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Best File Cabinets

Effective organization at home or in the workplace requires a filing system for storing important documents in an efficient manner. Folder and files without a proper storage container only end up in clutter on desks, so if you have piles of paper that need to stowed away, what you need is a filing cabinet. It comes in many sizes so you can have many options as to where to place it. There are those designed for corners, and there are those designed to fit under work desks.

When it comes to choosing a file cabinet, you must know what type you need for your space. You have lateral, vertical mobile, flat, and side tab file cabinets, each accommodating different-sized paperwork. We made the search easy for you by looking for the best file cabinets on the market. See which one suits your need and preference by reading about their special features.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a file cabinet?

    Answer: A filing cabinet is a piece of furniture usually used to store paper documents in folders.

  2. Are file cabinets obsolete?

    Answer: With the invention of digital storage, one would think file cabinets have become obsolete. However, many homes, schools, and offices still use file cabinets for backup.

  3. Who invented the filing cabinet?

    Answer: American inventor Henry Brown is said to have invented the horizontal filing cabinet in 1886, whereas Edwin G. Seibels invented the vertical filing cabinet in 1898.

Our Top Picks


Dprodo Mobile File Cabinet

  • With lock
  • 3 drawers
  • Fully assembled
  • Heavy-duty steel

Store your important paperwork in this file cabinet. It is equipped with 2 standard drawers with interior compartments for iPads, notebooks, pens, and magazines, as well as 1 deep drawer for storing legal, A4, and letter size documents. One lock secures all 3 drawers so you can quickly access your items when you need them. This mobile cabinet is designed with 5 wheels, 2 lockable casters, 2 non-locking casters, and 1 anti-tipping caster, so it smoothly moves anywhere without tipping forward. It has a powder-coated steel construction with a steel interior for durability, and round corners to prevent damages.


Flash Furniture Ergonomic Mobile Filing Cabinet

  • With anti-tilt mechanism
  • 3 drawers
  • Replaceable lock
  • No tipping

Have a secure place to store your documents with this file cabinet. It has 2 utility drawers for holding office supplies, snacks, vitamins, and writing instruments, as well as a hanging drawer that holds A4, letter, legal, and F4 hanging folders. It has a pencil tray for keeping your small supplies neatly stored and that can be used in either of the 2 utility drawers. The cabinet includes 2 keys so you can have a duplicate, and its key lock is replaceable if needed. It has interlocking drawers to prevent tipping and comes fully assembled and ready to use. 


Yoleo Filing Cabinet

  • 3 drawers
  • Anti-tilt design
  • Lockable system
  • Durable and sturdy

Don’t lose important documents by keeping them in this metal filing cabinet. It is equipped with 3 utility drawers and an adjustable drawer with dividers to keep your folders in order. It boasts of a powder-coated steel construction with a steel interior for durability and a lockable design to ensure the safety of your belongings. The cabinet has an anti-tilt mechanism that allows only 1 drawer to open at the a time to prevent the unit from tipping forward. It has 1 lock that secures all drawers and 4 gray casters that prevent accidental rolling.


Devaise Slim Locking File Cabinet

  • 3 drawers
  • Fully assembled
  • Lockable
  • Easy to move

Reinvent your workspace with this slim file cabinet. Made of steel, it has a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds. Measuring 11.8 inches wide, 19.7 inches deep, and 22.8 inches high, it is just the right size for fitting under most desks. The cabinet has an interlock system that secures all drawers, as well as a set of 5 casters, one of which prevents it from tipping. It features 2 stationery drawers with 1 removable pencil tray for storing small items, as well as 1 hanging drawer with a removable hanging bar for accommodating letter, legal, and A4 size file folders.


Merax File Cabinet

  • 2 drawers
  • Metal
  • With lock and key
  • 5 rolling casters

Keep your important documents in order in this file cabinet. It is equipped with 2 utility drawers for storing small items and a hanging drawer for placing A4 and letter size folders. The drawers open smoothly and completely, allowing you to easily access the contents quickly when you need them. The cabinet features a 360-degree swivel caster that makes it easy for you to move the unit anywhere. There are 2 front casters that come with a brake function, as well as 1 auxiliary wheel that prevents the cabinet from tipping.


Pataku Mobile File Cabinet

  • With lock
  • 5 wheels
  • Arc edges
  • 3 drawers

Organize your paperwork in this mobile file cabinet. It is equipped with 3 utility drawers for keeping your stuff in order and a hanging drawer that stores A4, F4, letter, and legal size documents. It is designed with 5 interior compartments for small items plus 1 lock that secures all 3 drawers. The cabinet has an anti-tilt mechanism that allows only 1 drawer to open at a time to prevent it from tipping forward. It has 4 gray casters that prevent accidental rolling.

Paper is here to stay, so any home, office, or school can benefit from a filing cabinet of any size to organize important paperwork. Only you know how much document storage you need, so even a small one can be enough to provide space for your valuable files.