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The Best Epsom Salts to help Ease Muscle Pain and Soreness

Self-care does not only include changing your mindset and pursuing recreational activities that we truly enjoy. It also refers to simple things that helps us relax and unwind. When we think of unwinding, we usually imagine running a warm, soothing bath. There are lots of wonderful bath salts and bombs in the market today which makes baths enjoyable and relaxing, but the benefits of Epsom salts are vast. Lots of individuals still choose Epsom salts over those trendy bath bombs, and for a lot of reasons. Find out more why Epsom salts are hoarded by smart, health-conscious consumers by reading our handy guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are Epsom salts exactly?

    Answer: Epsom salts are not really the same as those things we sprinkle on food to add flavor. It is merely referred to as a salt due to its chemical structure. The Epsom part though comes from an area in England where it thrives abundantly. They are available in lots of drugstores, supermarkets and natural food stores. They are also more affordable compared to those fancier bath salts or crystals. Epsom salts are also more natural since it does not contain dyes, oils and fragrances.

  2. What are the advantages of Epsom salts?

    Answer: Epsom salts, first and foremost, help provide relief against stress. It helps calm the body down—whenever we get stressed out, this condition removes magnesium and instead, boosts adrenaline levels. Soaking in an Epsom salt bath helps replace the magnesium which were lost whenever we’re stressed out. Magnesium boosts serotonin levels which is a brain chemical that produces feelings of relaxation and ease. Epsom salts also help relieve pain and soreness so it’s always used as a remedy for stiff muscles, muscle pain, headaches and even bronchial asthma. Epsom salts also guarantee appropriate functioning of nerves, enzymes and muscles plus it also helps in improving blood circulation and general heart health. It eases constipation too once taken internally. Epsom salts also contain sulfates which remove heavy metals and toxins from the body—our skin is significantly permeable and whenever it absorbs the right minerals, it facilitates reverse osmosis, a process that takes away salt off of our bodies along with dangerous toxins.

  3. Do Epsom salts have other uses?

    Answer: You can use Epsom salts to clean bathroom tiles—make a solution of dishwashing liquid and Epsom salt and use the solution as a cleaning agent on bathroom tiles. To stop slugs from ruining your plants, you can sprinkle Epsom salt close to entry points to deter them. You can also nourish plants using Epsom salts—scatter a few of these salts on your flowering plants, vegetables and houseplants so they can get their adequate supply of sulfur and magnesium. Epsom salts can also supply important nutrients on your plants which can help in stopping the loss of healthy green hues and yellowing of foliage. Mix 2 tbsps. of Epsom salt into a gallon of water then spray it with the solution to keep your plants green and healthy-looking.

Our Top Picks


Bella and Bear Epsom Salts with Eucalyptus

  • Detoxer
  • Soother and relaxer
  • Wards off colds and flu
  • Filled with the natural goodness of Australian Eucalyptus

Bella and Bar’s Eucalyptus Bath Salts are the perfect way to end a hard day. Relax and enjoy the healing powers of our Soak Away Salts. It is use to pamper yourself while you soak in the heavenly scent of the Australian Outback. Soak Away is all natural and great for sore muscles, tight skin, it will hydrate and exfoliate and provide a wonderful bath time experience. Use whenever you feel the desire to relax and unwind in a natural heavenly scented hot water soak.


Better Bath Better Body’s Muscle Soak

  • Soothes tired muscles
  • Helps you beat stress
  • Natural ingredients sourced from their origin worldwide
  • Premium quality
  • USP-grade Epsom salt

Better Bath Better Body’s Muscle Soak is formulated for men and women who always perform physical activities that strain their muscles. Still, Muscle Soak is good for everyone. We highly recommend soaking in Muscle Soak if you’ve had a particularly exhausting day. A good warm bath will melt your worries away. The Muscle Soak Epsom salt blend contains 100% pure eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils for natural aromatherapy and relief. Ingredients: Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate), Fractionated MCT Coconut Oil (Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride), Eucalyptus Essential Oil (Eucalyptus globulus), Peppermint Essential Oil (Mentha piperita), Vitamin C Crystals (Ascorbic Acid) and Vitamin E Oil (D-alpha Tocopherol)


Epsoak Epsom Salt

  • Premium-quality magnesium sulfate
  • Unscented product
  • Dissolves quickly
  • Improves skin and eases muscles

The Epsoak Epsom Salt comes with premium-quality, USP-grade, fragrance-free magnesium sulfate. It melts on warm water easily for instant muscle pain relief, for relaxation and for improving skin quality. Since this one does not contain any additives, dyes or fragrances, it is also ideal to use on plants in case you want to retain your flowering plants or vegetable’s healthy green color. Natural magnesium sulfates are also great for nourishing plants and helps keep slugs away from your garden. Its foremost benefit though is muscle pain remedy—a warm soak helps ease muscle stiffness and tension plus it allows you to absolutely unwind after a tiring day. Used regularly, Epsom salts will also remove toxins and heavy metals which can impede normal cell functions. Purchase this product in bulk and you get to save money on the item too.


