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Best Briefcases

For most people, the briefcase is only an item used to store and move important documents and reports back and forth. The truth is, a briefcase is a crucial element in business-related attire. Selecting the right briefcase is essential as it will boost that professional image that you want to acquire. Read our buyer’s guide for vital information about briefcases and our top product recommendations based on our extensive research. Go for a quality briefcase that speaks to your needs and helps you foster that professional look that will help you get ahead.

Buyers Guide

  1. Who uses a briefcase these days?

    Answer: The briefcase, due to its design and construction, was mainly used to store and transport documents. Back in the day, they were mostly utilized by lawyers and businessmen. These days though, due to modern upgrades and a demand for casual cool, briefcases are now available in various forms—designs were made to accommodate electronic devices like laptops while some can be transformed into backpacks.

  2. What are the different types of briefcases?

    Answer: The different kinds of briefcases include the following:
    • Soft-sided – Opens from the top and includes a handle and separate shoulder strap.
    • Portfolio briefcase – Has a handle on top and bigger in size.
    • Rolling briefcase – Can pack clothes, laptops and important documents.
    • Attaché case – Traditional box-style case usually made from leather material or aluminum.

  3. What factors should I consider when looking for briefcases?

    Answer: You need to consider the briefcase’s usability first, the locking options it provides, the materials and construction, its portfolio, folio case and the price.

  4. What materials are briefcases usually made of?

    Answer: Briefcases as mentioned earlier, are typically crafted from quality leather or aluminum material. The best material for briefcases according to experts is top-grain cowhide leather due to its durability and professional-looking finish. Hardware is also available on all briefcases—it can include buckles or zippers. Leather briefcases come in a wide range of colors from black, beige down to olive colors. You can settle on a briefcase by basing it on the color wardrobe that you often wear at work.

Our Top Picks


Solo Grand Central Attaché, Hard-sided with Combination Locks

  • Classic, timeless look
  • Dual combination locks
  • Multiple interior compartments
  • Strong carry handle

The Solo Grand Central Attaché has a design that harkens back to the briefcases of old, although with a modern touch. The briefcase includes a cushioned laptop compartment with detachable padded spacers plus Velcro straps that guard electronic devices. It is designed with up to 16 interior organization compartments as well so you can group your items and store them minus the mess. Store your files, small electronic gadgets and other essentials required for your work in this durable, classy attaché case. The attaché-style case is for you if you want something more traditional and sophisticated. Get more insight on this briefcase in this review video.


Solo Duane 15.6 Inch Laptop Hybrid Briefcase, Converts to Backpack

  • Transforms into a backpack
  • Multiple compartments
  • Large front pocket with organizer section
  • Lightweight briefcase

Professionals today want bags and briefcases that are versatile, highly-functional and good-looking. The Solo Duane Laptop Hybrid Briefcase is also designed to accommodate small electronic devices like laptops and for versatility, can be transformed into a handy backpack. Yes, this one is packed with features. Great additions include front zip-down organizer section, detachable adjustable shoulder strap, padded backpack straps and convertible hideaway straps. Acquire that elegance that only a high quality briefcase-to-backpack model can provide. Get more info on this product in this review.


Samsonite Leather Expandable Briefcase

  • 7.25 inches of depth
  • Made from authentic leather
  • Front pocket organization
  • Removable, padded shoulder strap

Samsonite is one of the leaders in leather items and their black Expandable Briefcase is no exception. Sleek and business-like, the case is capable of storing your important files and everyday essentials due to its expandable compartment. It accommodates laptop sizes up to 15.6 inches. The SmartPocket slips over vertical handles for ease in transit. It is made from authentic, durable leather material with a beautiful, classy finish. Get more insight on this case in this review.


Alpine Swiss Expandable Leather Attaché Briefcase Dual Combination Locks

  • Sleek, elegant design
  • Expandable and roomy
  • Expanding folder section
  • Made from genuine quality leather

For briefcases that make an excellent impression on your business colleagues, the Alpine Swiss Expandable Leather Briefcase is something you would be interested in. It has a sleek and elegant style equipped with dual combination locks to double the protection. Its interior organizer comes with an expanding folder section with slots for pens and business cards plus a pouch for your phone. Quality leather is complemented by classy, long-lasting silver hardware. Get more insight on this case in this review.


Leather Briefcase Shoulder 15.6″ Laptop Business Vintage Slim Messenger Bag

  • Top-grain cowhide leather
  • Strong fabric lining with silver hardware
  • Double zipper compartment
  • Secure and chic

Bostanten’s briefcase model does not disappoint in terms of quality and functionality. The case is made from premium top-grain cowhide leather, durable fabric lining and long-lasting silver hardware. It has a multipurpose design which also includes contrast accent stitching, multiple storage pockets, adjustable/removable shoulder strap and a top handle. The presence of a removable shoulder strap makes carrying the briefcase easier and more comfortable for its users. Get more information on this product by watching this review video.

The briefcase, while it has undergone a few tweaks through the years, remains to be a sleek and timeless piece, a symbol of influence and power in the business world. It is crucial that you get the right briefcase for your line of work—the right one will impress and properly contain all of your important items from documents down to your cards and pens.