An Expert Take on Whether a Crossbody Phone Case is for You

I had no idea I needed a crossbody phone case — until I got one! And now I can’t let it go. Literally. Let me introduce you to crossbody phone cases. 

While you are reading this, I’m probably wearing my crossbody phone case. I’ve barely taken my phone out of the case since I first got this crossbody phone case. I received my first crossbody phone case as a Christmas present in 2018. What a great gift! Since then, I’ve had crossbody phone cases in several different colors and styles, and my current favorite is Sunset Keebos crossbody phone case

Below, I’ll lay out exactly why crossbody phone cases are so useful. These insights are based on my direct experiences with various kinds of crossbody phone cases. This guide will help focus you on the key features to take into account when deciding whether a crossbody phone case is right for you!

Accessibility and Alertness 

Picture this. It was winter in Germany, I was wearing layers over layers, and sometimes even two scarves. I asked myself, “How is my crossbody case going to fit on top of all of this?” But then one night, I set out to meet a friend. I was wearing my Keebos as a necklace for the first time. Suddenly, I noticed my screen light up. I realized that my phone was set to silent mode, and my friend was calling me! It turned out that he needed to let me know that the lobby doorbell is broken, so I’d need to call him to enter. Without my Keebos, I would have missed that call, as my phone would have been somewhere deep in my coat pocket or purse and on silent mode (just a bad habit–I always leave it on silent).  Thanks to my Keebos, I knew to call him as soon as I arrived at his building, and didn’t have to first stand around in the freezing cold wondering why he wasn’t opening the door for me!

Wow, thanks very much,  new phone case! 

When I entered, my friend’s wife immediately noticed how I was wearing my phone as an accessory to my outfit. We didn’t know each other yet at that time, so my Keebos phone necklace turned out to be a wonderful conversation starter.

Lost Everything 

Let me give you another example from the time before I owned a phone necklace case. Ever since I received my first phone necklace, I think back to a specific night out when I wish in hindsight that I had already owned a Keebos. That particular night, I was out in Washington, DC with friends dancing in a club ironically named “Heist.” I was wearing a stylish t-shirt dress. As you might guess, the dress had no pockets! So I kept my phone, wallet, keys, and other knick-knacks in my purse, which I carried with me and periodically set down on tables and chairs nearby. 

Can you guess what happened next? Someone stole my purse and I never saw it again. If I’d had my Keebos at that time, I might have lost my beautiful leather purse and perhaps my keys, but certainly not my phone and my credit card, my ID, my metro card, which all fit inside a Keebos that I can wear, without the bulk of carrying a purse around. Nowadays, I keep all my essentials close at hand with a Keebos I can wear around my neck or cross-body. This is a significant improvement when going out, and makes it much easier to dance and enjoy the moment, carefree! When you’re evaluating crossbody cell phone cases, make sure to check whether they have the handy cardpocket!

Biking & Scooters

I love using my crossbody iPhone cases for lifestyle activities like biking and hiking. Especially now during social distancing, I feel like I’m not moving around the city as much as I used to. I‘ve discovered that I really enjoy leisurely bike rides, which are fun and provide easy exercise! Social distancing isn’t exactly possible within a car, so getting around on bikes and scooters feels a lot safer and freeing. When biking, I adjust the strap on my Keebos to fit pretty snuggly, so the Keebos hangs comfortably around my neck like a necklace. That way, even though Google Maps prompts me through my airpods, I can still take a moment to briefly glance at my phone screen when at a red light to check my route. Super convenient. And even if the light turns green right as I’m reading a text on my lock screen ?, I can easily drop my phone and keep moving. And there it is, still happily swinging like a big jewel. On scooters I prefer to wear it crossbody, rather than as a necklace. I’m not sure why my preferred style varies for the two activities, but it’s nice to mix it up! Some things to focus on that will impact your experience with a crossbody phone case are the quality, texture, and length of the lanyard! My Keebos phone case is the perfect length for me to wear it both as a necklace, but also longer in a crossbody style. 


Usually when you leave your house, you check if you have your keys, make sure the oven is turned off, you wear shoes and so on, right?!  😉  Each of us have developed such routines over time. All that changes with the breakout of the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, which has thrown a lot of our typical routines into flux. When I leave my home these days, my Keebos helps me keep track of my essentials: phone, ID, and credit card.

Moreover, many of us are hyper-aware now about what we touch, when we wash our hands, and how often we touch our faces. I’ve noticed that wearing my phone in my crossbody phone case reduces steps of unnecessarily touching things. For example, without a Keebos, you might dig through your purse or touch zippers to open up a pocket, and so on. With most messages and calls visible on my locked screen I sometimes try to touch just the edges of my phone, reducing the need to constantly disinfect the entire phone after every use. And it’s just so much easier and more convenient to access it that way. 

Keebos also reduce how often you place your phone on unsanitized surfaces, as you’ll naturally keep your phone on you with the Keebos, rather than setting it down. For example, many people these days may need to re-arrange their face mask, which can be difficult with a phone in hand. 🙂 This case allows you to carefully rearrange your face mask whenever you feel like it, without first “storing” your phone somewhere, or balancing it in one hand trying not to drop it. 


One huge reason to invest in a crossbody phone necklace is for traveling. I often travel between Washington, D.C. (where I work) and Los Angeles (where I play). One of the best use-cases I’ve had for my Keebos is keeping track of my phone (with my mobile boarding pass) and my ID for the security check, and then my credit card for those last second snacks I’ll inevitably want to indulge in. Flight attendants have actually commented on my crossbody case, which makes sense because the case resolves some issues that busy flight attendants face daily, like not having pockets, and only having a brief moment here and there to check your phone in between dealing with us demanding travelers! Whether you travel by plane, bus, train, or foot, a phone necklace with a wallet pocket in particular will be a great accessory for you. You’ll travel at ease, knowing you have everything you need in one conveniently accessible place! 

Demonstrations & Festivals

The last point for this post is demonstrations. I live in Washington DC. I‘ve recently joined the marches and gatherings in solidarity and to amplify our voices. I wear my Keebos crossbody while I march with others to demand a more just future. I feel safe having my phone close and readily accessible for emergencies. But also, unlike some news reports circulating currently, the

demonstrations that I have attended during the day and in the evenings, have not only been peaceful, but also very inspiring.  People connect with each other, so it comes in handy to have your phone close to exchange contact info, Instagram handles, etc. Fellow protestors bring snacks and water for others, they thank each other for showing up and tell each other they appreciate each other. I make sure to ask people for permission before I take a photo. If they say yes, it’s super helpful to have my phone easily accessible for a quick picture, as everyone is moving, trying to keep to social distancing.  So, if there is a scene that you want to capture you have to act fast. One relevant feature to look out for in selecting your crossbody phone case is whether it has a finger loop to help you securely hold your phone. This is especially important for those of us who have larger smartphones (or tiny hands)! 😉

Similarly, at other large gatherings like festivals, you want to have your phone accessible to be able to snap pictures when you need to. I’ve heard from many friends that they have lost their phone at festivals like Coachella. This is why having a phone necklace with a cord really helps! Just grab your phone, snap the picture, and then let your phone rest securely in its Keebos again! When shopping for crossbody phone cases for festivals, you’ll want to pay close attention to the fashion accents, like the color of hardware, any charms or decorative features on certain cases, and of course, the various colors offered! Another aspect to consider is whether you get a clear case, or full-colored case. This impacts whether your phone itself will be visible, and can impact how you match the case and phone to your outfit!

I hope you get a better picture of why I think crossbody phone cases are a great invention. If you want to see more reasons why you should consider getting one, check out this blog post.