Best Finger Splint

Finger Splints keep your fingers in place from moving, specifically when you are experiencing finger injuries. When healing broken or bruised fingers, settling it with a splint will keep it immobilized and make sure it heals properly. Some common types of finger splints are buddy, static, stack and dynamic splints – all with different functions depending on the injury they are made to treat.

Available splints vary between wide arrays of models to choose from. To find the best splint for your broken finger, you may consider check out our handy buyer’s guide below, and choose from one of the top five finger splints in the market based on our extensive research.


Oval-8 Finger Splints Sizing Set

  • Broad Band Sizes
  • Easy-to-Open Ring
  • Open-air Design
  • Waterproof Splint

A clear-cut fit results in an effective treatment outcome. Oval-8 claimed the top spot for the best finger splint since it is the ideal choice you can have when you need to treat your broken or bruised fingers. Its design is versatile enough to stabilize 6 or more conditions on your finger. It has innovative features that suits your convenience, keep your finger skin clean and dry and you can even wore it when washing, showering or swimming. It is 100% latex-free, chemically safe for your health. Find out more about this product by watching this customer’s review on the Oval-8 Finger Splint.


Tynor Universal Mallet Finger Splint

  • Malleable
  • Enhanced Compact Design
  • Durable, Rigid Immobilization
  • Comfortable Cushioning

Tynor’s finger splint is comfortable and allows free movement of the PIP joint. It’s enhanced compact design provides an extension to the finger and grants healing on the torn tendon. Its comfortable cushioning does not cause skin irritation.


Vive Trigger Finger Splint

  • Fully Adjustable
  • Effective Trigger Relief
  • Integrated Aluminium Support
  • Lightweight Comfort Blend

Vive’s full finger trigger splint is effective and accommodating. It has its own unique design so you can wear it on any finger size. It is built-in with strong fastener finger strap, a lower finger strap and a removable wrist strap which makes it fully adjustable. Designed innovatively, this finger splint truly provides effective trigger finger relief. Check out Vive’s demonstration video if you’re interested in learning more about how this finger splint works.


The Knuckle Orthosis by Hely Weber

  • Nylon Outer Shell
  • Adjustable Strap
  • Distal Buddy Strapping
  • Reversible

The reason this Hely and Weber TKO finger splint stands out among other models is that you can allow a pretty good range of motion on your fingers with its adjustable strap, and its nylon outer shell provides comfort and breathability. It’s reversible feature functions as a radial gutter splint. Watch how to position this type of splint and visit this link.


BraceAbility Buddy Tape Finger Splint Wraps

  • Soft, Breathable Foam
  • Washable and Reusable
  • Convenient Buddy Taping Alternative
  • One Size, Fits All

This type of finger splint is perfect on either left or right hand. BraceAbility provides you with a splint to protect and treat all your finger injuries. It has a non-slip hex material that works well to grip on your skin, preventing it to slip during wear. It is both washable and reusable which makes it more convenient to use. It has a unique design that holds both of your fingers, allowing the healthy one to act as a splint to hold the injured one, thus providing a natural placing for healing. Watch how to place this splint on your finger and visit this link.

All the finger splints can support your fingers and give aid during the healing process. But, be mindful that not all splints are the ideal choice for your finger injuries. The best splint for your broken fingers shall not limit your everyday routine and shall not add inconvenience to your daily living. If you’re still in doubt, it is best to consult with your doctor.