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Best Candle Lighters

Some candles have hard-to-reach wicks that are difficult to light without burning your fingers. The use of standard short matches or a bic lighter hasn’t helped, given the size of the wick. Luckily, there are slim and long lighters designed specially for igniting tricky candles.

With some research on Amazon, we were able to find four lighters that work well not only for candles but also for other combustible materials like cigars, gas stoves, and fireworks. See why these lighters made out list.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a candle lighter?

    Answer: A candle lighter is a device with a long nozzle used to create a flame.

  2. How do you use a candle lighter?

    Answer: Simply press the button on the handle and wait for the candle to light up. Release the button.

  3. Are there other uses for candle lighters?

    Answer: You can use your candle lighter for igniting barbecue grills, ovens, gas cookers, cigarettes, and other combustible materials.

Our Top Picks


Syubonz Candle Lighter

  • 360° flexible arc
  • With LED flashlight
  • USB rechargeable
  • Windproof

This plasma lighter is uniquely designed with a built-in LED flashlight that allows you to use it at night. The durable and corrosion-resistant carbon steel flexible neck protects fingers from the flame, while the rotating design makes it easy to get to hard-to reach places. The lighter features 4 blue LED indicators to show you the charging status in a real time.


Haino Candle Lighter

  • With 360° flexible neck
  • With LED battery display
  • Flameless and windproof
  • With child-proof switch

This 4.5-inch electric arc lighter features a 360° rotatable neck that can be bent to any angle to meet different applications. Its powerful USB rechargeable Li-ion battery can be recirculated 600 to 800 times and can be connected with computers and power banks. The flameless plasma technology protects the electric pulse from being blown out by strong winds or wet weather.


Veksun Candle Lighter

  • Long and flexible
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • With 5 LED lights
  • Windproof and moisture-proof

This electric arc lighter features a flexible neck that can easily be shaped, bent, twisted, and angled in any way. This extended neck can be rotated 360°, making the lighter perfect for igniting tall candle jars, stoves, and ovens. Simply flip the safety switch and hold the “on” button down. Once released, the arc shuts off for increased children safety.


Yanshubin Candle Lighter

  • Flexible and rotatable neck
  • Real-time battery capacity
  • Uses no harmful substances
  • Withstands wind and splash

This arc lighter has a 4.05-inch long neck that can be rotated and bent 360° for a wide range of applications. For safety, the lighter provides protection from overload, discharge, short circuit, and overheating. Its 5 LED lights indicate when the battery needs to be charged. Wind and splash-proof, this lighter is ideal for outdoor use.

Unlike ordinary bic lighters, these candle lighters get hard-to-reach areas while keeping you at a safe distance from flames. Their arc design ensures no blowing out so you can easily light up your candles and other combustible materials even when outdoors.