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Best Dry Body Brushes

More and more people are enjoying the many benefits dry brushing has for the skin and body. For some, this technique has helped tighten the skin, reduce cellulite, induce calm, and clear off oil, dirt, and residue from the pores. For others, it has aided in stimulating the normal lymph flow within the body, increasing energy and blood flow, removing dead skin cells, and naturally exfoliating the skin. All one needs is the right dry body brush to treat themselves to a rejuvenating spa experience right in the comfort of their own home.

A good dry body brush has bristles that are firm and coarse enough to create a soothing sensation. The pressure from exfoliating helps stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage, helping the body eliminate toxins. This gives one an overall feeling of relaxation while also making the skin smoother and brighter. Check out these dry body brushes that are getting great reviews from customers.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is dry brushing?

    Answer: Dry brushing is the process of using a brush with stiff bristles to exfoliate dead cells from the skin surface and enhance blood flow.

  2. How often should you dry brush?

    Answer: People should dry brush only one to two times per week. Those with ultra-sensitive skin should dry brush only once every couple of weeks.

  3. How do you use a dry body brush?

    Answer: Simply adjust the intensity of your strokes to your desired level of supportability. The bristles may seem hard at first, but over time, you will easily feel the revitalizing sensation.

Our Top Picks


SpaVerde Dry Brushing Body Brush

  • Natural boar bristles
  • For the body and face
  • Revitalizes and rejuvenates
  • Aids lymph flow

Eliminate toxins with the use of this dry body brush set. It includes a body brush, face brush, bonus travel linen bag, and easy-to-follow printed instructions. The brush is hand made using natural and cruelty-free ingredients to help your body get the benefits nature intends. It helps with blood circulation, alleviate cellulite and stretch marks, relieve stress, and reduce swelling. It also helps buff away dead skin cells to reveal healthier and younger-looking skin.


Zen Me Dry Skin Body Brush

  • Pack of 2
  • Promotes smooth, glowing skin
  • Exfoliates and massages
  • Cleans skin naturally

Say hello to fresh skin with this dry body brush. It is crafted with polished lotus wood that securely holds the natural bristles, and features an extra-thick brush strap that’s made from 100% woven cotton for a secure grip. Using the brush helps remove cellulite and prevent or reduce clogged pores or acne problems. It also removes dead skin, encourages faster skin renewal, and activates lymphatic drainage. The brush has a 14-inch-long, curved and detachable wooden handle for easy back scrubbing. It comes in a nice gift box, making it a great self-care gift for both women and men.


H&W Care Dry Brushing Body Brush Set

  • Vegan bristles
  • Long handle
  • Removes toxins
  • Unclogs pores

Exfoliate yourself with this dry body brush set. It includes a vegan detachable dry brush, detachable cellulite massager, anti-slip handle, bonus hanger sticker, and an instruction manual. Made with perfectly-curved vegan bristles, the brush has a medium firmness, will not peel off easily, and assures a gentle feeling on your skin. Both the brush and massager heads can be used with or without the handle for best comfort, while the heads can be used individually for any sensitive body parts. The curved wooden handle allows the brush to easily reach any part of your body, while the non-slip design helps you grab the handle comfortably even when your hands are wet. 


Hydrea London Dry Skin Body Brush

  • With cactus bristles
  • Made from beechwood
  • FSC certified
  • Exfoliates dead skin cells

Reduce the appearance of cellulite with this dry body brush. Its extra-long cactus bristles are curved to ensure a scratch-free brushing experience. Its fixed handle enables firm control and enables you to brush comfortably all over. The brush uses FSC-certified beechwood, making it any professional’s choice for dry skin brushing. It is the simplest way to improve your energy and wellbeing, and is essential for the removal of toxins by encouraging lymphatic drainage. By regularly using this brush, you prevent the build-up of age spots and exfoliate away dead skin cells, leaving your skin soft and glowing. 


Maswater Dry Brushing Body Brush

  • 100% natural boar bristles
  • Long handle
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Includes a face brush and cellulite massager

Achieve smoother, glowing skin with this dry body brush. It features 100% natural bristles of the finest grade and has a bamboo handle made of smooth, polished wood. The handle is 16 inches long, making it easy for you to reach any part of your body with either the bristles or the cellulite massager. The set includes a round and palm-sized brush with a natural canvas strap for easy hanging. With regular use, your skin’s quality will improve, feeling softer and smoother. Dry brushing will also help reduce cellulite appearance, improve blood circulation, and eliminate clogged pores.


Teerova Dry Skin Body Brush

  • With detachable handle
  • Natural boar bristles
  • Reduces cellulite swelling
  • Enhances lymph flow

Get rid of all those dead skin cells with this dry body brush. Its bristles are made from 100% boar hair which is not too hard nor too soft, but stiff enough to be effective to exfoliate your skin. Its 100% bamboo handle lets you get to hard-to-reach areas, while its detachable head design lets you better reach other places of your body. The handle’s clever wave design ensures a good grip, while the cotton loop ensures easy hanging.

These dry body brushes may seem like just another shower accessory until you have reaped all their amazing benefits for your skin and body. With proper use, you will not only detoxify your body but also feel rejuvenated and restored.