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Best Fly Traps

Flies are a huge bother. These insects carry germs which lead to serious diseases. If you live in a fly-infested area, it’s time that you consider a good fly trap to remove those pests. Read our essential guide on fly traps and know more about products that you may be the perfect solution for your fly problem.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the different kinds of fly traps being sold now?

    Answer: There are 3 common fly traps available and they are the following:

    • Outdoor container – The outdoor container contains fly bait and is suspended by means of a support rope. Ideal for gardens, patios and the front yard.

    • Unscented fly trap – Used mainly indoors, this trap does not make use of smelly fly bait. One example of this is the sticky fly tape/paper.

    • Illuminated UV fly-zapping device – This specific device releases blue lights which attracts flies and makes use of electricity to kill flies upon contact.

  2. Why are commercial fly traps more effective than homemade ones?

    Answer: Commercial fly traps are usually given more advanced designs and structures which have been tested to kill flies effectively. Convenience and user-friendly features are also something you will typically find in most commercial fly traps.

  3. Is the Venus Fly Trap plant effective when it comes to ridding flies?

    Answer: Venus fly traps are biologically designed to get sustenance from insect/animal meat. It’s an eco-friendly way to get rid of these pesky flying pests. Venus fly traps are also efficient however like any other plant, it requires particular care in order to live longer. If you want something more convenient and easier to handle, opt for commercial fly traps.

  4. What factors should I consider when buying fly traps?

    Answer: Firstly, you need to decide if the item is for outdoor or indoor use. You also need to consider the length of time you plan on using the trap, a product that is convenient to use, the kind of flies you want to dispose of, and safety considerations. For the latter, if you have pets and children around, it is unwise to choose a trap that has poison or live electricity on it, dangling or placed on areas where pets and children can easily reach them.

Our Top Picks


RESCUE FTD2 Disposable Fly Trap, 2-Pack

  • Includes powder attractant
  • Attractant dissolves with water
  • Mess-free trap design
  • Catches flies and related insects

Do you want to get rid of the flies lurking at your home but not impressed with possibly toxic choices in the market? Check out the RESCUE FTD2 Disposable Fly Trap. The trap includes a powder attractant which flies are drawn to and cannot resist. This attractant is made up of safe, food and feed elements and gets activated once water is added, thereby beginning its purpose. See this trap at work in this review.


Victor M380 Fly Magnet Reusable Trap with Bait

  • Includes non-toxic bait
  • Has diamond-shaped lid to draw and trap flies
  • Safe around kids, pets and your surroundings
  • Reusable product

Safer Brand’s Victor M380 Fly Magnet Reusable Trap with Bait is a non-toxic fly trap that is eco-friendly, safe around kids and your pets. This trap has effective bait that is comprised of harmless items that attract flies. The diamond-shaped lid works with the bait to lure flies and trap them. Another good thing about this trap is that it can be reused and its efficacy will not be reduced with each use. Check this one out for more information in this video.


Catchmaster 904 Bug & Fly Clear Window Fly Traps – 3 Packs of 4 Traps

  • Paper-style fly trap
  • Reusable product
  • Kills targeted insects effectively
  • Non-toxic

If you are after safe, non-toxic fly trap options, you should check out the Catchmaster 904 Bug and Fly Clear Window Fly Traps. The traps have a paper design which are reusable too, allowing you to save on money. They are perfect for hanging out in windows and other openings of the house where flies tend to come in. No need to zap bugs or make use of smelly bait, these paper-style traps are convenient and will not make a mess. Get more info in this review.


BEAPCO Fruit Fly Traps, Non Toxic Indoor Live Catcher/Killer, 6-Pack

  • Non-toxic fly trap
  • Individual trap lasts up to 30 days
  • Clear traps so you can see the progress
  • No-mess usage

The BEAPCO Fruit Fly Trap has non-toxic properties which makes it a good product for residential, office, warehouse and commercial use. It won’t require complicated procedures to work. You only need to fill up a one-way open cup with the bait solution and the flies will be drawn inside. The flies inside will expire within a few days. The traps are also clear which means you can definitely see the progress. See how this works on this review.


DynaTrap DT3009W Flylight Indoor Insect Trap AtraktaGlo Light, StickyTech, White

  • Plug-in style fly trap
  • UV light AtraktaGlo technology
  • Non-toxic StickyTech glue card
  • Provides up to 600 sq. ft. coverage

The DynaTrap Flylight Indoor Insect Trap is actually one of the most good-looking fly traps around. It can actually double as a home décor of some sort. It has an appealing UV light feature in the form of the AtraktaGlo, which once lit up will pull in flies to their deaths. It also comes with safe StickyTech glue cards to effectively trap flies. Can cover up to 600 square feet. Glue cards require replacements after 30-60 days. Get more insight in this video review.

Choosing a good, working non-toxic fly trap for your fly-infested surroundings will make it a better place to live in. Look for the best products in our list.