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Best Black Teas

Drinking tea to improve your health is backed by plenty of fact-based research. Tea has ingredients which might be beneficial in combating a variety of illnesses. Black tea is one of the most popular choices due to its distinctive flavor and wholesome properties. If you’re not familiar with the beverage, our guide can help you know more about the item.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the health benefits of black tea?

    Answer: Research points out that drinking black tea provides lots of health benefits. For example, caffeine enhances airflow to the lungs and since black tea contains caffeine, this tea might be beneficial for people suffering from illnesses like asthma. There’s also research which indicates the polyphenols present in black tea have antioxidant properties which make the tea a great ally in maintaining a strong immune system.

  2. How do you prepare black tea?

    Answer: Following the harvest, the black tea leaves are spread out to dry. After this step, the leaves are then rolled up and undergo the fermentation process. Heat is then applied so all moisture is removed.

    Black tea quality differs based on several varying factors—the condition where the black tea was cultivated and the know-how of the tea estate or manufacturer. It’s said that the best black tea is cultivated in warm places with altitudes ranging from 3,000-7,000 ft.

  3. Is black tea really safe enough to drink?

    Answer: The FDA or Food and Drug Administration does not oversee herb and supplement safety. Because of this, always make it a point to check with your physician before modifying your diet and including black tea. Individuals who are allergic to tannins or caffeine must not imbibe black tea because doing so can lead to hives or rashes.

    Caffeine is also attributed to the increase of stomach acids. Hence, black tea might not be good for people who have diabetes, have stomach ulcers or hyperacidity, or have liver diseases.

  4. How do you drink black tea?

    Answer: Traditionally, black tea is steeped in hot water and mixed with either sugar, honey or sweetener. You can also add milk to it like they do in Asian countries. In Wester countries like the US, it’s very convenient to microwave a cup of water to brew the tea.

Our Top Picks



  • Rich and aromatic
  • Can be used for kombucha tea
  • Makes more than 200 cups
  • Ethical, fair trade practices

The robust flavors of Vahdam Black Tea Leaves will perk up your mornings. The tea is sourced straight from growers and plantations within 24-7 hours’ time and put together fresh and delivered. The fair trade practices assure consumers that the individuals behind the product are taken care of very well, guaranteeing nothing but the best tea and assistance to every farmer helping in the cultivation of exceptional black tea. It’s also a nice ingredient to include in your kombucha tea. Get more info in this product review.


Twinings English Breakfast Tea

  • Complex, fresh, full-bodied flavor
  • Includes 100-count individual tea bags
  • 100 percent pure black tea
  • Fine quality blend

Black teas from Twinings are praised due to its full-bodied and fresh yet complex flavor. The tea is an excellent blend of high-quality teas from five distinct areas. For the flavor, you have the Assam teas. For its striking copper-red hue, there are Malawi and Kenya teas thrown in. The balance to the heft of the blend comes from teas derived in Indonesia and China. It is indeed an international gathering of first-rate teas all over the planet. Includes 100 individual tea bags. See more of the tea in this review.


Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Gold

  • Malty, robust flavor
  • High-quality blend of teas
  • Made by Rainforest Alliance-certified growers
  • Best enjoyed with sugar and milk

The Yorkshire Gold is a tempting blend of well-picked teas from the best tea-growing places all over the world. Every sip gives off a malty and rich flavor that warms the taste buds and satisfies. For a more enhanced taste, pair the tea with some lashings of milk and sugar. Another advantage of this product is that the product is made by growers certified by the Rainforest Alliance. Tea that is rich, smooth and ethical is yours to enjoy by having a go on this product. See this and more in this review.


Lipton Black Tea Bags

  • Intense hues, taste and aroma
  • Meticulously picked and fresh-pressed
  • Durable lock box for secure storage
  • Rainforest Alliance-certified tea bags

This pack of Lipton Black Tea Bags contains 312 packets of your favorite beverage, enough to last you for a long while. The tea that the brand sources are selected carefully in order to bring tea lovers the flavor and aromas they need in a satisfying cup of the stuff. To preserve the freshness, the tea bags are contained in a durable, secure lock box. Lipton Tea can be enjoyed hot or cold, depending on your preference. Whether you want them with sugar or other mix-ins is up to you. Get more info in this review.


Stash Tea

  • Citrusy, bergamot flavor and aroma
  • Derived from high-quality ingredients
  • Packaged in stay-fresh foil wrapping
  • Non-GMO product

Stash Tea presents a varied flavor due to the inclusion of bergamot and citrus flavors. The Earl Grey flavor of the tea is complemented well by those flavors and in addition, it has enough caffeine to keep you energized for the rest of the day. The box comes with a hundred individually-wrapped tea contained in stay-fresh foils to retain freshness and quality. This is also a non-GMO product, blended in the USA and certified by the KOF-K. Check this review for more information.

Black tea is not only a soothing beverage perfectly enjoyed anytime, but a beneficial drink packed with health-giving properties. Drink this beverage to your heart’s content.