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Best Car Ashtrays

Back in the day, cars came with built-in ashtrays. Unless you’re still driving an old vehicle, you will no longer find an ashtray in most new cars. So, the only way to dispose your cigarette butt is to toss it out the window onto the street where it can land in an open sunroof or window or, worse, ignite roadside grass.

Of course, you do not intend for such to happen, so if you’re a smoker who does not like flicking away your cigarettes while driving, there are ashtrays you can buy that are made specially for car use.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a car ashtray?

    Answer: A car ashtray is receptacle used for putting out cigarettes and cigars while inside a vehicle.

  2. Do I need a car ashtray?

    Answer: If you smoke in your car or have passengers who do, it would be good to have an ashtray to avoid having to throw your cigarette butts out the window.

  3. Can I use my car ashtray in the home?

    Answer: Yes. Car ashtrays are portable and can also be used in homes and offices.

Our Top Picks


Takavu Car Ashtray

  • With lid
  • With removable lighter
  • Detachable and portable
  • Fits most car cup holders

Never again throw your cigarette butts out the window with this car ashtray. Constructed out of premium quality materials, it is sturdy and durable. The lid features a cool blue LED light when lifted, plus a removable cigarette lighter for convenient lighting. The lid closes securely, keeping the smell from spreading or lingering inside the vehicle. 


Vurtne Auto Car Ashtray

  • With cool blue LED light
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Fits most car cup holders
  • Made of fireproof material

Enjoy a cigarette while on the road with this car ashtray. The lid has LED illumination that increases night vision and makes the ashtray convenient to use at night. This cool blue light also gives you easy visual access to the tray so ashes don’t go flying in every direction. Made of high-density material, the ashtray is non-flammable and safe inside vehicles.


Solarxia Car Ashtray

  • With electronic lighter
  • With LED illumination
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Detachable design

Smoke a cigarette while driving with this car ashtray. It has a built-in removable lighter on the top of lid, designed with solar panel and USB charging. The cool blue LED light makes sure you can see the tray at night and keep the ash inside. Made of stainless steel with a ceramic lining, the ashtray is rust proof and very easy to clean.


Elite Brands USA Car Travel Ashtray

  • Could be fitted on car vents
  • Fits most car cup holders
  • Ease of use in the dark
  • Heat resistant

Have a stick while you’re traveling with this car ashtray. Its blue glow LED light automatically switches on upon opening the lid to prevent ashes from dropping on the carpet. The ash grills easily crush butts, while the molded holder keeps your hands free while driving. The ashtray’s non-flammable inner metal lining keeps the exteriors safe.

Avoid road accidents by having your own ashtray inside your vehicle. This way, you can enjoy a smoke while driving without putting other people in danger.