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cat, toys, play

Best Cat Toys for Your 4-Legged Best Friend

Cat toys are essential to keep cats happy. But did you know these things don’t just mean excitement and fun for them? Experts say it could also help improve their overall health.   

cat, toys, play

One of the main ways it could help your cats’ little body is by promoting exercise. By being active, cats may maintain a healthy body weight while keeping their muscles strong and toned. Exercising can also help increase their metabolic rate, make their joint more flexible, and improve their blood circulation. Aside from benefiting their physical health, these toys can be very good for their psychological health too. It could help them improve their confidence and reduce their anxiety and stress big time.  

There are several of these toys available in the market nowadays. Here are some of those that we highly recommend.  

Buyers Guide

  1. Is it important for a cat to play?

    Answer: Playing is very crucial when it comes to cats. It provides an opportunity for them to exercise especially during rainy seasons or when it snows outside. Doing so can mean lots of benefits too. Regular play can effectively help maintain a healthy body weight. It can also keep your felines active, which can prevent some behavior problems in the long run. These problems may include constant licking of themselves, biting off their skin, or pulling out their fur.

  2. Are all cat toys safe?

    Answer: There are different cat toys available on the market nowadays. Some of these are pounce toys, stuffed toys, treat-dispensing toys, cat tunnels, cat climbing toys, and cat exercise wheels. Though these toys can be fun to play with, unfortunately, some materials could cause more harm than good. These materials include ribbons, strings, dental floss, paper clips, rubber bands, plastic bags, and feather toys.

  3. Where should I keep my cats’ toys?

    Answer: Organizing is beneficial to one’s health. It could improve focus, reduce anxiety and depression, make you more productive, help you to have peace of mind, and reduce stress. This is why it is important to organize your things always—and that also includes your cats’ toys.

    To organize your cats’ toys and stuff, you might want to start storing them in plastic containers, big boxes, or drawers or hiding them in lockable bins. Store them in groups so it would be easier for you to remember the exact place you put your cat’s things. It could also help if you label the boxes so it is easier to find the things in the future. For string cat toys, it would be a good idea to use a mop hanger and broom hanger to organize and keep those.

Our Top Picks


Ontel Flippity Fish Cat Toy

  • Entertaining for cats of all ages
  • Can help stop scratching and clawing
  • Inclusions are refillable pouch and catnip
  • Durable, non-toxic, and realistic

Ontel Flippity Fish Cat Toy is the perfect toy if you want to give your feline the most amazing and realistic toy it deserves. The toy was created with a built-in motion sensor, which automatically turns on whenever your cat touches the toy or if your feline is nearby. This would then move, wiggle, and flop like a real fish, which could surely entertain your pet for hours. It is also non-toxic and durable making it a great deal for your money. With Ontel Flippity Fish Cat Toy, your cat will surely have fun all day even if it is just inside your home.   

You might want to watch its commercial on YouTube for more details.  


BlackHole Litter Mat Interactive Swimming Robot Fish Toy

  • colorful 4 piece set-comes with 4 uniquely colored swimming robot fish toys
  • stimulate your cat’s instincts-perfect way to help introduce them new water activities
  • automatic swimming feature-designed fish toys for cats with automated robotic fins
  • built-in flashing leds-perfect for getting your cat’s attention

At BlackHole Litter Mat, we’re all about finding new and creative ways to help gets cats excited for playtime in a way that feels natural to them. That’s why we’ve come up with these interactive and colorful cat robot fish toys to help encourage your feline companions to sharpen their natural hunter instincts, but also have fun doing it. These fish toys for cats contain built-in LEDs that flash and light up when turned on. They also feature a robotic fin that moves side to side, gliding these cat robot fish toys gracefully along the water. With these combined features, our cat toys are great for catching your cat’s attention and encouraging them overcome their fear and unease of water to catch and hunt down these fishy fiends.To use these robotic fish cat toys, simply take them out of the box, then fill a large sized bowl, a sink, or bathtub with water, then gently place the swimming fish cat toys in the water in-front of your cat, then watch as the fish automatically turn on and as your cat quickly become mesmerized by the flashing and swimming fishes.


