Best Countertop Products

You probably need to organize your kitchen countertop better. One trick you can use to maximize space is hanging baskets under your cabinets, or using racks. You can hold some lightweight kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, food ingredients such as condiments, sugar, creamer or coffee.

Countertop organization differs depending on the weight it can carry, its size, design and materials used. Here are the lists of the five countertop organizer that you may want to use for their great features and ability.


F-color Bathroom Countertop Organizer, 2 Tier

  • Collapsible and Easy to Assemble
  • Stable
  • Does not Slip Easily
  • Stylish

This 2-tier organizer from F-color is best to use anywhere, may it be to your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or even your living room. It is collapsible and easy to assemble. It has perfect size to store your daily kitchen needs. It is also stable and does not slip because of its padded feet, this rack stands evenly and stable. I also love its design as it is very stylish. It is designed to match with your household style for its black modern scroll design. To see actual images of the product. Follow this link.


InterDesign Linus Spice Organizer Rack – 3-Tiered

  • Strong and Sturdy
  • Fits Comfortably to an Average Kitchen Cabinet
  • Does not easily slide or slip
  • Accessibility

This InterDesign Linus Space Organizer gained my attention for being clear and accessible. Bottles or jars can be easily seen. It is also durable and sturdy, and fits comfortable inside an average kitchen cabinet for convenience. It also includes an LED locator which is a plus for this product. In terms of securely holding an item, it is effective as it has ribbed detailing to avoid jars from sliding. To see the actual product and reviews. Please follow this link.


2-Tier Standing Rack EZOWare Kitchen Bathroom Countertop 2-Tier Storage Organizer Shelf Holder Rack

  • Multi-purpose versatility
  • Decorative construction
  • Free standing
  • Fits for small space kitchen

EZOWare Kitchen Countertop is great and usable in any room. May it be on kitchen, bathroom, craftroom or offices, it has the most multi purpose versatility among other countertop organizer. It also has a decorative construction with its full metal frame with chrome plating. It also have a solid built that will not tip over or fall. It is also perfect for kitchen or other areas with small space as it can also fits perfectly.
For comprehensive review, feel free to follow this link.


Turning Shelf 2 Tier For Kitchen Spice Rack Spice Holder Counter Top

  • Has a rotating feature
  • Compact
  • Stylish
  • Plenty of Room

One great feature I see with this turning shelf is its rotating feature. It makes more convenient for having this feature for easy access. You just have to spin it around and get the item you want. It is also compact and can fit in kitchen saving up space. It also have a classic natural look which for me is great to add or complement with your kitchen or dining room view. It can also fit wide variety of items. For actual demonstration this product, visit this link.


AmHoo Acrylic Spice Rack – 5 Tiers Seasoning Shelf Kitchen Spice Rack Organizer

  • Transparent
  • Easy to clean
  • Multi-purpose design
  • Sturdy

AmHoo Spice Rack is simple yet sturdy. I love this for being transparent so you can easily find an item you are looking for. It is also easy to clean by just wiping it with cleaning rug. With this rack
being sturdy, it has a multi purpose design where you can place it in any part of your room for any items you want to put. To check related product features, don’t forget to click this link.

The most important thing I consider with a countertop organizer is its storage capability. How much it can store and how durable it is. The designs are also a plus to fit in every part of your kitchen, bathroom or dining room. Most of the items discussed carry these must have features and almost the same with each other and only varies in their price, size and design.