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Best Gait Belts

The gait belt is a very convenient item to have on hand especially if you need to lift another individual frequently. It makes the whole procedure safer for both parties. If you want to know more about gait belts, our guide has all the information and reviews on gait belts that you need to know.

Buyers Guide

  1. What does a gait belt do?

    Answer: The gait belt is often used for safety means, utilized to help another individual to move like for instance, from a chair to a bed. It is also a helpful device for holding someone up at all times while they walk, It provides support and stops weak individuals from falling. The gait belt also helps minimize the potential of having a back injury while helping somebody to walk or move about.

  2. What are the benefits of using a gait belt?

    Answer: Individuals who are physically unsteady due to sickness, injury or age are at risk of falling and slipping. The use of a gait belt with a non-slip buckle will prevent unwanted accidents from happening over the course of the transition.

    Gait belts also allow individuals to fully concentrate on the person they are helping. They can take care of the other individual’s comfort and guarantee that he or she is able to transition from one action to another safely and cautiously.

  3. What does a gait belt look like?

    Answer: The standard measurement of a gait belt is around an inch and a half up to four inches wide. It has a length that ranges from 54 inches to 60 inches. Gait belts are usually made from strong materials like nylon, canvas or durable leather. It has a buckle located at one end of the belt. To find out which gait belt fits your needs, you can ask advice from your physician or healthcare provider.

  4. How to do you use a gait belt?

    Answer: Make sure to let the patient know that you are going to place the belt on them and help them throughout the procedure. You can do a countdown of the lift so you and the patient can rise up together.

    To help another individual to stand up or transfer them while using the belt, assist them in a sitting position and place the belt. Stand and face the patient with bent knees and a straight back. To prevent strain, gather support and lift from your knees instead of the back. Grip the belt on the sides using both hands and lift the patient.

Our Top Picks


Posey 6537Q quick release Transfer Gait Belt

  • Fits 28-52-inch waistlines
  • 4-inch unlined rear support band
  • Comes with 6 grips
  • Machine-washable

The comfortable Posey 6537Q gait belt is good suggestion. A hospital-grade gait belt that is perfect for home or personal use. If you are currently assisting loved ones or work as a caregiver, this gait belt will help you immensely in your task. The belt includes 6 grips, which makes safety guaranteed. Another plus is it’s easy to clean since you can toss it in the washing machine. Check for more info in this review.


Kinsman Enterprises 80317 Gait Belt with Metal Buckle

  • Easy to set up
  • Color-coded
  • Steel late and buckle-nickel chrome
  • Sturdy 2-inch wide cotton

This Kinsman Enterprises Gait Belt with Metal Buckle comes in an appealing color combo of white, blue and red. The belt is not made from no ordinary cotton though—it’s made from fine, heavy-duty cotton webbing which ensures a solid and secure grip plus support. The buckle is also the strong, durable type being made from high-quality steel nickel chrome. Get more info in this review.


Prestige Medical Cotton Gait Belt with Metal Buckle

  • 100% cotton body
  • Includes metal buckle
  • 58-in length
  • Machine-washable

Prestige Medical’s Cotton Gait Belt is 58 inches long so you can easily assist the patient from a sitting position to a standing one. The durable, sturdy cotton webbing will last for hundreds of hours of assistance. The webbing also makes the product a cinch to maintain—this one is very machine-friendly. As soon as it gets dirty, you can wash it in the washing machine. The belt buckle meanwhile is all steel nickel chrome reinforced, which means it can handle a lot of weight.


Secure Transfer and Walking Gait Belt

  • 4-inch back
  • Durable reinforced stitching
  • Quick-release buckle
  • 4 vertical and 2 horizontal handles

The Secure Transfer and Walking Gait Belt will make assisting patients to walk and move about a simpler duty to undertake. This gait belt in particular is crafted from soft nylon material yet it’s strong enough to handle plenty of weight. Nylon is already strong and once coupled with reinforced stitching, you can expect a very hardwearing and tough gait belt that you and your patient can depend on for safety and support. See this at work in this review.


Medical Gait Belt, Soft Nylon Transfer Belt

  • High-quality nylon
  • 6 hand grips
  • Adjustable quick-release buckle
  • 4-inch high back

For the best care and assistance for physically unstable patients, the Medical Gait Belt is here to help you make such tasks safe and easier to handle. The belt is constructed from high-quality nylon and includes 6 hand grips for better selection of leverage points. Comfortable and a breeze to clean, machine-washable for your convenience. Fastens securely on patient’s waist thanks to its quick-release adjustable buckle.

Gait belts or transfer belts can minimize the effort needed when ambulating patients. Always choose products that work well for safety.