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Here is a List of the Best Book Lights We Could Find

The best book-reading is done before going to bed—fellow bookworms will agree with this. Reading on the bed feels snug, secure and comfortable for most of us. It also helps us de-stress and get some much-needed snooze because reading is a relaxing habit. However, bedside lamps can be too bright for most of us. In addition, those lights can be a burden for people trying to sleep next to us.

There’s no need to sacrifice your beloved nighttime habit for there is a ready solution for those bright lights—the best rechargeable book lights will help you finish those chapters without being a bother to our bedside companions.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a book light exactly?

    Answer: The book light is a type of device which emits sufficient light that is still fit for reading and will not disturb bedside companions. These lighting devices are smaller compared to traditional bedside/nightstand lamps and are pretty affordable too. This is a lighting unit that is very recommended for people who love to read or study in bed.

  2. What type of lighting modes to book lights offer?

    Answer: Book lights typically come in either daylight white, cool white or warm white lighting modes. Daylight white gives the highest light of around 6700 Kelvin. Cool white has a lumination rate ranging between 4100 and 3000 Kelvin. It gives enough illumination in semi-dim indoor environments in the daytime. Warm white has a lumination level that is below 2700 Kelvin. It has a yellowish tint and it helps guard the eyes against the dangerous impact of blue lights at night. This type of light also aids in melatonin production in the evenings—melatonin is a type of hormone which helps regulate our sleeping and waking cycles. The use of white, bright lights in the evening has an impact in one’s sleeping and waking cycles.

  3. What factors should I consider when choosing a book light?

    Answer: First, you need to consider the kind of lighting mode you prefer for your book light—these lighting modes were discussed earlier. Next you have to consider the battery capacity of the unit—the best ones offer rechargeable features and have a runtime of 24 hours at the least. You should also consider what additional features you need in the book light—great models include a 360-degree neck so you can move the light in any direction. Other features you may be interested in assessing is the kind of bulb used by the light and the presence of clips—lots of book lights include a clip so you can fasten the unit on the book, magazine or table for fuss-free reading.

Our Top Picks


Hooga Book Light

  • Has gentle amber-colored light
  • 99.94% free from blue lights
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Flexible 7-inch gooseneck

If your bedside companion frequently complains about your book-reading habits at night, make them happy by purchasing the Hooga Book Light, the best nightstand lamp fit for bookworm habits. It provides soothing amber lights that are virtually free from blue lights for less eye strain and better melatonin production at night. This is the clip-on type—it comes with a durable clip that has a secure, snug grip plus the whole light is lightweight and portable too which makes it nice for traveling.


TOPELEK Rechargeable Book Light

  • Has 4 LED lights
  • Features 3 brightness settings
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
  • 360-degree flexible neck

The TOPELEK Rechargeable Book Light has features that you can rely on for uninterrupted bedside readings. For one, the lights don’t flicker and it gives eye protection too. The book light comes with 4 LEDs and offer 3 brightness settings so you can choose which type of lightning mode will go well with whatever activity you want to do. Move the light at any direction needed by means of its 360-degree flexible neck. It’s also lightweight and portable so you can easily clip this unit on your book or magazine.


Ecologic Mart Lamborghini of Book Lights

  • Long lasting, 1200mAh battery
  • All in All: Lamp, UL charger, travel bag, extra long USB cable, keyhole and gift box
  • 3 Light colors x 3 levels each
  • Made to be reused either by replacing the battery or using it with the super long cable

The Ecologic Mart lamp allows you to select the light color that best suits your eye sensitivity, from comfortable warm that is friendly to your eyes to bright white that keeps you awake. Each light color has three levels: low, medium, and high. If you use the lowest level you can use the lamp for up to 130 hours without recharging, this is the only one that has an easy-to-open compartment (without tools) to replace the battery and a useful keyhole to hang your light on the wall. Did you know that we were the first company to introduce warm light and the micro USB connector a couple of years ago? before all reading lamps were with white light and barrel type connector.


Vont Book Light

  • Gives 60 lumens warm white light
  • Has 6 LEDs
  • Includes 360-degree gooseneck
  • Non-slip clamp stand built

The Vont Book Light is the rechargeable battery-operated type—it is equipped with a 1000mAh battery that gives longer battery life up to 60 hours. Easily recharges using any USB port unit. It has different modes—the lighting modes range from dim to super bright so you can get the amount of light you need. Very lightweight so it will not add too much weight once clipped snugly on your magazine or book. Users also get to project the light anywhere they wish by way of the 360-degree gooseneck.


LOHAS Rechargeable 14 LED Book Light

  • Has 4 brightness levels
  • Includes 4 LED lights
  • Features blue light-blocking capability
  • Has 36-degree flexible neck

The LOHAS Rechargeable 14 LED Book Light is a clip-on model supplemented by a secure 360-degree flexible neck for easy projection of lights. The book light makes reading in the evenings a safer activity by means of its eye-care features—the blue light blocking capability of this light reduces the threat of eye strain. This one is equipped with a 60-hour rechargeable 1000mAh battery too for convenience.


LuminoLite Rechargeable Warm & White Book Light

  • Offers 3-color and brightness levels
  • Comes with 10 LEDS
  • Has adjustable clip
  • 360-degree flexible arm

The LuminoLite Rechargeable Warm & White Book Light include 3 brightness modes to answer factors that have an effect on lighting conditions—the light modes range from 6500 Kelvin to 3000K. The clip-on built of this unit lets you ready anywhere—study or finish a book by securing the light snugly on your book or newspaper. The light also includes a handy power indicator so you can avoid overcharging the battery—a great advantage of this model over other options.


BIGMONAT Amber Book Light

  • Includes 2 lighting modes
  • Has rechargeable polymer lithium battery
  • Portable, lightweight clip-style light
  • Offers adjustable brightness

The BIGMONAT Amber Book Light is friendly on the eyes but still give sufficient, healthy light for reading at night. It offers two brightness modes namely amber and natural light. The device is also outfitted with a built-in rechargeable polymer-lithium 900mAh battery that offers up to 15 hours of runtime on a full charge. Very lightweight and a snap to fasten on various reading materials. The light can be dimmed from the highest to the lowest brightness setting too by pressing and holding on the touch switch.

Book lights are a practical and advantageous piece not only for bookworms, you can also use them for lighting up your desk for relaxing with your adult coloring books or doing paperwork. These lights are handy, lightweight and portable so you can easily carry them with your while traveling without extra fusses. It also makes for a nice gift to book lovers.