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Best Catheter Bags

The catheter is a device used following a surgery or a specific medical condition which prohibits patients to relieve themselves naturally. Hence, a catheter is used for the meantime. Urinary catheter supplies are composed of a tube system which is placed in the body to drain the urine. The device used to collect urine is called a catheter bag.

Buyers Guide

  1. What does a catheter bag do exactly?

    Answer: Catheter bags, also known as urine bags, are used to gather urine. The bag attaches to a catheter or tubing which is positioned inside the bladder. The patient might use a catheter and a catheter bag due to surgery which does not allow him or her to urinate normally, experiences incontinence or urinary retention.

  2. What types of catheter bags are available?

    Answer: There are two kinds of catheter bags or urine bags. First, we have the leg bag kind. Leg bags are smaller bags which are designed to be worn underneath clothing.

    Second, we have the large-capacity catheter bag which is mainly designed for overnight use. It is also ideal for bedridden patients.

  3. How do you clean a catheter bag?

    Answer: You do need to clean catheter items especially the bag to avoid sanitary complications and other health issues. Before going to bed, change out of the leg bag and place the drainage bag, Rinse the leg bag with a mixture of 3 parts water and 1 part vinegar. Allow the bag to submerge in the solution for 20 minutes. After soaking, rinse the bag thoroughly with warm water and hang it to dry.

    The next morning, remove the drainage bag, put the leg bag on and clean the drainage bag using the same instructions. Clean the leg bag regularly and replace it whenever you are reminded by your physician or healthcare provider. Changing leg bags is usually done once every month.

  4. Why is cleaning catheter bags required every day?

    Answer: People using catheters are more often than not, at risk of getting urinary tract infections or UTIs. This is the most common complication of using a catheter, whether temporarily or for the long-term. There are ways though in decreasing such risks. One of them is by thorough and frequent cleaning and disinfection of all catheter supplies from the tubing itself down to the catheter bag. You can talk to your doctor about this concern.

    Learn the symptoms of UTIs as well so you can recognize them easily. Symptoms include thicker, cloudy urine, presence of blood in the urine and a feeling of soreness all over the catheter hole.

Our Top Picks


Hollister Urinary Leg Bag

  • Sterile and latex-free
  • Durable construction
  • Pleated sides and leg strap connectors
  • Drain valves

The Urinary Leg Bag from Hollister are made from sturdier materials so it will last for a while and is not prone to cracking or wearing out prematurely. It has excellent durable construction, free from latex material and is sterile and germ-free. The leg bag is made to guard the skin from pressure points by designing the drain valves and leg connectors distances away from the user’s body. Thus, making it easier to use.


Teleflex Medical Inc Teleflex Easy-Tap Leg Bag, Medium, 19 oz, 500 ml, 18 Tubing, Anti-Reflux Valve, Cloth Straps, Easy Flip Drain (Pack of 5), White

  • High-grade PVC material
  • Latex-free, sterile
  • Includes anti-reflux valve
  • Easy to use

The Teleflex Medical Easy-Tap Leg Bag presents a user-friendly way to collect urine due to catheter usage. It’s made from sturdy and durable high-quality PVC material with longer adapter plus an Anti-Reflux valve for better containment and decreased backflow. It has a universal design too meaning users can easily utilize other PVC and latex extension tubing on the leg bag. For extra comfort, the bag has rounded seams which are welded by electronic means. The straps meanwhile are made from breathable, soft fabrics with reinforcements.


MEDLINE DYND12574 DYND12574H Leg Bags with Twist Valve

  • Includes legs straps
  • Durable, sturdy material
  • Anti-reflux valve
  • Germ-free fluid conduit

The Medline Leg Bag is ideal for patients who cannot relieve themselves on their own due to surgery or certain illnesses. This is the leg type catheter bag which means the urine gets collected in a portable bag which is strapped on the patient’s leg. This model in particular features a twist valve which makes for simpler drainage once the bag is filled up. The slide tap makes the whole procedure a cinch to do as well. The straps are already preconnected so no need to assemble and like the bags, are completely free from latex.


Alpine™ Reusable Latex Leg Bag with Kraylex

  • Reusable leg bag
  • Has odor protection
  • Anti-reflux valve
  • Leg bag straps

The Alpine Reusable Latex Leg Bag with Kraylex provides excellent odor protection for patients. The offset, left/right design allows for continuous flow even in seated positions, which makes this model ideal for patients using wheelchairs. The bag also includes threaded fittings which make fastening the catheter bag a simple and secure procedure. No backflow to worry about due to the inclusion of an anti-reflux valve while the twist lock valve design makes for convenient one-handed use.


Dispoz-A-Bag Drainable Leg Bag

  • Heavy-gauge, quality materials
  • Lightweight leg bag
  • Sterile and latex-free
  • Anti-reflux valve

The Bard Dispoz-a-Bag is a catheter leg bag that’s made with a drainage valve that draws off content with just one flip. The vinyl it’s made from has odor-fighting properties, is durable and sturdy too so no leaks will happen. The integrated anti-reflux valve prevents backflow for better patient comfort. Already includes two fastened fabric leg straps and non-latex extension tubing.

When it comes to catheter bags, do not scrimp in terms of quality. Always buy the best durable, reinforced and odor-fighting urine bag that your money can afford.