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Best Face Shields

The COVID-19 pandemic surely has brought about a lot of changes to how we live our daily lives. We’re now more cautious about talking to strangers in the streets and even going out altogether. Most of us have chosen to wear protective gears due to the fact that they’re proven to cut viral transmission in half. Face masks, quarantines, carrying hand sanitizers, and social distancing have become the norm.

While there’s some evidence the new coronavirus can be contracted by touching a surface on which the virus is active, it appears that it’s quite rare for infection to happen that way. Researchers determined that the virus is primarily transmitted from one individual to another via tiny droplets projected into the air.

Usually, this occurs when an infected person coughs or sneezes, although being in close proximity while talking or singing can potentially spread COVID-19 as well. As such, the Center for Disease Control recommends wearing face masks and shields to help curtail the spread of the disease. To help you get better prepared and safe from the virus, we’ve prepared a list of the best face shields you can buy to get an additional layer of defense against COVID-19. We’ve also put together a list of recommendations for disposable face masks as well, if you’re looking to wear both a mask and a face shield for extra protection

Buyers Guide

  1. Are face shields better than face masks?

    Answer: Since face masks are typically made of cloth, they’re somewhat permeable. Because of this, it’s possible for smaller droplets to pass through the mask and potentially infect others. A plastic face shield greatly reduces the chances of that happening. It’s good to take note, however, that face shields only serve as a secondary armor for your face against the virus. Wearing masks should be top priority.

  2. Who should wear face shields?

    Answer: Face shields may not be necessary for the general public, but some experts feel they can still benefit essential workers operating in fields outside of healthcare. For instance, bus drivers, grocery store clerks, and convenience store workers all have the potential to interact with infected individuals on a daily basis.

  3. How should I choose a face shield?

    Answer: If you’re searching for a face shield to add to your own collection of PPE, there are a number of options available for purchase online. Most of the face shields are quite affordable and offer a similar set of features, although there are a few models that stand out. Shields generally come in two varieties: those that resemble a welder’s mask and versions that come with a plastic eye shield attached to the top of a surgical mask. Both types achieve the same goal of providing the wearer with eye protection, which is ultimately the biggest benefit that comes from wearing a shield.

Our Top Picks


TookMag Full Sun Cover

  • Double-sided anti fog feature which assures clear vision
  • High protective level
  • Removable film
  • Adjustable size

This face shield effectively prevents droplets transmission while being lightweight and comfortable. It’s waterproof, dustproof, and made of high quality material which is versatile for a variety of uses in both industrial and home settings. It’s also very convenient as it can be folded and stored when not in use.


CYB Detachable Full Face Hat

  • 100% cotton
  • Multiple protection
  • Perfect fit for everyone
  • Comfortable to wear

Give yourself another layer of protection with this fashionable hat. This baseball cap is dust-proof, windproof, UV-proof and can keep you protected from dust that may cause harm. This high quality and fashionable hat is the perfect gift for a birthday, summer, or holiday present. It also offers great additional protection against COVID-19.


Sunzel Face Shields in Pack of 10

  • High quality materials
  • Reusable
  • Transparent and lightweight
  • Offers 180-degree protection

If you’re stocking up for the family or just feel safer with a stash on hand for any crowd-heavy situation you might find yourself in, you can go ahead and grab this easy 10-pack face shield by Sunzel. It’s made of polymer material, consists of a protective cover, foam strip, and fixing device, which all combine to provide excellent protection against unwanted droplets. The sponge in front of the head is also designed to reduce friction and make sure you’re always comfortable.


MADA 10-Pack Reusable Face Shield

  • Adjustable head mount
  • Covers from forehead to chin
  • Can be cleaned with non-abrasive cleaners
  • Comfortable and made from recycled parts

This Mada Face Shield is a good choice for those who might have concerns about the long-term durability of their face shield. Made in the US, this model uses thicker plastics and comes with an adjustable headband designed to comfortably accommodate a wide variety of head sizes, while cradling the shield against the forehead. The durable, clear, and easy-to-clean plastic shield provides ample coverage from both top to bottom and side to side. Because it is made from PETG (polyethylene terephthalate glycol) plastic, it is much harder to break than ordinary plastic.


US Stock 2nd Gen. Face Shield

  • Adjustable
  • Lightweight
  • Features anti-fog and anti-glare
  • Reusable after disinfection

This face shield provides protection for the entire face, but has a unique design that makes it easier to breathe for those who might get a little claustrophobic. It also comes with a one-size-fits-all headband that is snug, comfortable to wear, and can be reused after a thorough cleaning. The design is slightly different in that it’s attached to the headband by a pair of rotating fasteners. That way, the wearer can safely rotate the plastic covering up and out of the way when it isn’t needed and they don’t have to take the shield off whenever they want to grab a bite to eat or take a drink of water. Best of all, the plastic sheet stays locked in the upright position until the wearer is ready to pull it back down in front of their face.

As with all of the COVID protocols, the research is ongoing—but there’s no current evidence to prove that a face shield is as safe as a face mask. So if it prevents you from touching your face, or you feel better knowing there’s another layer of protection, go for it. Just remember that your mask is the cake and the shield is icing on top.