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Best Garment Steamers

If there’s something that puts lots of people off, especially in a professional environment, it’s wrinkles and creased clothes. It doesn’t matter how professional your clothes are, wrinkles and creases can make you appear unkempt. This is something people’s eyes are instinctively drawn to the folds on your clothes. However, you no longer have to go through this embracement, especially if you’re in a hurry, thanks to a garment steamer.

What’s a garment steamer? A garment steamer also referred to as a clothes steamer, is a small appliance that utilizes hot steam to remove creases and wrinkles from clothes and fabrics faster than regular irons. They also aid in eliminating odors, sterilizing tables, furniture, and tables.

Buyers Guide

  1. What should I consider when choosing a garment steamer?

    Answer: The factors you should consider are: The water reservoir capacity: The more water a steamer can hold, the longer it can produce steam. And, you generally want the machine to last for long when using it. Steam time: You should also consider how long the steam will last? Go for steamers; you don’t have to fill regularly while steaming your clothes. Attachments: Some of the common attachments include a crease clip, lint remover, and fabric brush. Some steamers also come with built-in hangers. These attachments make it easy for you to use the steamer. Safety: Ensure that the steamer you choose comes with safety features that make the device safe to use. Size: If you’re looking for a garment steamer to use during your travel, ensure you go for one that’s portable. It should also have a sufficient height you can use for any cloth. Price: Lastly, check the price of the steamer. If it’s way past your budget, go for one that within your budget.

  2. What types of cloth steamers are on the market?

    Answer: The garment steamers on the market today are: Handheld steamer Full-size garment steamer Travel steamer

  3. Why should I choose a garment steamer over a regular steamer?

    Answer: First, garment steamers save time. They only take a few seconds to heat up. All you have to do is steam the water, and you can use it for several minutes. It’s also portable, allowing you to carry it wherever you travel. Garment steamers are also less likely to melt or burn compared to regular steamers. It’s also less likely to damage fabric, as you only need to use the steam to remove wrinkles.

Our Top Picks


Rowenta Master Valet Steamer

  • Easy to use
  • Can quickly remove wrinkles
  • Can heat up within a few seconds
  • Power 1550 W

The Rowenta Master steamer is well known for the available features that help make the ironing process simpler. Its first feature is the 1500 power watts capacity, which offers sufficient power for an effective and rich steam to help eliminate wrinkles and creases within a short period. It also comes with additional accessories like garment clips, hanger hooks, and a hanger making it easier to steam your clothes wherever you are. For more info, you can watch this review video.


Hilife Steamer

  • Power capacity of 700 W
  • Portable
  • Multipurpose
  • 240ML Capacity

If you’re looking for a steamer that has a slim and modern design and sufficient steam power, you should consider the Hilife steamer. This garment steamer has a power capacity of 500 watts that makes it easier to steam any cloth. It is also completely portable, making it possible for you to carry the steamer with you whenever you travel. It has a large water capacity ensuring you don’t have to continue refiling the steamer after every few minutes.


URPOWER Handheld Steamer

  • Sleek design
  • Fast heat up time
  • Sufficient amount of steam
  • Sleek design

The first thing you note about this handheld steamer is its perfect design. this steamer has a new nozzle design, which helps distribute a sufficient amount of steam to ensure the removal of wrinkles within a short time. Its compact design also helps make the steamer portable, as you can easily squeeze it inside your carry-on luggage. Another notable feature is its safety protection that ensures the device successfully turns off whenever it’s not in use.


Conair Hand Held Fabric Steamer

  • Portable
  • Three available attachments
  • Highly versatile
  • Two variants

Its gorgeous design and high power output is what makes the Conair fabric steamer one of the best in the market. This garment steamer has an 1100 watts power capacity, which gives it the ability to heat up within a few seconds. It also comes with a Turbo extreme steam feature that helps lessen the steaming period. It also comes with three attachments— a bristle brush, silicon band, and fabric space to aid in distributing the steam. You can watch this review video for more info.


PurSteam Elite Steamer

  • Heats up in less than a minute
  • Comes with several accessories
  • Large water tank
  • Smooth steam release

Despite not being the most portable steamer on this list, several features make it a powerful and effective device. It has a power output of 1600W, which enables it to give off a powerful and reliable steam function. It also takes up a few minutes to heat the steamer, and this ensures you no longer have to take up too much time removing stubborn wrinkles on heavy fabrics.


ESTEAM Hand Held Steamer

  • Portable
  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • You can use tap water directly
  • No dampness left on clothes

Introducing the ESTEAM Handheld steamer. This device has a 120 Volt. It also has a stylish and compact design that makes it portable. The design of the steamer is also meant to ensure you get a full-time service from the steamer. Other features include the steamer’s one-time heat up functionality that ensures you no longer have to regularly charge the steamer.

Get to have presentable clothes at all times. With garment steamers, you can easily ensure that your clothes look new at all times, even when you’re far from home.