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Best Countertop Microwaves

Microwaves have become appliances you can’t live without in any kitchen. And, over the years, microwave models can do significantly more than warm last night’s leftovers. Most of the microwaves today can perform different tasks like defrosting chicken, baking potatoes, melting chocolate, and softening butter with a touch of a button.

Some microwaves even come with the capability to grill. With all these functionalities, it’s hard to pass up the opportunity to have a countertop microwave. This type of microwave is compact and does not even take up a lot of space. This makes it convenient for any small spaced kitchen. If you want to upgrade your microwave, here’s our review of the best countertop microwaves.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the features of an excellent countertop microwave?

    Answer: Check on the microwave’s turntable. A turntable helps rotate your food and makes sure it heats evenly. If this aspect isn’t working, then you’d have to always stop heating your food to turn the plate around. Second, check the preset functions. Go for a countertop microwave with the functions you need. Another feature people take for granted is smart sensors. Sometimes, figuring out how long you need to heat your food can be a hustle. Smart sensors help adjust the power level and time accordingly. Lastly, the wattage level of the microwave tells you how powerful the device is.

  2. Is it safe to use a microwave?

    Answer: Yes, microwaves are safe to use. You’ve probably heard of the myths that surround the use of a microwave. Some myths claim that the radiation exhibited by these appliances can damage your cells. However, according to the FDA, the electromagnetic radiation that microwaves produce can’t damage your cells. The radiation isn’t as harmful as X-rays, as it’s only used to heat food.

  3. Are stainless steel interior microwaves better?

    Answer: Yes, stainless steel interior microwaves are better. They are more durable and easy to clean up. This interior also doesn’t absorb the flavor or odor of the foods you put in the microwave.

Our Top Picks


Panasonic Countertop Microwave

  • Patented inverter technology
  • 1250 watt power
  • Automatic sensors
  • 14 presets

With 1250 watts of cooking power and 2.2 cubic feet, this microwave can heat food for large families at a quicker speed. It has a 16 ½ inch turning table that can hold large serving dishes, several plates, or a large casserole. Its patented inverter technology generates a seamless power stream that helps deliver consistent and evenly prepared food. The automatic sensors help adjust the power and timing of different foods. Another cool feature is its keep warm functionality that helps hold your food at serving temperature without overcooking it. You can watch this review video for more info.


Toshiba ECO42A5C Countertop Microwave

  • Child safety lock
  • Pre-programmed sensor
  • Quiet
  • Several heating functions

Microwaves are an excellent kitchen appliance to use for reheating and steaming, but not browning food. The Toshiba microwave takes care of this one aspect. This device combines convection oven and microwave heating to help brown your food. These two heating aspects enable you to cook food separately or combine both to heat and brown food quickly. Despite not having plenty of food presets, this microwave does come with buttons for an auto roast, auto bake, sensor cooking, auto defrost, sensor reheat, keeping food warm, and timed defrost. 


Nostalgia Retro Countertop Microwave

  • 12 pre-programmed settings
  • Even cooking
  • LED display lights
  • Bright retro design

The Nostalgia microwave has a vibrant retro design that adds some fun to the modern aspects of this device. Aside from its pop of color, there are other notable features that this microwave comes with like round controls, a digital clock, and an oval window. Other than its design, this device has 800 watts of cooking power and 12 pre-programmed settings to make your favorites like potatoes, popcorn, vegetables, pizza, and more. You can watch this review video for more info.


AmazonBasics Countertop Microwave

  • Compact size
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Child lock
  • Three presets

If you’re looking for a microwave that’s innovative and incorporates technology advancements, then you should try the AmazonBasics Microwave. This appliance is compatible with Alexa. It also comes with a command prompt that allows you to use your voice commands to heat your food. Its connectivity to Alexa enables the device to use the voice command prompt to execute your instructions. The microwave also comes with a child lock that prevents your tot from operating it by voice or manually.


GE Countertop Microwave

  • Large interior
  • Smart settings
  • Inverter technology
  • Childproof

Children are a curious lot. And the kitchen is the one place no parent wants their little one to wander into. But, if it does happen, you need to be confident that the devices in your kitchen are all childproof. This is what the GE Countertop microwave offers. In addition to its childproof feature, this microwave is also family-friendly and comes with easy-to-use buttons. Its 1200 watts of power can cook food more quickly compared to lower watt microwaves. It also has a 2.2 cubic foot interior that allows you to fit a mountain of pizza bites, a family-sized popcorn bag, and an entire casserole.


Commercial Chef CHM66oB

  • Easy to use
  • Compact
  • Low power wattage
  • Rotary dials

Introducing the commercial chef microwave. It has a compact size that’s sufficient for small spaces. With such a compact size, you won’t be able to fit more than a frozen dinner or a ramen bowl. While it may only have 600 watts of power, it does heat quietly and evenly. It also has rotary dials you can use to control power and time. This ensures that you heat everything exactly as you like it. Watch this video for more info.

With microwaves becoming better and more efficient; it’s hard to ignore their convenience in any household. And, with the review above, deciding no longer has to be your worry. You can also check out our review of electric griddles