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Best Emergency Candles to Keep Your Family Prepared

Emergencies and survival preparedness for natural disasters and blackouts often call for essential handy lighting options. We should have different varieties of lighting options to guarantee that we will always have a viable alternative when specific lighting items run out.

As well as ensuring you and your family are well covered by keeping certain items around in case of an emergency, you might run out of batteries for flashlights and supplies due to limited supply or an inability to leave your home. An emergency candle is a great alternative for such situations when you don’t have a flashlight you’re able to use.

Buyers Guide

  1. Why buy emergency candles?

    Answer: Candles are affordable and we can buy them in bulk. Apart from giving light, they also generate heat, which also makes them good heating options. You can supplement your flashlights and gas lanterns with quality emergency candles.

  2. How many emergency candles should I purchase?

    Answer: The number of candles one must purchase will depend on the situation. For instance, if you want to prepare for an extended power outage, then you need several boxes of emergency candles. For prolonged power interruptions, you should estimate the number of candles you will use for around 4 to 5 hours every day. You also need to consider the size of your home—if you live in a bigger home, you will need more than one candle to acquire good illumination.

  3. What makes a reliable emergency candle?

    Answer: Excellent emergency candles are capable of providing light for 5 to six hours max. Ones that only last for an hour are not practical and a waste of money. Great candle options are also drip-free and will not release any smoke. Candles made from high-quality wax will not also release hazardous toxins or emit strong smells.

Our Top Picks


Stonebriar 6-7 Hour Long Burning Unscented Tea Light Candles, 200 Pack, White

  • Unscented candles
  • Includes 200 pieces
  • Lead-free with 100 percent cotton wicks
  • 6-7 hours burn time

Do not be fooled by the appearance of these candles—this stuff gives light for a sizable 6-7 hours max. The package includes a hefty 200 pieces and these things will last you for the long haul. In addition, being tea lights, storage is not a problem. Other advantages of these emergency candles are its lead-free wax composition and addition of 100 percent cotton wicks. Truly, this is a great deal for those on a budget. Make this product a part of your survival/emergency prep list.


UCO Candle Lantern 3.5-Inch Candles, 20-Pack, 12-Hour Beeswax

  • 12-15 hours burn time
  • Made from 100% natural beeswax
  • Sufficient cotton wick size
  • Clean-burning candle

The UCO Candle Lantern 3.5-Inch Candles is another excellent emergency candle pick; this one this time has the capability to burn a massive 12-15 hours. Other benefits of this candle that you should consider is its 100 percent natural beeswax composition—this means it burns clean, has less drops and will illuminate without any residue. The candles don’t smell as well, in fact it has an agreeable scent that won’t overwhelm your nose. Package includes 20 pieces of emergency candles.


MontoPack Unscented White Tealight Candles Bulk (100)

  • High-quality European paraffin wax
  • Has sturdy aluminum tins
  • Up to 4 hours burn time
  • 100% cotton wicks

The MontoPack Unscented White Tealight Candles can be bought by bulk so you can have a steady supply of lighting for emergencies. The package includes a hundred tea lights, crafted from first-rate European paraffin wax. It burns for 4 hours max and already packaged in durable aluminum tins. The 100% cotton wick also helps in enhancing the candles’ burning process. Good emergency candles but also nice for other occasions as ambient lighting.


Candlelife Emergency Survival Candle (Set of 6)

  • 115 hours burn time per candle
  • Includes 6 candles per set
  • Smoke and odor-free
  • Made from high-quality pure liquid paraffin

The Candlelife Emergency Survival Candle provides a whopping 115 burn time per candle and in a pack of six, you will get 690 hours of lighting. Great for camping, hunting, fishing and survival/emergency preparation. These impressive candles also won’t emit smells, soot and smoke, thus its ideal for use in enclosed spaces like houses. These candles are lightweight as well so they are ideal to take along for outdoors activities.


SE Survivor Series 3-Wick 36-Hour Emergency Candle

  • Soy wax and palm wax composition
  • 36-hour burn time
  • Lightweight candles
  • Comes in reusable aluminum packaging

The SE Survivor Series 3-Wick 36-Hour Emergency Candle can be your partner for lighting during emergencies. It is crafted from quality soy wax and palm wax—the candle is composed of a soy wax layer on top and palm wax on the bottom. Another advantage of these candles is it already comes packaged in reusable aluminum tins. You can make use of those tins as candle holders once the candle runs out of lights. Recommended for its safety and dependability, a neat option for lights during campouts and other related outdoor activities. Burns a good 36 hours max.


Hyoola Beeswax Candles 12 Pack

  • Made from 100% beeswax
  • Non-toxic candle
  • 5-hour burn time
  • Provides semi-rigid mid-foot support

The Hyoola Beeswax Candles 12 Pack will give you sufficient lighting without the mess and toxins for weeks. It features a tapered shape which allows each candle to fit in majority of regular candle holders. The candles are also crafted from 100 percent natural beeswax so this means it will not emit unpleasant smells, harmful toxins and residue during use. Beeswax candles also burn for a good period of time; each candle in the package offers 5 hours max of burn time. The candles are a snap to remove and won’t leave any messes on surfaces.

Emergency candles are the most affordable lighting options available today. It does not hurt to have them on hand since batteries and gas can run out, and they’re not exactly the cheapest lighting options. You can buy emergency candles by the bulk and it will last for weeks.

Just remember to follow safety precautions during use; do not leave them close to flammable objects, position them in pet and children-safe spots and always check on the state of your candles. We know you will get the right candle for you thru this guide.