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Best Food Storage Containers For Leftovers

It can’t be helped at times—we have extra produce on hand and some leftovers from lunch and dinner. To prevent overeating while dining out, it’s a great idea to take some leftovers home. This concept of taking home leftovers is already widespread in China, and more people can be seen squirreling away leftovers at restaurant tables across the globe as we become more health conscience and realize that less is more (at least in one sitting) in terms of food.

If we want to keep our food items at their best, we need high-quality food storage containers. Keep your perishables and non-perishables within easy reach (while maintaining freshness), using these reliable storage containers. If you’re looking for food storage bags instead of containers, we have some recommendations that will help you in that area as well.

Buyers Guide

  1. What materials are food storage containers usually made of?

    Answer: Food storage containers are typically made from materials like polyethylene, which is usually BPA-free and microwave-friendly, polycarbonate; praised for its strength and durability, polypropylene; BPA-free and often microwave and freezer-safe, SAN (styrene acrylonitrile); BPA-free and microwave-safe, stainless steel; excellent durability and corrosion resistance and aluminum; used for food storage containers due to its corrosion-resistant qualities.

  2. Are all food storage containers dishwasher-friendly?

    Answer: Food storage containers made from stainless steel material are more often than not, safe in the dishwasher. Just check the product if it’s dishwasher-friendly to guarantee that it’s safe for such cleaning procedures.

  3. What factors do I need to consider when choosing food storage containers?

    Answer: First, you need to assess the type of items you want to store, whether they are dry items, wet food items or leftover food. Size is also a significant factor—round containers take more room for storage compared to containers that have rectangular/square shapes. You also need to factor in how much food items you want to store. The area where you plan on keeping the food containers should be considered too; do you plan on storing it in dry storage or colder ones? The clearance that’s available between your pantry’s shelves might also have a say on the sizes of the containers that you should select. Containers with food storage labels will make organization easier for you.

Our Top Picks


Vallo Large Glass Food Storage Containers with Snap Lock Lids

  • 100% BPA Free Materials
  • Airtight and Leak-proof Lids
  • Nesting Design for Space-saving Storage
  • Dishwasher/Microwave/Freezer Safe

Vallo’s large glass food storage containers with snap-lock lids are ideal for storing bigger portions of leftovers, meal prep, lunches, picnics, and other food storage occasions. The set comes with 2 large Borosilicate glass dishes and 2 matching snap-lock lids, which are airtight and leak-proof. All pieces in the set are 100% BPA free as well as dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe. The glass dish is oven safe up to 750° F.


Mr. Lid Premium Attached Storage Containers

  • Attached Lid
  • BPA Free
  • Made in the USA
  • Microwave Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Freezer Safe
  • Leak Resistant

Mr. Lid Plastic Food Storage Containers with Attached Lids are a must if you want to Ease Your Everyday Living. The 17-Piece Combo Pack contains a variety of sizes and is perfect to get drawers and cabinets organized! Don’t deal with the stress of trying to find that missing lid, grab a Mr. Lid fit for your leftovers and your good to go. The 17 Pack comes with (6) ½ Cup Containers, (2) Sandwich Containers, (3) 1 Cups, (3) 2 Cups, and (3) 4 Cups! Every container is BPA Free, Microwave Safe, Dishwasher Safe, Freezer Safe, Leak Resistant, and Made in the USA! All of these pieces have stacking grooves when closed for easy stacking and also nest inside one another when the lid is opened.


Healthy Packers Plastic Food Storage Containers with Lids

  • Set of 50 lids and 8 oz containers
  • Airtight to maintain freshness
  • 100 % BPA free food grade plastic
  • Reusable, microwavable, freezer and dishwasher safe!

Healthy Packers 8 oz deli containers are made from quality 100% BPA free food grade plastic making them the perfect for leftovers. The 8 oz size makes Healthy Packers deli containers perfect for portioning out leftovers into individual meal sizes (so your leftovers won’t have leftovers). Not planning on using the leftovers this week? You can store these airtight containers in the freezer to save your leftovers for another time. When it comes time to bust the leftovers out of the freezer just remove the cap and place the leftover in the container right in the microwave for a warm delish meal. Healthy Packers deli containers provide a simple, effective, and convenient way to store, heat, and enjoy your leftovers.


