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Best Craft Supplies

The toddler phase is a crucial stage in a child’s life because this is the time when they start to develop various skills. This is why it is important to introduce your child to different activities as early as possible. Activities, like crafts, are a good way for a child to practice their creative skills because these allow kids to form new images, unique concepts, and all sorts of ideas. Crafts allow kids to use unfamiliar tools to create things that can boost their imaginativeness. They encourage cognitive development and enhance a child’s building and motor skills, shape recognition skills, and brain patterning.

Getting started with crafts is easy. All a child needs is enough supplies that they can use to create different objects. You will find many starter packs that contain various of things to work with like pom poms, ribbons, and buttons. To help you out, our team took a look at several craft supplies kits to find the best in terms of inclusions.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are crafts?

    Answer: Craft describes a wide variety of activities involving making things with one’s own hands. It typically involves making items that are not only attractive but also useful.

  2. What are the quickest and easiest crafts for kids?

    Answer: Some of the quickest and easiest crafts for kids include pinwheels, homemade baskets, DIY caterpillars, watering cans, tape resist art, finger puppets, and tin can windsocks.

  3. What is the difference between art and craft?

    Answer: Art is an open-ended form of work that expresses emotions, feelings, and vision. Craft denotes a form of work that involves the creation of physical objects by the use of hands and brain.

Our Top Picks


FunzBo Arts and Crafts Supplies for Kids

  • Suitable for kids age 4 and up
  • Hours of fun
  • With storage jar
  • Over 200 pieces

Allow your little one to create art to their heart’s content with this craft supplies set. It includes 20 feathers, 10 pipe cleaners, 20 metallic colored pom poms, 25 standard pom poms, 1 jar of mixed sequins, 30 googly eyes, 2 large pom poms, 64 mixed EVA foam letters, 52 mixed EVA foam flowers, 1 pack of crystal diamond stickers, 30 mixed colored buttons, 50 colored wooden popsicle sticks, 4 glitter glues, 1 pair of scissors, and 5 sheets of thick construction paper in different colors. This all-in-one combo has everything your toddler needs to enjoy hours of fun and creativity.


Caydo Arts and Crafts Kit

  • Suitable for kids age 4 and up
  • Sparks creativity
  • Fun and colorful
  • Over 100 pieces

Encourage your little one’s creativity and imagination with this craft supplies set. It includes 30 pipe cleaners, 20 glittered pipe cleaners, 25 turkey hairs, 12 goose feathers, 50 colored felts, 20 wood chips, 40 wiggly eyes, 50 diamonds, 2 A4 felt cloths, 3 foam balls, 1 foam glue, 1 pair of scissors, and pom poms. A great activity for children who like constantly explore, this complete set helps kids develop brain patterning, shape recognition, and building and motor skills. It allows them to create all sorts of objects like wreaths, necklaces, flowers, and dolls.


Peachy Keen Crafts Supplies Mega Pack

  • Set of 600
  • Fun and engaging
  • Hours of fun
  • Great for gifting

Stimulate your little one’s creativity with this set of 600 craft supplies. It includes 100 colorful pipe cleaners, 150 glue-on googly eyes, 50 assorted colored feathers, 50 jumbo popsicle sticks, 50 colored buttons, and 200 pom poms. Even if your child is new at crafts, they will surely be able to create many fun objects and shapes. The set is perfect for classroom projects, personal crafts, preschool creations, and home decorations. Share this cool activity with friends and family by giving it as a gift for birthdays and the holidays.


Tuparka Arts and Crafts Supplies Set

  • Fun and engaging
  • Sparks creativity
  • Over 300 pieces
  • Great for family bonding time

Here’s a fun activity your little one will surely enjoy for hours. This craft supplies set includes 20 colored popsicle sticks, 20 colored wood popsicle sticks, 10 colored clothes pins, 90 pipe cleaners, 4 large pom pom balls, 100 small pom pom balls, 20 assorted colored feathers, 80 self-adhesive googly eyes, 1 pack of crystal diamond stickers, 100 mixed colored buttons, 5 colorful glitter confetti, 1 pack of mixed sequins, 4 Eva foams, 1 pack of mixed EVA foam stickers, and 1 pair of safety scissors. It makes a great gift for both kids and adults who love getting creative.


EpiqueOne Kids Art Craft Supplies

  • Set of 1,090
  • Suitable for kids age 2 and up
  • Helps develop brain patterning
  • Fun and engaging

Set aside your little one’s video games for a while and replace them with this set of 1,090 craft supplies. It includes 400 mixed pom poms, 100 colored pipe cleaners, 100 neon chenille pipe cleaners, 150 mixed googly eyes, 50 googly eyes with eyelashes, 50 googly eyes with colored mascara, 50 craft sticks, 50 buttons, and 140 sequins. This set helps develop your child’s shape recognition and motor skills, making it a great daily activity. 


Bachmore Kids Art Supplies Jar

  • Over 700 pieces
  • With storage jar
  • Portable
  • Suitable for kids age 4 and up

Cultivate your little one’s independent thinking with this set of craft supplies. It includes 50 mixed sequins, 60 crystal diamond stickers, 60 mixed beads, 50 colorful wooden popsicle sticks, 30 mixed buttons, 26 mixed EVA foam letter stickers, 15 metallic pom poms, 15 standard pom poms, 10 feathers, 10 pipe cleaners, 10 unicorn decorations, 10 googly eyes, 4 sheets of thick construction paper, 3 glitter glues, 1 pair of scissors, 1 roll of crepe paper, and 1 storage jar. It’s a great activity to spark your child’s artistry.

With these craft supplies, you can encourage your little one to participate in many creative projects. You can join in on the activity, making craft time your bonding moment with your bundle of joy.