Best Electrical Outlet Box

An electrical box is a small protective casing that’s commonly made of either metal or plastic. It makes having different types of electrical outlets or switches in your home or space possible. Basically, it is an enclosure that protects all your electrical connections. Since we are dealing with electrical items, you would have to make sure that what you buy as your electrical outlet box is safe and won’t fail your electric systems.


Leviton T5632-W 15-Amp USB Charger/Tamper Resistant Duplex Receptacle, White

  • Includes a smart chip for optimum charging
  • Can recognize the charging power of electric devices
  • Guaranteed fast and efficient charging
  • Comes in an aesthetically pleasing design

The problem with most devices we have today is that they have to be charged fast. However, some outlets don’t permit us to do so. The Leviton T5632 has a smart chip which can recognize and optimize charging powers for your devices. Hence, it would leave you using your gadgets in no time. It also comes in white so it’s clean and not too bulky to look at. You can learn other information about this product.


TESSAN 2 Outlet Travel Power Strip with 3 USB Ports Charging Station 5 Ft Cord-White

  • Compact, perfect for traveling
  • Can be used for different amounts of voltages
  • Has switch control
  • Equipped with LED indicator

The Tessan 2 Outlet Travel Strip is perfect for use especially when traveling. Not only that it’s compact and light, but it can be used with any type of input voltage, too (from 100-240V). It also has a switch control which helps safely dissipate power to your connected device once the input power runs out and the LED indicator will be able to tell you if a current is flowing to your device or not. For more information about this product, you may watch this video.


SOCKiTBOX – The Original Weatherproof Connection Box

  • Great for outdoor use
  • Keeps connections safe and dry
  • Easy to use and portable
  • Durable plastic construction

The SOCKiT connection box is recommended for those who are using electrical devices outside of their houses. What sets this outlet box apart is that it is weatherproof and can hold many electrical connections.
For more information about this product, watch this.


Twin Door Outlet Box by Safety Innovations

  • Cannot be accessed by children easily
  • Hides electrical plugs
  • Can be used outdoors
  • Made of durable plastic

Keep away the plugs from the kids with this outlet box. You can also use this for outdoor electrical installations because it is covered. It’s also not easily opened by kids which makes it perfect for baby-proofed homes. For more information about this product, you can learn more here.


LectraLock – Baby Safety Electrical Outlet Cover

  • Transparent and great design
  • Child-proof
  • Easy to install
  • Has a small outlet cover

With LectraLock, you can see what kind of plug is currently in use and yet you’re assured that your kids are out of the plugs’ way. It’s easy to install but it’s durable and impact resistant. For more information about this product, watch this video.

Overall, the products listed above have their own advantages and are catered to fit what kind of electrical box you need. If you’re traveling and always on the go, then there’s one for you. That goes the same way with your other needs such as baby proof outlet boxes or fast charging ones. Whichever you will get, you should make sure to install and use it properly and as directed by the manufacturers of the product.