GlassLock 14-Piece Oven-Safe Box Set with Lids

  • Has 7 containers
  • Includes lids
  • Oven-friendly storage containers
  • Safe for use in microwaves

The items from the GlassLock 14-Piece Oven-Safe Box Set with Lids are crafted from durable, sturdy material. It already comes with 2 round containers, 3 square container types, 2 rectangular containers plus leak-proof lids. The pieces are also made from material that is completely safe from BPA elements. Other than that, it’s safe to use and keep in the freezer, oven, microwave and the fridge. Cleanups can be done through dishwashers too.


OXO Good Grips 10-Piece Airtight Food Storage POP Container Value Set

  • Has airtight lids
  • Includes built-in handle
  • Push-button open/close system
  • Has rounded corners

The OXO Good Grips 10-Piece Airtight Food Storage POP Container Value Set will keep your food items fresh thru its dependable, easy features. It comes with a push-button system for closing and opening the containers—this allows for a seal that is airtight yet simple to use. All items have modular stacking design for excellent organization too. The pieces are stackable so storage for all items in your pantry will not require lots of space. Great not only for the kitchen but for the garage as well.


Joseph Joseph Nest Plastic Food Storage Containers Set

  • Color-coded food containers
  • Quality space-saving design
  • BPA-free
  • Freezer/microwave/dishwasher-safe

Keep your pantry essentials organized using the Joseph Joseph Nest Plastic Food Storage Containers Set. All items are color-coded for better accessibility. The pieces also come with simple and effective, air-tight snap-together lids coupled with an innovative space-saving design which makes organizing all pieces from the set a simpler task. Can be stored in the freezer and used inside microwaves. Maintenance is easy too—items are dishwasher-friendly. Safe to use on all food items and completely free from BPA elements.


Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids Food Storage Containers

  • Has Easy-Find lids
  • Thick, sturdy container walls
  • Microwave-safe base
  • Dishwasher and freezer-safe

Rubbermaid is known for its quality products and for food storage, they have the Easy Find Lids Food Storage Containers. All items are free from BPA and feature food-safe materials. It has Easy Find lids which allows for better organization—the lids snap on the bases and the lids for faster access. It’s not only for use in the kitchen, you can also use it to store crafts, hobby items and more. Very durable, designed for everyday use.


Pyrex Simply Store Meal Prep Glass Food Storage Containers (6-Piece Set)

  • Includes 3 sizes
  • Round glass containers with lids
  • Premium-quality tempered glass containers
  • Dishwasher/freezer/microwave/oven-safe glass

Pyrex is known for their first-rate glass kitchen items and their Simply Store Meal Prep Glass Food Storage Containers lineup is no exception. The glass containers are crafted from superb tempered glass that is safe to use on microwaves, freezers and ovens. Cleanup is not fussy as other storage options too thanks to its dishwasher-friendly properties, including the lids. The glass will not absorb odors and flavors from the food and it will not get stained easily too. Made in the U.S.A according to the strictest quality standards.


Utopia Kitchen Glass Food Storage Container Set (18 Pieces)

  • Includes 9 containers and 9 lids
  • Four-latch open/close system
  • Leak-proof, airtight polypropylene lids
  • Oven-safe without lids

The Utopia Kitchen Glass Food Storage Container Set will make storing leftovers and other pantry sundries a more organized, hassle-free task for you. It comes with reliable polypropylene lids that are leak-proof and airtight; guaranteed no spills or food wastage. Its snap-lock lids are strong enough that you can travel with these containers and it will not ruin other items stored close to it. A bit heavy, but very sturdy, easy to clean and all microwave and freezer-friendly.

You need to have dependable food storage containers to keep kitchen essentials, but your leftovers are also best kept in quality storage containers. A great deal of these items are safe to use in microwaves and freezers. Some of them are dishwasher-ready as well. We need storage options for the kitchen that are easy to maintain and organize, and all models in this food storage container lineup rates high on those crucial aspects. Choose the one that fits your needs and budget, as always.