Tree Hut Shea Moisturizing Epsom Salt

  • Comes with 100% natural shea butter
  • Has coconut and lime extracts
  • Free from parabens
  • Made in the U.S.A

The Tree Hut Shea Moisturizing Epsom Salt has a formula made to improve the skin’s moisture levels. Apart from the benefits of magnesium sulfates, this one also contains moisturizing 100 percent natural shea butter, coconut extracts and lime extracts. These ingredients help in hydrating the skin, giving them a smooth and healthier glow. It does not contain any parabens too, just the good stuff. If you are after relaxing and improving your skin, this Epsom salt variant is recommended. This magnesium sulfate product also smells heavenly thanks to the coconut and lime extracts. Have a warm, deep soak using this product regularly and you will definitely see an improvement.


SaltWorks Ultra Epsom Salt

  • Has USP-grade magnesium sulfate
  • Kosher-certified
  • GMO, cruelty and allergen-free
  • Dissolves quickly

The SaltWorks Ultra Epsom Salt contains only USP-grade magnesium sulfate that melts fast once sprinkled in warm water. This is a multi-purpose Epsom salt product meaning it’s not only used for warm, comforting baths, it can also be used as a cleaning agent for bathroom tiles and as nourishment for your plants. Of course, this one is great for easing muscle and joint pains too. If you have constipation, you can ask your doctor about using this—Epsom salts are also known for their capabilities to relieve constipation. For treating bug bites, bruises and swelling, just make a mix of 4 cups warm water and 2 cups Epsom salt to produce a relaxing compress. Be it a bathing aid, a garden supplement or for pain relief, this product will deliver its job effectively.


Dr Teal’s Epsom Salt Bath Soaking Solution

  • Contains USP-grade pure magnesium sulfate
  • Soothes tired, sore muscles
  • Dissolves quickly
  • Comes in resealable bag

Dr Teal’s Epsom Salt Bath Soaking Solution is a good product for those doing regular workouts and participate in sports activities—a soak in the bath using this magnesium sulfate product mitigates bodily aches and pains caused by overusing the muscles. Dispense two cups of Epsom salts in a warm bath and just soak in the water for a good 20 minutes—your muscles will thank you and your mind will also be grateful for that relaxing moment. Apart from treating muscle pain, this product also helps you recharge thanks to the inclusion of natural essential oils in the magnesium sulfate mix. It treats stings, bug bites, swelling, and tired feet, proving Epsom salts are a nice multifunctional product to have on hand at home.


FineVine Organics Calming Lavender Foot Soak with Epsom Salt

  • Hydrating foot soak
  • Includes Epson salts
  • Has relaxing lavender oil
  • 100% natural formula

For those who need a foot soak with Epsom salts, this foot soak with Epsom salts from FineVine Organics will do the trick. The antibacterial formula contains the soothing powers of both Epsom salts and lavender oil to ease and loosen tired, achy feet. Apart from lavender oils and magnesium sulfate, the formula also includes more hydrating ingredients like jojoba oil and aloe vera. Its antibacterial properties are taken care of by the cleansing tea tree oil—this substance helps rid the feet of bacteria and fungus with just a single soak. It’s very easy to use—just dissolve the foot soak salts in warm water and immerse your feet in it for a half hour or up to 60 minutes.


Solimo Epsom Salt Soak

  • High-quality magnesium sulfate U.S.P
  • Excellent relaxing bath aid
  • Eases constipation
  • Budget-friendly price

The Solimo Epsom Salt Soak contains high-quality magnesium sulfate U.S.P and it makes for a nice bath soak. Taken with advice from a medical professional, it also helps relieve constipation—to use the product correctly, make sure to read instructions for constipation remedy first. It comes in a sizable 8 lb. bag which makes it an excellent-value product—you and your family will have enough supply of the stuff for loads of relaxing baths. The use of Epsom salts is not limited to bath use too—you can actually use magnesium sulfate to make an effective tile cleaner. The product does contain lavender essential oil thus its relaxing effects is made more formidable than ever. In addition, you can use the sulfate to treat pain—just mix a smidgen of this product with a shower gel or cream and apply it straight on affected body parts.

Treat your body right—you only have one body and it deserves proper care and attention. You can check out our health product reviews if you’re looking for more products to help you feel like your best self. Your body does not only require appropriate nourishment, good hygiene and better sleep, it also needs to unwind every now and then to recharge and revitalize, keep you going for tasks each and every day. A warm bath is always an excellent idea since it helps you relax and at the same time, improve a lot of factors too. Specifically, a warm bath using Epsom salts—Epsom salts have been used in warm baths for centuries thanks to its soothing powers. Aside from its relaxing benefits, it is also used to treat muscle pain, improve skin quality, ease constipation and even treat swelling, bug bites and other related conditions.