Best Camera Flash Brackets

A camera flash bracket is an added accessory to make your filming needs a lot easier. Through the bracket, you can produce flattering light and diffuse it properly so it would register well in the photo. With that in mind, here’s a list of 5 best camera flash brackets you can opt to buy.


YONGNUO YN560 IV Wireless Trigger Speedlite Flash for Canon Nikon

  • Has a built-in radio frequency (RF) transmitter and receiver
  • Can trigger flashes within the 100-meter radius
  • Comes with two modes you can choose from (S1 and S2 for better performance of the light bracket)
  • Equipped with a TTL3 flash

It’s the first among the YN560 line to have a built-in RF transmitter, compared to the earlier release that only has an RF receiver. What sets the YONGNUO YN560 IV is that it has a wide-angle diffuser which you can pull out if you are achieving for that look. You can learn other information about this product here.


Stroboframe Quick Flip 350 Flash Bracket

  • 100% secure and scratch-resistant
  • Made up of aluminum that won’t break easily
  • Can be used in any camera orientation
  • Easily changes its orientation in just one flip

The great thing about this product is with just one flip, you can go from shooting vertical pictures to horizontal ones – something that most camera flash brackets aren’t able to do. It’s pretty convenient especially for photographers who love to shoot in either orientation. For more information about this product, you may watch this video.


Manfrotto 244 Variable Friction Magic Arm w/ Camera Bracket

  • Sturdy and can accommodate both bulky and flat camera surfaces
  • Have three knobs adjustable knobs
  • Flexible to move around
  • Can shoot from every angle

The Manfrotto camera flash bracket is perfect for those who are looking for a bracket that’s extremely easy to move around. It’s also recommended if you would like to shoot from different angles. In this way, you aren’t restricted with just one angle to shoot with and it’s pretty much easy to use. To know more about this product, you can watch this video.


ALZO Flip Flash® Camera Bracket

  • Easy and fast-changing of shooting orientation
  • Appropriately spaced from the camera’s lens
  • Flash can be extended
  • Has two mounts

The ALZO Flip Flash is ideal for wedding and event photographers as it could accommodate both either landscape or portrait setting. Users can also adjust the height of the flash bracket, and even add an additional flash on top of it. You can learn more about this flash bracket here.


Micnova FlashBracket

  • Sturdy and 100% scratch-resistant
  • One photo-orientation filming/shooting
  • Has additional supports which you can place other camera accessories
  • Easy to lock in

The Micnova FlashBracket fully extends the functionality of your camera especially if your camera has only one port you can attach to. You can attach either microphones, additional flashes, and even small cameras.
For other information, watch how the product performs here.

Overall, the products listed above have their own advantages over the other. The important feature, however, you should look for in a good camera flash bracket is that it should be sturdy enough to bear the weight of the flash and other accessories you can put into this and could accommodate whichever angle you are used to in shooting.