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Best Foot Powders

Every day, we wear our preferred shoes at work. Wearing them constantly though can lead to foot odor, specifically if you are quite lax on proper hygiene for your tootsies. Many are embarrassed with the thought of purchasing foot powders but this is something we should never overlook.

Real talk: at times, our feet may sweat profusely, and to avoid the build-up of bad odors, a foot powder is essential. Thus, stop hiding such issues and prevent it right away with a quality foot powder.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the primary benefits of using foot powder?

    Answer: First and foremost, effective foot powders control and minimize foot smells. Some are even formulated to sooth itchy and irritated skin. Foot powder can also help refresh your tootsies after a long day. If your feet are the sweaty kind, it helps keep them dry. In addition, using foot powder can also help in stopping skin infections.

  2. How do you apply foot powder properly?

    Answer: You can put on foot powder after a bath. See to it that you have removed all dirt and grime between your toes before putting on the powder. Dry your feet well with a clean rag or cloth. Sprinkle the powder bit by bit on your feet. Pay special attention between the toes. To make the powder work better, wear sweat-wicking socks if you are going to wear closed shoes.

  3. Are foot powders recommended for odorless feet?

    Answer: Anybody with odorless feet can use foot powder to prevent the onset of bad odors. While sweat does not really create bad odor, sweat can accumulate in the front part of your foot when we wear socks and shoes. Due to the lack of ventilation, bacteria can grow from there due to the trapped sweat and lead to bad odors. This is one of the primary functions of foot powders—their antiperspirant properties help kill any bacteria which causes such odors.

Our Top Picks


Lumi Outdoors Natural Shoe Deodorizer Spray & Foot Powder Odor Eliminator

  • All natural talc-free formula
  • Eliminates odors and controls moisture
  • Crafted with ingredients that are great for your skin
  • Works all day

Lumi outdoors all natural foot powder uses natural and effective ingredients to eliminate embarrassing foot odors. Applying this foot powder in the morning will give you fresh shoes all day, by protecting against moisture and eliminating odor causing bacteria. The natural ingredients not only eliminate shoe odor but will also help keep your feet healthy and clean. You can buy Lumi Outdoors with confidence as they are a family owned business and made in the USA.


Rocket Pure Natural Foot & Shoe Odor Eliminator Powder

  • Natural and organic ingredients, no harsh chemicals
  • Controls moisture to eliminate odors at the source
  • pH balancing formula
  • Family-Owned and Proudly Made in the U.S.A

Rocket Pure natural foot powder uses only natural and organic ingredients to fight and eliminate bad foot odors. When you use a deodorizer powder you’re not just masking a bad smell, you’re removing and eliminating sweaty, smelly odor at its core. This is because deodorizers are pH balancing to fight odor caused by sweat, and help prevent bad smells completely. What does that mean for you? It means you can finally remove your shoes with 100% confidence because this powder doubles as both a refresher and foot deodorizer for all-day protection. Proudly made in the USA under strict testing and safety regulations.


Gold Bond Medicated Powder 1 Ounce Travel Size (Pack of 3)

  • Sooth and relives itchy, irritated skin
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Deodorizes with medicated formula
  • Triple Action Relief

One of the wonders of the Gold Bond Medicated Powder is the formula’s capability to ease annoying itchiness caused by minor burns and cuts. This is a versatile product that is not only great for foot odor control and prevention, it also works well with moisture absorption and helps cool down your feet after a long, tiring day. The zinc in the formula treats skin irritations while the menthol soothes and controls itching. Feel refreshed and clean without worrying about foot odors by using this product.


Gran’s Remedy Foot Odor Eliminator for Smelly Feet & Footwear Foot Care Powder

  • Antifungal and antibacterial formula
  • Leaves feet and shoes odor-free up to 6 months
  • Cools and refreshes
  • Has zinc oxide and manuka oil

To fight odor and skin conditions, your feet needs to be treated with a product like Gran’s Remedy Foot Odor Eliminator. Sprinkle a bit of the stuff on your feet and footwear for a week and you will see a difference. It can control odor for up to 6 months. Crafted with helpful ingredients for fighting odors like zinc oxide. Refreshes feet thanks to the peppermint, manuka and kawa-kawa oils.


