drops or during shipping. Powder is pre-filled into the baseballs so it creates a huge smoke display that will let your guests know the sex of your soon-to-be baby. The powder is 100% non-toxic and safe even around toddlers.

Unique, fun, and colorful, these gender reveal baseballs are sure to be a hit among your friends and family. Make these the highlight of your party by having your guests take photos of themselves with the balls before and after they are thrown into the air.