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Best Carpenter Ant Baits

The carpenter ant is one of the biggest ant species today. They are known for invading homes and building colonies in there which can pose a threat to living spaces. Deal with this problem ASAP by trusting the best carpenter ant baits. Our guide touches on this subject and features reviews on carpenter ant baits worthy of your attention.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the habits and appearance of carpenter ants?

    Answer: Carpenter ants are black in color and quite large, measuring up to a half inch. This type of ant does not produce mounds of soil and instead, settle in dry or damp wood, but mostly preferring the latter. Carpenter ant colonies are usually found in wood and living trees close to water resources. These ants also have strong jaws and will bite when provoked.

    Carpenter ants are not as damaging to wooden furniture and houses compared to termites but the degree of damage they can do is not always noticeable since the ants, together with the queen and worker ants, generate a maternal colony with several outposts, usually with only worker ants minus the queen.

  2. How are carpenter ants and termites different?

    Answer: Carpenter ants are usually mistaken for termites. However, the former are bigger than the latter. Carpenter ants also have a different antenna form and body shape. These ants, unlike termites, do not consume wood but rather turn it into a nest or colony instead.

  3. Why is my home invaded by carpenter ants?

    Answer: In majority of cases, the sizable presence of carpenter ants usually means that there are moisture issues happening in your home or the building. This is the reason why carpenter ants are usually found on damp areas of a house or building like the bathrooms, the sink, dishwashers and laundry spots. You will also likely see clusters of carpenter ants near plumbing leaks.

  4. Are standard ant baits effective on carpenter ants?

    Answer: Keep in mind that not all ant bait formulas are one and the same. Different species of ants are pulled in to different kinds of baits. What attracts a carpenter ant might not work on fire ants. If you want the trap to work, you should always go for a bait that is specifically designed for the type of ant you want to eliminate, like or instance, carpenter ants.

Our Top Picks


Bayer Advanced 700310 Carpenter Ant and Termite Killer Plus Concentrate, 40-Ounce

  • Efficient barrier treatment
  • Kills upon contact
  • Broad-spectrum use for the outdoors
  • Eliminates carpenter ants, termites, carpenter bees, ticks and more

The Bayer Advanced Carpenter Ant and Termite Killer Plus Concentrate is not only made to eliminate said pests, it can also tackle more than 70 pests which can be hazardous for people and pets. It guards your property from the bane caused by these nuisances. The formula kills upon contact and it’s ideal for home structures, the patio, deck, house foundation and even wood piles. Get more insight on this product in this review.


Terro T1812 Outdoor Liquid Ant Killer Bait Stakes – 8 Count (0.25 oz each) (2 Pack)

  • Only liquid bait stake in the market
  • Ready-to-use pre-filled stakes
  • Fast-acting formula
  • Weatherproof properties

Tackle the pest problem in your home using the Terro Liquid Ant Killer Bait Stakes, the only liquid bait stake product in the market today. The stakes secure themselves into the ground firmly and its transparent bait monitor allows you to check the progress of the trap. The bait is designed to attract all types of ant species. They are also built to be weatherproof in order to endure harsh weather conditions. Check how this one works in this review.


Spectracide 96472 HG-96472 Insect Killer, V

  • Granular form insect killer
  • Stops new mound formation
  • Eliminates queen ant and colony
  • Gives up to 3 months’ protection against fire ants

The Spectracide Insect Killer works hard to remove all traces of bothersome and harmful pests in your yard. It begins its job within minutes, not only ridding your property of fire ants but other pests as well like crickets, army worms, earwigs, fleas, ticks, cockroaches, cutworms and other insects on the list. The insect killer will also give up to 3 months’ protection and stop the formation of mounds and trails of insects on your residence. See how this fares in this video review.


Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait 0.95 oz-2 boxes BA1073

  • Control pests within 3-5 days
  • High-moisture content bait
  • Requires re-application every 3-7 days
  • Ideal for homes, commercial locations, hospitals

Nip your pest problem in the bud with the help of Bayer’s Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait. This insect killer makes use of a high-moisture content bait to lure carpenter ants. The formula comes in gel form and features delayed-action elimination so worker ants can still bring the bait throughout the colony and the queen. This process in turn gets rid of the queen and the colony within a few days. Get more information in this review.


Combat Source Kill 4: Six Ant Bait Stations. Kills Queen & Entire Colony. Henkel 45901

  • Non-detectable insect killer
  • Slow-acting formula
  • Gets rid of infestation source
  • Does not release harmful fumes

The Combat Source Kill 4 insect killer tackles your pest problem head-on with its slow-acting formula. The slow-acting formulation allows worker ants to spread the poison to the whole colony, eliminating it within a few days. It protects your property for up to 3 months. Child-resistant but must be handled with care—the product is harmful when taken in by the skin. Wash hands carefully after application. Get more insight in this review video.

Give your property and family a favor and stop the infestation of pesky carpenter ants in your home. Choose the best carpenter ant bait through our guide.