Best Cordless Phones

There is a majority of people who have made their mobile phone their primary telecommunication device. But remember, there are still valuable reasons why you need a phone at home. For one, landline phones are more dependable in emergencies as they operate on a different network than your mobile phone. Your address is also linked to your home phone itself along with other crucial details, so in times of crises, emergency telephone operators will know your location precisely and be able to provide the needed assistance without getting these details from you.

Here is a handy guide of essential information and reviews for your cordless phone search.

Buyers Guide

  1. What features does a reliable cordless phone have?

    Answer: A high-quality cordless phone comes with excellent voice quality, minimal interference, a longer range, a purposeful design, quality batteries, have speedy charging times and includes a backup for events like power outages.

  2. What other essential cordless phones features do I need to be aware of?

    Answer: Other useful cordless phone features include call screening, caller ID, call blocking and Bluetooth connectivity.

  3. Is there a need to change the rechargeable batteries in cordless phones?

    Answer: Battery performance will lag over time. This happens after a year of using the device. Once this occurs, replace the rechargeable batteries ASAP.

  4. Is it okay to leave a cordless phone on its charger?

    Answer: Majority of battery chargers are equipped with circuits that ends the charging process as soon as the phone is full. If it does not have that feature, overcharging your phone can lead to internal damage.

Our Top Picks


AT&T EL52300 3-Handset DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone

  • Three handset system
  • Handset speakerphones
  • Lighted keypad
  • Caller ID

The AT&T EL52300 is a great budget find with a pleasingly sleek design. The device is based on the DECT 6.0 advancement and it features a wider range compared to its contemporaries in the industry. It includes useful features like caller ID and call waiting. It also presents up to 14 minutes of digital recording time. Make sure to check out this product by tuning in to this review.


VTech CS6114 DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone

  • Caller ID
  • DECT 6.0 digital technology
  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Expandable system

The Vtech CS6114 is just perfect for residential areas and smaller offices. This model comes with a utilitarian design and it’s pretty much a practical cordless model if you just want something basic but dependable. The phone is sufficiently large and quite user-friendly. It has great audio quality, did not present any interference and also includes a backlit keypad and screen for convenience. Other pluses include features like call waiting and caller ID. For more information on this product, check out this demo link.


Panasonic Bluetooth Cordless Phone KX-TG7875S

  • 1.8-inch backlit screen
  • Link2Cell feature
  • Noise reduction
  • Power backup

With the Panasonic Bluetooth cordless phone model on hand, you will never miss messages of utter importance. It comes with an answering machine, a welcome feature on any phone. You can also connect up to two mobile phones on this unit due to its Bluetooth capability. It is a user-friendly model that is packed to the gills with features from a talking caller ID, built-in intercom and clear, decipherable backlit LCD screen. Get to know this device more by going to this demo.


D1760-3 DECT 6.0 Expandable Cordless Phone

  • DECT 6.0 Digital Technology
  • Expandable
  • Built-in phonebook and caller ID
  • Handset controls

The Uniden D1760-3 rates high when it comes to performance. For one, it is equipped with DECT 6.0 technology for communication with the best clarity and without interference of any kind. It also comes with better security due to its inclusion of DECT 6.0. It includes an Eco Mode system for overseeing power consumption. It has a phonebook which can store up to a hundred names plus 50 caller ID. In addition, the unit is capable of backing up to 12 handsets. Get more information thru this demo.


Motorola DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone

  • DECT 6.0 technology
  • Caller ID
  • Backlit screen
  • Expanda

You know a phone has quality written all over it when it comes with DECT 6.0 technology. DECT 6.0 is the gold standard in terms of range and quality of sound. This Motorola cordless model is a model that will catch the attention of users who simply want a dependable phone without the frills. It has the basics plus the features you need for excellent communication. A good model for your home or small office. Check out the product in this demo.


Plantronics 80057-11 CT14 Cordless Headset Phone

  • DECT 6.0 technology
  • Dial pad
  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • Built-in belt/clip

The Plantronics 80057-11 CT14 is an improved version of the previous Plantronics CT12. It comes with a handy yet sleek and contemporary design. It is portable and it links the dial pad base by means of a wire trailing to the headset, which can be worn over the head or the ear. It has high-quality audio and volume for less problematic communication. For convenience, the unit includes a belt clip so users can fasten the phone to their clothing. Check it out in this in-depth product review and demo.

Cordless phones will always be a presence in the homes of smart consumers. Get the best model that will answer your needs by remembering all of the key info you’ve read in this convenient buyer’s guide. See our list of worthy picks that will make communication at home sounder and more dependable.