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Best Dish Drying Mat

Doing dishes is one chore that a majority of people frown upon, but it has to be done. While some dishes can be certainly be taken care of in a dishwasher, others require washing by hand. To dry them off without making too much of a fuss, you need a dish drying mat. Having utensils dripping water on your counter can be unpleasant for anyone. A drying mat enables you to place your wet utensils and give them time to dry.

These mats also keep your countertops dry, while taking up moderate counter space. They also act as a protective layer for delicate kitchen apparels to dry without coming into contact with your counter. While drying racks can perform the same functions, dish mats are more helpful because of their non-slip features. Here’s our review of the best dish drying mats.

Buyers Guide

  1. How do I choose the best dish drying mat for my kitchen?

    Answer: First, consider the construction material. The two materials commonly used to produce drying mats are microfiber and food-grade silicone. Of the two food-grade silicone is better, as it is durable and can withstand both moisture and heat better. Second, check the size. Large mats measure around 21 by 18 inches, while smaller versions are 18 by 16 inches. The size of your countertop will determine the size of your mat. Lastly, consider the mat’s versatility. Drying mats can be used for more than resting glasses or spoons. You can use them to keep food away from the table, as you feed your baby. You can also place it under a feeding bowl.

  2. How do I wash a dish drying mat?

    Answer: Start by letting the mat dry between each use. Once it’s completely dry, machine-wash it. However, ensure you use cold water for color mats. Using liquid detergent in small amounts should be alright. Then tumble dry low. For silicone mats, the washing process is slightly different. Always combine baking soda with warm water and use this mix to scrub the mat.

  3. Are dish drying mats hygienic?

    Answer: Yes, dish drying mats are hygienic. However, ensure you regularly clean them, as this will help keep them free of rust, mold, mineral deposits, and mildew.

Our Top Picks


OXO Good Drying Mat

  • Food grade silicone material
  • Ribbed design
  • Can fit large items
  • Flexible

First up is the OXO Good Drying mat. This food-grade silicone mat is an excellent item to use when looking to dry large items at a go. It has a ribbed design that helps dry your utensils fast. This design also maximizes the mat’s drainage and aeration feature. Its non-slip feature protects delicate items from falling off when drying them. It has a soft surface, which makes it easy to wash. The mat is also flexible and can be hung or rolled up for easy storage.


Bellamain Dish Mat

  • Large size
  • Microfiber material
  • Easy to store
  • Honeycomb structure

If you’re looking for a large dish mat to hold more utensils, why not try the Bellamain Dish mat? It has a size of 24 by 18 inches, and this makes it large enough for big counter spaces. It also has the right size to store many utensils at once without risking breakage. It has a thick microfiber material that keeps your countertop dry and dishes safe. Washing it is also a breeze. All you have to do is pop in the machine wash and tumble dry it.


S&T Microfiber Drying Mat

  • Absorbs four times its weight
  • Highly durable
  • Machine washable
  • Microfiber material

Everyone wants a drying mat that compliments the design of their kitchen. The S&T drying mat is not only effective but also stylish. It has an eye-catching design that adds flair to your kitchen. It also has a protective surface that keeps your counter surface from scuffs and scratches. The mat can also absorb up to four times its weight in water, and this helps keep your countertop dry at all times. It’s also machine washable and highly durable.


KMEIVOL Drying Mat

  • Beautiful bright red color
  • Durable
  • Easy to store
  • Multipurpose

The first thing that stands out about the KMEIVOL mat is its beautiful bright red color, which adds a pop of color to your kitchen. This mat features an absorbent microfiber fabric with a thin flexible foam, which are the core construction materials. Despite its thin nature, the mat is highly absorbent, and this ensures your countertop is dry at all times. The mat is multipurpose, meaning you can use it for more than drying dishes. You can use it as a protective layer for pans, mixers, and other large utensils. 


Homeway Essentials Drying Mat

  • Large size
  • Silicone grade material
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable

This is one drying mat that can perfectly blend with the rest of your kitchen appliances. However, it can be quite expensive compared to the other mats in the review. Another outstanding feature is its large size, which is perfect for drying more utensils. It is made of silicone grade material, and this makes it durable and guarantees outstanding performance. Lastly, cleaning the mat doesn’t take much effort or time. With some slight scrubbing, stains come off quickly.


Dragonfly Drying Mat

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Space-saving storage
  • Eco-friendly
  • Multipurpose

Last up is the Dragonfly drying mat. This mat is both water and heatproof. Its silicone plastic is FDA approved, and this makes it safe for humans and the environment. It has a wave-like pattern that enables the mat to dry utensils fast. It also has sufficient space you can use to store your kitchen utensils at a go.

You no longer have to rely on a drying rack to get your dishes dry. With a mat, you get to have dry utensils without having to wait for hours. The best part is that you can use them for different purposes other than drying utensils. You can also check out our review of the best kitchen appliances on the market today.