Foot Sense Natural Shoe Deodorizer Powder & Foot Odor Eliminator

  • All-natural formula
  • Includes zinc oxide
  • Gets rid of foot odors and other skin conditions
  • Can be applied as needed

Protect your feet from annoying odors and athlete’s foot for several months by using the Foot Sense Natural Shoe Deodorizer Powder. While it’s works hard against odor prevention, the formula is still gentle on your feet. You can use it on all kinds of footwear and even athletic gear; the formula can also treat jock itch. The zinc oxide helps in protecting the skin against certain conditions like blisters. Treat your feet daily with this powder to stop your feet from reeking.


Arm & Hammer Foot Powder Odor Eliminator and Moisture Absorber For Shoes and Work Boots

  • Formula contains Arm & Hammer baking soda
  • Antiperspirant foot powder
  • Can be put on shoes
  • Has Fresh Guard Technology

Keep your feet fresh and odor-free with regular use of this Arm & Hammer foot powder. The formula contains the brand’s popular baking soda, cornstarch and other ingredients which keeps moisture and bacteria at bay. Constant freshness is also achieved through its sweat-activated Fresh Guard Technology. You can pour this one on your feet or choice footwear for full protection throughout the day.


Lumi Outdoors Natural Foot Powder Deodorizer & Shoe Odor Eliminator

  • Does not contain harsh chemicals
  • Formula features natural ingredients
  • Prevents bad odors
  • Made in the U.S.A

The Lumi Outdoors Natural Foot Powder Deodorizer & Shoe Odor Eliminator only include natural ingredients in its formula to fight bad odors; kaolin clay, bentonite clay, arrowroot powder, sodium bicarbonate, cornstarch, lemongrass oil and zinc oxide work together for feet that’s odor-free and refreshed sans excessive chemicals. The spray form also means better control of powder application. Excellent quality since it follows strict U.S. standards.


Dr. Scholl’s Odor-Fighting Odor-X Foot Powder, 6.25oz (Pack of 3)

  • Kills odors and controls wetness
  • Gives protection all day
  • Has 3X Triple Action System
  • Refreshes feet

Dr. Scholl is known for their foot care products and the brand’s Odor-Fighting Odor-X Foot Powder is one of their bestsellers due to its effective odor-fighting formula. It is made to absorb sweat and destroy bacteria which can cause bad feet odor. You can use it any time of the day, whether you want to wear closed shoes or open-toed sandals and slippers. Prevent the buildup of bacteria with some help from this efficient powder.

Bad foot odor is not something to be proud of. However, buying a foot powder product is not something you should hide either. Give your feet extra care and love by purchasing the right foot powder. The foot powders featured in this guide have their special features; all of them are potent bacteria and odor fighters, some have natural ingredients while some instantly refreshes your feet. Get the one that feels right for your case.

Additional Insights

  1. Is foot powder an effective anti-fungal?

    Certain foot powders are marketed as anti-fungal, if you’re dealing with an athlete’s foot situation and are looking for foot powders to treat it, definitely go with one that has anti-fungal in the name. If it’s bad enough, however, you may be better off skipping the powder and going straight to your doctor to get a prescription for an anti-fungal to apply directly to the problem area.

  2. Can I use baby powder instead of foot powder

    It depends on what you’re using it for. If you’re looking to simply keep your feet dry and smelling nice then yes. However, if you’re looking to mitigate a case of athlete’s foot, definitely opt for one of the foot powders suggested in this article.

  3. Can I treat athletes foot with foot powder?

    Foot powder should be used as more of a preventative for athlete’s foot, however, you can treat a very mild case of athletes foot with foot powder. If you notice it getting worse, get yourself to a doctor so that they can prescribe an anti-fungal for you to get rid of the problem once and for all.