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Best Garden Fairies

Lots of home gardeners nowadays are starting their own fairy gardens not just to pursue a new hobby but also to add life to their plain and dull landscape. With so many designs and inspirations around, we wouldn’t be surprised if you, too, are considering having a world of miniature fairies right in your own backyard.

To make it much easier for you to decide, we did some research on Amazon to find the best garden fairies out there. While they all look similar at first glance, some are more worthy for outdoor use than others.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a garden fairy?

    Answer: A garden fairy is an outdoor ornament used to decorate a miniature fairy garden.

  2. What is a fairy garden?

    Answer: A fairy garden is a tiny garden complete with structures and actual living plants.

  3. What goes in a fairy garden?

    Answer: Aside from the decorative fairies, a fairy garden usually comprises a birdhouse, dried pods, twigs, flowers, and artificial birds.

Our Top Picks


Mood Lab Fairy Garden

  • Set of 9
  • Made of high-quality resin
  • With waterproof coating
  • Packed with care

Create a mystical world right in your own backyard with this set of 9 garden fairies. Each is made from high-grade durable polyresin with a protective coating to ensure it does not fade in the sun. The set includes a harp fairy, 2 sitting fairies, an enjoying fairy, a sleeping bear, camping fire, little bunny, baby fairy, and little squirrel.  


Pretmanns Fairy Garden House Kit

  • Set of 4
  • Intricate details
  • Hand painted to perfection
  • Carefully packed

Leave room in your garden for fairies to dance with this beautiful fairy garden house kit. This set of 4 includes a pine cone fairy house, Fairy Sofia with puppy, Fairy Ava with kitten, and a welcome sign. Each piece is hand painted, one color at a time, to produce an amazing masterpiece. All supplies are carefully packed in a specially cut out Styrofoam container for protection.


Wild Pixy Fairy Garden Accessories Kit

  • With glow-in-the-dark pebbles
  • With solar LED lights
  • Set of 13
  • Designed to last

Add a little magic to your backyard with this set of 13 garden fairies. The kit includes 1 solar LED light, 1 bridge, 1 bench, 1 chair, 1 fairy 4 stepping stones, 3 toadstools, 1 bag of pebbles, and 1 gift-ready box. The mystical LED lights charge by day, bringing your solar-powered fairy garden house and stones to life at night. 


Plow and Hearth Fairies On Mushrooms

  • Set of 4
  • Stakes into any flowerbed, lawn, or large planter
  • Cast in weather-durable resin
  • Intricately detailed

Add whimsy to your flowerbeds with this set of 4 garden fairies. Each fairy with butterfly-inspired wings perch on lifelike toadstools for a magical vibe. The wildflower crowns and fernlike dresses are simply adorable from afar. Made from durable resin, these figurines are made to last and withstand harsh weather conditions.

With these garden fairies ready for decorating, you can finally start your miniature fairy garden. All you need is a little bit of creativity and imagination to turn a simple backyard into something extra magical.