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Best Cuticle Pushers

Caring for your nails is of critical importance to your health and is similar to oral hygiene in a way—it is easily noticeable when neglected. Also, people can say a lot about you just by looking at your hands. Because it is visible every day, it requires some time and attention. Just a little cleaning here and there is enough. More often, people just like to see clean nails than those with vibrant colors and all the extra shimmer and glitter.

To keep your nails looking good at all times, all you need are 3 things: a cuticle pusher, a nipper, and a nail clipper. This trio alone allows you to flaunt pretty fingers and toes so you can step out into the world with full confidence. There is no more need to visit a salon because you can do your own nails right at home. Here are six cuticle pushers that you can use so you can achieve salon-quality nails in no time. Our selection is based on painless cuticle maintenance, ease of use, and durability.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a cuticle pusher?

    Answer: A cuticle pusher, or a cuticle stick, is a nail care tool used to push the skin from your cuticles back and away from your nails to help your nails grow healthier and stronger.

  2. How do you use a cuticle pusher?

    Answer: To use a cuticle pusher, simple soften your cuticles by applying cuticle remover on them. Soak your fingers in a bowl of warm water for about 3 minutes, then dry. Start pushing back the cuticles with your tool. Use a nipper to remove the cuticles.

  3. Do cuticles really need to be cut?

    Answer: No, but it is entirely up to you. Trimming cuticles is purely cosmetic. It will not benefit your nails in any way.

Our Top Picks


Karlash Professional Stainless Steel Cuticle Nipper

  • Easy to use
  • Stainless steel
  • High quality performance
  • For home or salon manicure

Keep your nails looking neat and fabulous with this set of cuticle nipper and cuticle pusher. The Cuticle Pusher is very easy to use and clean, high quality stainless steel, durable.The flat end push the excess back and shape the cuticles without scratching the nail surface. The sharp end gets dirt out from the deep crevices of nails and removes skin overgrowing the nail or leftover glue from acrylic nails. The cuticle clipper removes cuticles and hangnails safely without cutting live skin. It was constructed with high quality stainless steel for long lasting durability.


Glass Cuticle Pusher by Gladzy

  • multifunctional
  • won’t chip
  • tear or split nails
  • grit board is permanently chemically etched
  • no waste

This glass cuticle pusher (manicure stick) has 2-pieces in one tool. Pointed end – perfect for safely pushing back excess cuticle on the top of the nail and cuticle polishing. Beveled end – ideal for filing hard to reach places around the nail edge. It’s also useful for scraping dirt from underneath the nail. Each cuticle pusher has a protective plastic tube which helps to store it or bring with you on the go. Also that crystal manicure sticks are eco-friendly and recyclable. Unlike orangewood sticks, glass cuticle pushers do not create additional waste. For best results, soak nails first in warm water or treat with a few drops of oil or lotion. Works well on hands or feet.


Frienda Cuticle Pusher Remover Kit

  • Stainless steel
  • Rose gold
  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to control

Do your own nails at home with this cuticle pusher set. It includes 1 triangle cuticle peeler and 1 double-ended cuticle pusher. It comes in a metal reusable box to keep your tools clean and make them easy to carry in your bag. This cuticle pusher is made of stainless steel, which is sturdy, strong, and durable. Its handle is textured with non-slip grip, making it easy to control. Use the peaked end to cut or scrape away dead cuticles, and use the curved end to push the cuticles back easily.


Opove Cuticle Pusher

  • Matte black
  • Stainless steel
  • Precise edges
  • Rounded handles

Save yourself a trip to the salon with this cuticle pusher. It is made of high-quality stainless steel and crafted with precise edges to ensure clean and effortless removal of cuticles. Use the triangle end of the cuticle pusher to peel or remove gel nail polish, and use the pointed end to push down the cuticles at the corners of your nails. This set has ergonomic rounded handles with rubber varnish for a comfortable grip and easy control.


Utopia Care Cuticle Pusher and Cutter

  • Professional grade
  • Stainless steel
  • For fingernails and toenails
  • 5½ inches long

Have well-kept nails with this cuticle pusher. With 2 sides and a dual action, it helps keep your hands looking salon quality. The curved nail shaper offers customized shaping and easy cuticle pushing, while the smaller cleaning spoon tool removes dirt and buildup under the nails. The cuticle pusher is made of 100% stainless steel material that is rust and tarnish resistant. Its handle is textured with a non-slip grip.


NANTuYo Cuticle Pusher and Cutter Set

  • Set of 2
  • Professional grade
  • Stainless steel
  • Ergonomic handles

Maintain your manicure with this cuticle pusher and cutter set. It is made of high-quality stainless steel and crafted with precise edges to ensure clean and effortless removal of cuticles. It has ergonomic rounded handles for a non-slip grip and easy control. Use the flat head to push down cuticles around nails, and use the curved head to remove the dead skin on the nails. This set is easy to keep clean and sterile with soap and water or alcohol.


Mofeini Cuticle Pusher and Cutter

  • Set of 2
  • Professional grade
  • Stainless steel
  • Non-slip

Gently work on your nails with this cuticle pusher and cutter set. It is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is durable and not easy to rust. It is small, lightweight, and portable, so you can take it with you when you travel. This set has a spiral design that makes it non-slip and comfortable to use. It fits most fingernails and toenails, and provides a precise grip.


AbyBom Cuticle Pusher and Cutter

  • Set of 2
  • Easy to use
  • Compact and portable
  • Stainless steel

Keep clean nails with this cuticle pusher. It pushes your cuticles back without damaging your natural nails. It includes a nail cleaner for cleaning the dirt under your nails with ease and comfort. Use the flat head to push down cuticles around nails or push the polish gel residue after removing. Use the curved head to cut or scrape away dead cuticle on one end. The set comes with a plastic box to store your tools, keeping them clean and all in one place. 


Rui Smith’s Professional Double Ended Cuticle Pusher

  • Multi-use
  • Salon-quality
  • Autoclave-safe
  • Crafted with care

Achieve a flawless, professional manicure like the kind your manicurist effortlessly nails every single time. Made of hypoallergenic stainless steel, this dual-ended cuticle pusher features a gently sharp spoon-shaped end on one side and a slim, curved pointed edge on the other. It allows you to push your cuticles back, scrape sticky bits off the nail, remove dirt from under the nails and much more. This pusher is widely used around the world and highly recommended by nailists and home-users alike.

Some people spend a lot on unnecessary nail care tools and kits that they don’t even use. With these cuticle pushers, you can simply clear off dead cuticles, and let your nipper or clipper do the rest. There is no more need for a full-blown mani or pedi, because these alone will take care of the job.