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Best Foam Rollers for Exercise and Physical Therapy

There are lots of methods used in the world of fitness to lessen soreness and fatigue following a workout and training regimen. One of these methods is foam rolling. Foam rolling is done on the muscles and although it can feel forceful during the initial try, the discomfort goes away once you undertake the method regularly. The end result of this method are less fatigue and muscle inflammation following workouts or sports activities. Get more awareness of this method plus reliable product options thru this guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a foam roller exactly?

    Answer: Foam rollers give deep tissue massages for the muscles. It is made up of a rod that is wrapped in foam. There are bigger models though that are completely made up of foam. Standard length for foam rollers is 30 cm. and they can be soft or moderately hard based on the type of roller. For beginners, softer foam rollers are more recommended since their muscles haven’t yet adapted to the method. The big ones depend on the body’s movement for great results while smaller ones are usually held and used manually.

  2. Why is foam rolling an effective pain relief method?

    Answer: Foam rolling originated on the myofascial release theory. The fascia is a thin but strong connective tissue which covers the muscles and other parts within the body. Constriction of the fascia leads to stiffness, tension and pain. When one uses a foam roller to massage the fascia, it deals with knots and kinks to distribute more oxygenated blood on target spots. The foam roller also helps in relaxing muscles that have contracted and stretches them efficiently. It facilitates muscle development and also improves flexibility in muscles that have been excessively used. Foam rollers also allow users to do the work themselves—there’s no need for assistance to accomplish the technique. Thus, more and more fitness enthusiasts and athletes have opted for foam rollers to relax muscles and keep pain at bay.

  3. Are foam rollers safe to use?

    Answer: Foam rollers are very safe to use when employed correctly. However, you do have to remember that the initial try will be uncomfortable on your part. This is due to the fact that your muscles are still adapting themselves to the effects of the method. There are certain spots in the body that will be more sensitive as well compared to other parts based on the posture, activities and the lifestyle that you are into. The first time can hurt but not agonizingly so. Just take deep breaths and think positive—focus on the gains you will acquire as soon as you get used to the method.

Our Top Picks


AmazonBasics High-Density Exercise Muscle Recovery Round Foam Roller

  • Measures 24 x 6 x 6 inches
  • Weighs 1.25 lbs.
  • Made from molded polypropylene
  • Lightweight and easy to clean

The AmazonBasics High-Density Exercise Muscle Recovery Round Foam Roller measures 24 inches and it’s made from ultra-dense, polypropylene foam with molded edges. The higher density of the material assures firmness while at the same time, accommodate different body types. You can use the roller to do lots of exercises from balance and core abdominal routines to flexibility improvement, back stabilization, strength training and muscle recovery. You can also reposition the roller to work on certain muscles and move from one exercise to the next.


Rollga Foam Roller

  • Hardest and most dense foam roller
  • Runner’s World Magazine editor’s choice 2018
  • Simulate oxygen rich blood flow and improve muscle mobility and flexibility
  • Contours fit your body to reach and target muscles while avoiding bones and tendons

Many people report a variety of benefits from foam rolling and self-myofascial release with using the Rollga. Generally, the biggest differences that foam rolling can make have to do with restoring movement and flexibility in muscles that were once very stiff or sore while increasing blood flow and recovery time to your body. By targeting certain muscle groups, foam rolling may also help alleviate localized pain or increase pain tolerance. Foam rolling may also help you relax, offering benefits for emotional and mental well-being too.


Vulken VulkRoll Vibrating Foam Roller

  • Longer length compared other foam rollers in the market
  • Stronger Vibration with vibration level of 3800 RPM
  • Includes a special setting, the “Pulse Mode”
  • Made out of eco-friendly and high-quality materials

Made from high-quality and eco-friendly air injected materials, the Vulken VulkRoll Vibrating Foam Roller is one of the most cost-effective vibration massage tools in the market. It gets 4 vibration levels. The upmost one can reach 3800 RPM, strong enough to help you break even the most stubborn fascia and knots in muscles. Another highlight of its vibration is its third vibration level, which is called the “Pulse mode.” Under this mode, the vibration will begin at a low-intensity (1200 RPM), which could gradually get stronger up to 2800 RPM. Given all these reasons, this foam roller has been able to deliver maximum vibration to provide a more comfortable experience to all its users.


