Best DJ Mixers

DJs need to invest on the best equipment in order to have excellent gigs and provide a seamless performance every time. One of the musts in a DJ’s equipment is the mixer. There are lots of mixers being sold in the market right now, and if you’re a beginner, this task can be a challenge. Know the basics on DJ mixers first before buying by reading our handy guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is the function of a DJ mixer?

    Answer: DJs or disc jockeys make use of a DJ mixer, a kind of audio mixing console to manage and work on several audio signals. The DJ mixer is also used by lots of DJs to transition from one track to another smoothly while playing tracks during gigs or club events.

  2. What is the difference between a DJ controller and a mixer?

    Answer: The DJ controller contains equalizers, speed controls, decks, transport controls and volume controls, thus making it into an all-in-one bundle. The DJ mixer is a console which gets input from CDJs, record decks or external soundcards which are fastened to an equipment or computer device running a software.

  3. Is the rotary DJ mixer still being used today?

    Answer: The rotary DJ mixer is a traditional kind of mixer which comes with dials. When laptop-using DJs began to work on beatpad cues, the rotary mixer went out of style since many thought the modern methods were more convenient and effortless to use. However, these days you will find DJs working with this specific mixer since according to them, it gives better manual control. Working with a rotary mixer requires a bit of elbow grease but as soon as you get the hang out of it, you’ll find that you can carry out excellent DJing methods using this old school mixer.

  4. What mixer is recommended for newcomers in the DJ scene?

    Answer: If you’re a beginner when it comes to mixing, a mixer that relies on software is your best bet. This type of mixer gives proactive control over your track options.

Our Top Picks


Behringer Xenyx 802 Premium 8-Input 2-Bus Mixer with Xenyx Mic Preamps and British EQs

  • First-rate super low noise analog mixer
  • Includes 2 advanced Xenyx Mic preamps
  • Classic British 3band EQs
  • Post-fader FX send for every channel

The Behringer Xenyx 802 Premium Mixer feature ultra low noise and is an analog mixer with higher headroom. The set-up works fine, even with several sound drivers on, the mixer will still work smoothly. Great sound quality and provides seamless DJing work. Presents phantom power. Ideal for small home studios. See how this set-up works in this review.


Numark Mixtrack 3 | All-in-one Controller Solution with Virtual DJ LE Software Download

  • USB-powered for would-be DJs
  • Includes software download after registration
  • Extended 100mm pitch sliders
  • Touch-sensitive metal jog wheels

The Numark Mixtrack 3 is a wonderful mixer and controller model for beginners since it is USB-powered. One can easily plug this one into a laptop and they can practice their skills. It has the Virtual DJ 8 LE which includes special features. The set-up also includes bass, mid and treble knobs. User-friendly and has great response with the jog wheels and touch strip. Get more info in this review.


3 Channel Bluetooth Audio Mixer – DJ Sound Controller Interface with USB Soundcard for PC Recording, XLR, 3.5mm Microphone Jack, 18V Power, RCA Input/Output for Professional and Beginners – PAD30MXUBT by Pyle

  • Includes USB soundcard/audio interface
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Includes 3 channels
  • 18V phantom power

The Pyle 3 Channel Bluetooth Audio Mixer includes an audio interface and USB soundcard so it’s pretty much a versatile mixer. It also comes with Bluetooth connectivity and will not require any drivers to operate, which is convenient. Internals have a well-made feel and the size is compact. Won’t add noise and feedback to recordings. Ideal for podcasts and streams. See more in this review.


Pioneer DJ DJ Controller, Black (DDJ-SB3)

  • Insightful arrangement of features
  • Pad Scratch feature
  • FX Fade feature
  • Excellent audio circuitry materials

The Pioneer DJ DJ Controller has helpful functions which will enhance your DJing skills. Features like the FX Fade makes mixing smooth and effortless while its low latency jog wheels provide precision and excellent scratch reaction. The quality of the built is reliable while the buttons are quite insightful. Easy to use and comes at a reasonable price. Nice for beginners. Get more ideas in this review.


Hercules DJControl Compact

  • Complete DJ controller
  • Portable and size
  • Ergonomic design
  • Includes 4 modes

The Hercules DJControl Compact has a compact, portable size which allows it to fit in your handy bag. While it does scrimp in terms of size, it does not when it comes to features since it is packed with all the DJ essentials you need to provide a solid, smooth set. Very minimal latency, ergonomic design, ultra-responsive features make this a nice beginner console for DJ beginners. Check this out in this review.


Rockville RDJ3BT 2 Channel DJ Mixer with USB, Bluetooth, Talkover, 4 Line Inputs

  • Portable 2-channel DJ mixer
  • Includes USB, Bluetooth and LED display
  • Modifiable gain, high and low knobs
  • Built-in USB and MP3 player for playback

The Rockville RDJ3BT 2 Channel DJ Mixer is one utilitarian DJing unit which makes your attempts at DJing a success. It is capable of linking up four devices with the help of a flip switch for every channel. Lightweight and portable. Gives loud, powerful and smooth sounds. Fades without effort. See how this works in this review.

Successful DJs in the field are not only knowledgeable in the pulse of the dancefloor, they also invest in the best equipment. Get yours with the help of our review list.