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Best Cake Decorating Kits

Whether you’re looking to unleash the baker in you or start a small cake business, you will need a bake set that has everything you need to hone your creativity in the kitchen. A good kit would include a number of tools like a turntable, spatulas, scrapers, couplers, pastry bags, and a whole lot more.

If you’re new to this hobby and don’t know yet the tools you need, we found some great cake decorating kits that are packed with plenty of supplies. Take a look at our top finds to see why they’re getting great reviews.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are cake decorating kits?

    Answer: Cake decorating kits are sets of supplies used for decorating cakes, cupcakes, and cookies.

  2. What’s included in cake decorating kits?

    Answer: Cake decorating kits usually include a turntable, icing nozzle tips, a pastry bag, cake brush, spatulas, scrapers, and other supplies you need to decorate a cake.

  3. Is a cake decorating kit necessary?

    Answer: If you want a complete set of cake decorating supplies, a kit would be useful so you do not have to buy separate pieces.

Our Top Picks


Cakebe Cake Decorating Tools Piping Bags and Tips Set

  • Set of 246
  • Patent pending nozzles storage system
  • Handy storage chest for all included tools
  • Ideal for Cake & Cupcake Decorating

Cakebe 246 pcs Cake & Cupcake Decorating Kit with Storage Chest and Smart Nozzles Holder (Patent Pending Holding System). Great for beginners and advanced cake cupcake & cookie decorators. Includes an innovative storage box with a smart nozzle holder. Includes 36 decorating nozzles and other decorating tools and supplies.


RFAQK Cake Decorating Supplies Kit

  • Set of 117
  • Smooth revolving turntable
  • With numbered tips
  • With e-book user guide

Enhance your cake decorating skills with this set of 117 supplies. It includes everything you need for baking like Russian piping tips, spatulas, and scrapers. The non-sticky turntable revolves clockwise and counter-clockwise, making it suitable for both right and left handers. The kit includes numbered tips with a pattern chart so you don’t have to worry about which tips produce what kind of decoration.


Kootek Cake Decorating Kit

  • Smooth revolving turntable
  • With reusable and disposable pastry bags
  • Flexible icing spatula
  • Various icing smoothers

Decorate your way to pastry heaven with this cake decorating kit. Its turntable rotates clockwise and anticlockwise, allowing you easily create beautiful borders. The 12 decorating tips with coupler help you create beautiful patterns, while the silicone piping bags withstand powerful extrusion. The comb and icing smoother create 3 or more kinds of patterns on the side or top of your cakes.


BoYun Cake Decorating Supplies Kit

  • Set of 137
  • With pattern chart and e-book
  • For all ages and skill levels
  • Smooth revolving turntable

Create beautiful masterpieces with this 137-piece cake decorating kit. With numbered tips and a pattern chart, you never have to worry about which tips produce what kind of decoration. The non-stick turntable with hidden ball bearings helps you easily decorate your cakes, while the fondant tools let you make letterings or frosting swirls like a pro.


Taiker Cake Decorating Supplies

  • Set of 293
  • All accessories meet US food-grade standards
  • With 4 different-sized pans
  • BPA free

Make exceptional-looking cakes with this set of 293 baking supplies. It includes numerous essentials like a rotating turntable, 48 piping icing tips, 7 Russian nozzles, and 9 carved pens. There are 4 non-stick and microwaveable springform cake pans that can make multilayer cakes. The supplies are made of FDA-certificated 304 stainless steel, plastic, and silicone.


AJ Gear Cake Decorating Supplies Kit

  • Set of 210
  • Heavy-duty rotating turntable
  • With 51 numbered tips
  • Comes with a tip chart

Get creative with pastries with this 210-piece cake decorating kit. Its revolving turntable features a solid aluminum alloy construction, non-slip surface, and rubber feet for maximum stability and precision cake crafting. The easy-to-use numbered tips let you become an expert with cakes, cookies, and party platters. All supplies are BPA free, PVC free, and dishwasher safe.


Kosbon Cake Decorating Supplies

  • Set of 276
  • Food-grade materials
  • With 3 different-sized pans
  • Includes muffin cup molds and egg tarts molds

Here’s a complete set for beginners and professionals. This 276-piece cake decorating kit includes important supplies like springform cake pans, icing tips with number and chart, Russian tips, and carved pens. Supplies meet US food-grade standards and are made of FDA-certificated 304 stainless steel, silicone, and plastic. 

With a complete kit of cake decorating supplies, you have everything you need for amazing masterpieces in the kitchen. Both beginners and professionals can create swirling patterns, floral motifs, and syringe infusions.