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Best Electric Nail Drill

Electric nail drills are high-tech products you will find in any beauty salon or professional nail store. While they do require a little bit of training and safety measures beforehand, they are not too difficult to use and you can easily take one home to give yourself a professional manicure. For the nail technicians, using a drill or electric file not only allows them to book more clients per day but if used properly, it could help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and is easier for a client with arthritis since a nail drill works faster. Our guide and reviews will surely bring enthusiasm and eagerness to those who have no time going to salons.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a nail drill?

    Answer: A nail drill is an electric tool that is used to shape fingernails and toenails. Most drills look like thick pens with an eraser where the nib should be. They are designed to fit easily in the hand.

  2. Why use an electric nail drill?

    Answer: Although nail drills have existed for about as long as gel nails, customers are afraid of them or find that they feel unpleasant. They scratch and irritate, they get too hot, sometimes even suddenly becoming extremely hot.Electronic filing is the most efficient way to refill gel nails. It is a speedy method which means that you save considerable time with each of your customers. And saving time is always of great importance for nail stylists. Working with a nail drill to model and shape nails is also the smartest way to work. Another side benefit is that your nail drill is ecologically-friendly. It uses less electricity and the results can be seen in your salon’s energy bills.

  3. What do nail drills do?

    Answer: Nail drills can be used to shape and buff the nails. They can also be used to remove dead skins and cut cuticles, as well as remove calluses and ingrown nails.

  4. How do you sterilize a drill bit?

    Answer: Mix a 1:1 solution of laundry detergent and water in a bowl, and allow your drill bits to soak for about 10 minutes. Remove your tools and use a plastic brush or toothbrush to clean them off. When done, use a rag to thoroughly dry them and place them back in storage.

Our Top Picks


MelodySusie Portable Electric Nail Drill

  • Designed with 6 kinds of metal bits and 6 sanding bands
  • Adjustable speed with control button
  • Powerful yet quiet motor
  • Compact and lightweight design

MelodySusie Portable Electric Nail Drill is designed with professional quality. Its drill bits are perfect for grinding, carving, cutting, polishing for all nail arts as well as cuticle removal. It is easy to carry and portable to bring it out,
and one can do nail art work anytime anywhere. Check more of its potential uses in this review.


Makartt Nail Drill Electric Nail File Machine

  • Adopt Japanese CE Certificate bearings
  • Durable quality and easy operation
  • Comes with tutorial video and instruction manual for beginners
  • Very user friendly

Makartt Nail Drill Electric Nail File Machine works quietly but has has the power to file through the toughest acrylics and gels while being easy to adjust for gentler filing. It is designed with ventilation for reducing the hand piece temperature. It has just been launched in 2016 and has been always acclaimed by customers for durable quality and easy operation and has accumulated many nail lovers to this date. Find out more why this product is fast becoming the favorite brand by nail lovers in this review.


Beurer 10-piece Professional Manicure & Pedicure Home System

  • 10 high-quality attachments & 10 sanding bands
  • Integrated LED light
  • Comes with a premium zippered storage pouch for convenient storage or travel
  • Professional nail & foot care in the comfort of your own home

Beurer 10-piece Professional Manicure & Pedicure Home System comes with functional and complete attachments. It is a very effective kit for manicures, pedicures, and nail repair. All attachments can be switched to different uses. It highlights & brightens view during use, achieving a precise nail file. Discover more of its features in this review.


Electric Nail Drill by Cadrim

  • Made with high quality metal
  • Quiet, smooth with very low vibration
  • No overheating
  • Perfectly for use in spas, beauty parlors as well as personal use in homes.

Cadrim Electric Nail Drill is a not-hard-to-do-it-yourself tool for turning the nails n perfect shape. It is very simple and easy to use with no complicated features. Discover how easy to use is it, in this review.


NATPLUS Professional Nail Drill Machine

  • 6 hours of use in one full charge
  • Rechargeable drill and easy carrying
  • tested by professional authority, with the CE RoHS MSDS UL certificate
  • Life-long maintenance service

NATPLUS Professional Nail Drill Machine really works perfectly on pedicures and manicures. It has plenty of power in it but not too loud and doesn’t vibrate. It comes with a travel bag for storage and easy transport. Learn more how this works in this review.


Nail Drill Electric Nail File by Madenia

  • Can ONLY be used on 110V power source
  • Heat distribution holes
  • High rotation speed
  • Small and light with 4 nail drill bits, perfect to carry in a make up bag

Madenia Nail Drill is good at engraving, carving , grinding, sharpening, sanding, polishing nails, and even wood carving. This nail drill is different from traditional drill machine, it’s small and light which can only be used on 110 power source. It comes with manicure and pedicure tools. Check more info about this product in this review.

There’s nothing like an electric nail file for speed and convenience when doing manicures at home. They also make pedicures a snap when you need to treat corns, calluses, and ingrown nails. It’s true that nail drills are an essential tool for a nail tech. If nail salons don’t properly disinfect and clean their tools, they can become a hotbed for various diseases transmitted from malpractice like Hepatitis B, MRSA, and bacterial infections. Think about it, if we can own and learn how to use this nail tech, we can have more peace of mind.