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Best Breast Milk Storage Bags

Breast milk is an essential requirement for any newborn to grow into a healthy, strong baby. However, as a mom, there are days when nursing your little one is not possible, and you have to express and store your golden liquid for later. This is where breast milk storage bags come in handy. Pumping is hard work, and finding the right storage bag for your liquid gold can help make life easier. Here’s our round-up for the best breast milk storage bags to help save you the trouble of trial and error.

Buyers Guide

  1. Why Should I purchase Breast Milk Storage Bags?

    Answer: First, breast milks storage bags are hygienic, as they are sterile, meaning your little one has a lower risk of getting sick from contamination. Second, these bags are designed to prevent leaks or accidental spills. Lastly, you can store large quantities of milk without worrying about dumping excess breast milk.

  2. How do I choose the best breast milk storage bags?

    Answer: When shopping for breast milk storage bags, here are some things you should keep in mind. First, consider the material of the storage bag. The best material for breast milk storage bags is food-grade plastic. This ensures that the manufacturers design the storage bag for breast milk storage. It also makes the breast milk safe for your little one to drink. Second, check for a temper-resistant or safety seal. This seal ensures that the bag remains uncontaminated and clean at all times, as you have to remove it before use. Lastly, consider the size, and it stores milk. A good breast milk storage bag will have enough space to store your breast milk. It should also take up minimal space and freeze flat in your freezer.

  3. How do I store breast milk storage bags?

    Answer: Unlike, regular food storing breast milk requires keen attention to specific details. According to the CDC, freshly pumped breast milk can be kept at room temperature for four days. It can remain fresh for six months in the freezer. While it’s possible to store breast milk in the freezer for 12 months, storing it for six months ensures that it maintains optimum quality. Therefore, ensure you store your breast milk storage bags in the freezer instead of keeping them at room temperature.

Our Top Picks


Baby Chan Breast Milk Storage Bags

  • Convenient pour spout
  • Double zipper seal
  • Self-standing bottom
  • BPA free
  • Capacity 7 Ounces

Baby Chan breast milk storage bags are equipped with the convenient pour spout that makes transferring breast milk from these bags into feeding bottles very easy. Moms can record the volume or date on the space provided at the front side of the bag. Baby Chan bags are made of durable and high-quality plastic that enables them to lay flat in the freezer and save more freezer space. The high-quality plastic also enables the bags to stand on their own even when they are empty. Baby Chan breast milk storage bags come pre-sterilized and are BPA- and BPS-free, so they are safe for storing breast milk for your little ones.


NUK Seal N’ Go Breast Milk Bags

  • Double zipper seal
  • BPA free
  • Self standing feature
  • Capacity of 6 Ounces

At first glance, this storage bag has a double zipper seal that helps prevent any leaks or milk contamination. This seal also keeps the bag airtight, preventing air bubbles from getting into the milk. The plastic used on these bags is multilayered, pre-sterilized, and is BPA free, making it safe for your child to use. Another notable feature is its rounded bottom, which helps prevent the corners of the bag from leaking. It also comes with a spout that makes it easy to prevent spills when transferring the breast milk into a feeding bottle. This bag comes with external markings for quantity; you can use to label and indicate the date. Lastly, these storage bags’ size capacity is 6 ounces, making it the perfect size to store large quantities of milk.


Kiinde Twist Pouch Storage Bags

  • Twist cap for each bag
  • Compatible with most breast pumps
  • BPA free
  • Capacity of 6 ounces

If you’re the type of mom, who values convenience, then this storage might be just for you. These bags come with a twist cap that makes it easy to attach it to most breast pumps. All you need to do is directly pump the breast milk into the storage bag, store the milk, attach the bag to a range of nipples, and feed your baby. From boob to baby, everything stays in the same bag. This reduces the chances of contamination. It also cuts down the amount of time you spend washing feeding bottles.


Dr. Brown’s Storage Bags

  • Safe for freezer use
  • Self standing bottom
  • Easy to read capacity markings
  • Capacity of 6 ounces

This breast milk storage bag is made from durable and high-quality plastic that’s safe for freezer use. The material is also pre-sterilized. It has a self-standing bottom that makes pouring milk from the pouch easier. If you’re the type of mom, who’s keen on every detail, this easy-to-read quantity marking will serve you quite well. With its volume markings, you can write and label the date of each quantity. This helps you remember when you put the milk into the bag. These bags can lay flat or stand upright in a freezer leaving ample space for you to store other items.


Milkies Breast Milk Storage Bags

  • BPA free
  • Reinforced sides
  • Double zipper
  • Capacity of 7 ounces

This bag’s first notable feature is its double zipper and reinforced sides, which help prevent leaks and breaks when storing milk. It is also made from the high-quality food-grade material that’s also pre-sterilized. Another cool feature is the transparent material that makes it easy to see inside and mark the quantity bag. It has a strong base that makes it easy for the bag to stand without support. This, in turn, prevents spills when transferring milk into the bag.


Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags

  • Double zipper seal
  • Capacity of 6 ounces
  • Lay flat storage
  • Spout design

Also making the list is Lansinoh’s breast milk storage bags. This bag can hold 6 ounces of milk, which ensures that you can store all your expressed milk at a go. It also comes with a double zipper seal, which prevents any contamination or milk spills during storage. These bags have a spout that makes it easy to get your golden liquid into feeding bottles without spills. These bags are designed to lay flat in your freezer for easier storage, leaving you with enough space to store other items.

Despite being a storage bag, it’s essential to handle it with care, as your baby’s health depends on it. Make sure you use one storage bag at a time and dispose of after use. Don’t overfill the breast milk bag as this can interfere with its sealing. Also, remember not to mix milk from different batches. Ensure that each storage bag contains freshly pumped milk.