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Best First Aid Kits

Every home should have one. Offices must have them too for the benefit of their employees. Camping, hiking and other outdoor activities can readily benefit from this helpful equipment. Safety is key in protecting everybody’s welfare; thus, everyone should always have a first aid kit on hand.

Emergencies can happen every now and then, at unexpected locations and places. Preparation is key in assuring everyone’s safety and the presence of a first aid kit makes a difference. Know more about first aid kits through this handy guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. What items does a first aid kit contain?

    Answer: The first aid kit in general usually include staple articles like gloves, bandages, scissors and antiseptic. It can also be customized to accommodate whatever item you want included. Not all first aid kits are the same though—first aid kits meant to be used at home are different from that of firefighters or people involved in sports.

  2. Where should first aid kits be kept?

    Answer: The first aid kit must be kept in a location that can be accessed easily during emergencies. First aid kits should be made available in office sites, construction gear, your bag/backpack/briefcase, the garage or shop, recreational vehicles, trucks or boats. In the kitchen, the first aid kit can be placed in a cabinet drawer that is easily accessed, beneath the sink or on top of the kitchen counter. In the car, you can place it in the front seat by the passenger’s side.

  3. Do first aid kits come with an expiration date?

    Answer: Lots of items contained inside the first aid kit do have their corresponding expiration dates, therefore requiring replacements to maintain a functional kit. First aid kits being sold in the market today typically put expiration dates on the articles inside the kit. Always check your first aid kit and change the items as required.

Our Top Picks


M2 BASICS 300 Piece (40 Unique Items)

  • 300-piece kit with 40 unique items
  • All items packed inside lightweight case
  • Very durable, zippered carry case
  • Versatile first aid kit product

First aid kits like the M2 BASICS 300 Piece model is a must for every home and office. It houses lots of items to accommodate a good variety of emergencies. From adhesive bandage strips, eye pads, sterile gauze rolls and sponges, tongue depressors and several unique items, it includes necessities meant to assist different first aid procedures. All items are protected as well, kept securely inside a sturdy, zippered travel case. Perfect not only for the home but offices, athletics, vehicles and the military as well.


Swiss Safe 2-in-1 First Aid Kit

  • High-quality 2-in-1 emergency kit
  • Includes 120 medical-grade items
  • Systematized internal compartments
  • Durable, high-density kit

The Swiss Safe 2-in-1 First Aid Kit; advantageous with the presence of a second emergency kit—a smaller one that comes with an extra 32 medical-grade articles. This Swiss-made product has superb quality and comes completely stocked with crucial first aid items that are great for traveling, the home and the outdoors. The kit weighs 1.2 lbs. and measures 9 inches wide—it fits well under the sink, your workplace desk, bag or backpack or your ride’s glove compartment. Very portable, lightweight and easy to travel with.


Protect Life First Aid Kit-200 Piece

  • Customized first aid kit
  • High-quality, travel-friendly hardcase
  • Made in FDA-registered facility
  • Great for the home, travels, outdoors activities

The Protect Life First Aid Kit-200 Piece has a sufficient size that fits well into your car’s glove compartment, a backpack, bag or office desk. It is customized to further allow for faster first aid procedures—items included are ones used for all types of emergencies. To protect all essentials, the first aid kit items are contained within a lightweight yet sturdy carrying case. The organized compartments inside also mean fuss-free access.


Surviveware Small First Aid Kit

  • Includes 100 essential emergency supplies
  • Durable 600D polyester kit
  • High-quality ripstop material
  • Water-resistant bag

The Surviveware Small First Aid Kit has emergency items that you need for different procedures. For longer use, the bag is crafted from top-quality 600D polyester, ripstop material. To make organization of items even better, all inner sleeves are prepared by category so users can easily get the needed item with less fuss. Users are also encouraged to include their own first aid essentials—the bag comes with additional room for extra items. This kit is FSA and HAS-certified too for great measure.


DeftGet First Aid Kit

  • Includes 220 medical-grade items
  • Versatile emergency kit
  • All items housed inside lightweight, sturdy bag
  • Excellent shelf life

The DeftGet First Aid Kit includes a great stock of crucial first aid kit articles with superb shelf life. Whether you need safety pins or a quality flashlight, you will find these items in this handy first aid kit model. All articles are protected and guaranteed safe inside a durable, portable and travel-friendly bag. This kit is your safety partner during travels, outdoor activities, sports activities and is also an advantage in every home. Essentials covered are items like adhesive tape, antiseptic wipes, scissors and a nice variety of bandages.


Be Smart Get Prepared 10HBC01082 100-Piece First Aid Kit

  • Includes 100 first aid items
  • FDA-registered
  • OSHA/ANSI/ISEA-compliant
  • Made by U.S. manufacturer

The Be Smart Get Prepared 10HBC01082 100-Piece First Aid Kit contains articles that will take care of different emergency procedures. Whether it’s a cold compress you want to deal with or treat open wounds, this first aid kit has the items one needs. The kit includes a hundred first aid essentials all stored in a compact and organized carry bag. Recommended for families, offices or as a travel emergency preparedness kit. Another advantage of this product is that it is certified by the FDA and observes strict OSHA, ANSI and ISEA guidelines.

First aid kits should be made available not only at home, but your workplace, your car or practically anyplace you go. First aid procedures can help in mitigating accidents before it gets worse. Emergency preparedness not only saves lives, it will also help you create a calm and steady environment.