PETMAKER Cat Activity Center

  • Includes 4 different interactive hanging toys
  • Made from polyester and cotton
  • Portable, lightweight, and collapsible
  • Dimensions of 22” x 22” x 14.5”

PETMAKER Cat Activity Center is one of the best cat toys on the market. Made mostly from polyester, fleece, and metal, this activity center features four different hanging toys, which your felines can surely be entertained with throughout the day. Can suit all types and ages, this activity center also caters to a mat that is made out of fleece material. Its quality assures a maximum level of comfort all perfectly crafted for your beloved pet’s satisfaction. With dimensions of 22” x 22” x 14.5”, it is also lightweight and portable, easy to store and keep if not in use.  


Tempcore Cat Tunnel

  • Made from ultra-strong polyester
  • It has three spacious tunnels
  • Portable and collapsible
  • The tube is 10 and 17 inches in height and depth respectively

Cat tunnels are an excellent choice when it comes to cat toys. Experts say these tunnels provide lots of benefits to our feline friends. Some of which include entertainment and an opportunity to exercise more in a fun and exciting way.   

Tempcore Cat Tunnel is one of the best cat tunnels the market has nowadays. It has three spacious tunnels, which include a peephole and ball toy to add more excitement to your cats’ everyday hunting adventures. It is designed with ultra-strong tear-resistant polyester, steel frame, and protective ends, making this gem very durable and strong. It is also portable and collapsible for easy keeping once not used.   


SmartyKat’s Hot Pursuit Electronic Concealed Motion Cat Toy

  • Electronic concealed motion
  • Weighed about 0.55 pounds
  • Has an adjustable speed
  • Made from recycled plastic and eco-advantage plastic wand

Nothing can mesmerize cats as much as SmartyKat’s Hot Pursuit Electronic Concealed Motion Cat Toy can. It can replicate the erratic movements of prey with all the teasing tail and moving lights. The wand automatically moves, zips, flits, and creates fascinating movements at a controllable speed. All these your cats wouldn’t be able to resist.   

One of the best things about this toy is its adjustable speed. This feature makes it easier for cats to get along with this toy. The speed can be easily customized based on what your feline prefers the best. With this toy, your cat’s hunting instincts will surely be turned on, encouraging them to become active and start to chase, leap, and pounce in no time.  


PSATCL Cat Wand Toy

  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Can also be used for spotting and night lighting
  • Can be charged using a car charger, power bank, and a mobile phone charger
  • Has three modes, which includes red light, UV light, and flashlight

Made from high-quality materials of stainless steel, this durable PSATCL Cat Wand Toy is your partner in entertaining, training, and keeping your cat busy indoors. It is very user friendly and can easily be navigated using its different modes and light patterns. It is designed elegantly and can easily be carried anywhere using its metal clip design. Keeping it fully charge anytime is also no biggie as it can be charge easily with the use of either a car, power bank and mobile phone charger. Also perfect for dogs, this toy can be used for other things like spotting things and also for night lighting.   


Three Layer Colorful Trackball Tower

  • Made from cat-friendly and durable materials
  • It is non-toxic, odorless, and safe for pets
  • Easy to clean
  • Has an anti-slip bottom

If you are looking for a complete kitchen system that is perfect to inspire your family to live healthier, Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System is the best for you. It doesn’t just include the food processor you need to make your food prep easier; the package also comes with other kitchThis Three Layer Colorful Track Ball Tower is not just your ordinary trackball tower. Made from durable and lightweight ABS material, this trackball tower features an anti-slip bottom, covered with hypnotic and bright colors, created with interactive and durable design, and with dimensions of 6 inches or 15 cm and 8.5 inches or 22 cm for its height and width. This toy won’t just help your cat feel entertained, but this odorless, non-toxic, and cat-friendly toy would also help stimulate your felines’ mental health while giving them the physical workout they need too.  

If you want your felines to have a happier life at home, then you might as well invest in one of these toys. If you want, you can also check out the list we got regarding other items and accessories for your pets. The money you will allot for it will surely be worth it.