Vibe Rollers Hex Pro

  • compact size
  • ergonomic shape
  • unique patterning
  • four vibration modes
  • replicates deep tissue and cross friction massage techniques
  • ideal travel roller

Viberoller can offer relaxing stretches or powerful targeted relief for sore or tight muscles, thanks to its internal vibration motors and signature peanut shape. Hexagonal patterns on the roller offer deep stimulation of even the most precise pain points, and four levels of vibration can dig deeper than non-vibrating rollers can access. Best of all, Viberoller is compact enough to bring with you anywhere you need relief.


Acies Ideal Collapsible Foam Roller

  • Collapses to 5 inches in length!
  • Pressure pads crafted to trigger deep tissue
  • Perfect for travel
  • Robust Frame

Perfect for those who are always on the go, the Acies Ideal Collapsible Foam Roller is more than just a foam roller. It has an amazingly compact design ideal for traveling and storing. When collapsed, its dimensions are 5.2 inches in length and 5.4 inches in width. Once stretched, it could reach up to 13.8 inches long.  

This roller is also so durable that it could effectively withstand high-performance exercises from either novice or advanced athletes and can receive up to 220 lbs of pressure. Using this roller could also benefit the health big time as it could stimulate muscles, increase blood flow, and improve flexibility. 


321 STRONG Foam Roller

  • Measures 12.75 x 5.25 inches
  • Weighs 1 lb.
  • Medium-density roller for beginners
  • U.S. Patent-protected

The lightweight yet durable 321 STRONG Foam Roller is the top choice for beginners who want to include foam rolling in their fitness routines. This is a medium-density roller thus it is comfortable to use but at the same time, it capably goes into the softer tissue layers of fatigued, overstressed muscles. It is also a topnotch recovery equipment for easing muscle pain, improves flexibility and helps boost performance by enhancing your stretching routine. The roller has 3 massage zones which amplify blood circulation to problem spots thus hastening mobility and recovery time.


TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

  • Measures 3.94 x 5.12 x 5.12 inches
  • Weighs 0.4 lb.
  • Patented foam roller design
  • High-quality multi-density exterior

The TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller is equipped with a multi-density exterior situated over a stiff, hollow core for the best results and longer-lasting use. The patented design is supplemented by a reliable, strong built that can tolerate lots of usage while at the same time, retain its functionality and form. This multi-density design also allows the roller to go over the muscles’ various knots and kinks in order to ease, loosen them up and heal them. A purchase also provides free instructional online videos so you can try various related exercises correctly.


LuxFit Foam Roller

  • Measures 12.44 x 6.1 x 6.06 inches
  • Weighs 2 lbs.
  • Molded polypropylene foam technology
  • Durable built

The LuxFit Foam Roller not only features an eye-catching speckled design, it’s also given an excellent, durable built that withstands plenty of use. This piece will not lose its form nor integrity over time. The molded polypropylene foam technology offers a smooth surface to work on plus its sufficient rigidity will also help assuage muscle pain and stiffness, facilitate spinal stabilization, boost coordination and strengthen muscles with regular use. Also available in 4 sizes to match your needs.

The Original Body Roller

  • Measures 12.5 x 5.25 x 5.25 inches
  • Has 3D textured surface
  • Provides triple massage zones
  • Extra-firm and durable

The Original Body Roller has a patented design which offers a texture surface for massaging tired, stressed muscles and ease knots and kinks. It gives the same results one can get from professional massages. Other than relieving pain after tough workouts or accelerating recovery time, using this foam roller also improves balance and spinal stabilization. This makes for an excellent gift for friends who do sports or have a fondness for fitness routines.

Day 1 Fitness High Density Muscle Foam Rollers

  • Measures 36 x 6 inches
  • Great for myofascial release
  • Multifunctional use
  • Made from high-quality EPP foam

The Day 1 Fitness High Density Muscle Foam Rollers is a multifunctional roller that aims to accomplish several purposes to keep your body fit, stronger and keep those muscle pains away. the roller is composed of first-rate high-density EPP foam that retains its shape and form even with loads of use. It can accommodate up to 300 lbs. and it’s meant to tackle myofascial release for pain relief and reduce stiffness plus inflexibility. It’s also a good assisting tool to stabilize your core and boost the area’s range of motion.

Foam rolling has its advantages and because of its convenience, many have included this method in their fitness routines. You do have to get the best roller in order to attain excellent results. Check out our section dedicated to exercise product reviews if you’re looking for more ways to up your sweat game. Use your foam roller and other exercise gear regularly and you will definitely see an improvement.